BLOG BONUS: FORGOTTEN WHITE SLAVES | Voters Rights | Foster Care | Chief of Chiefs

IRISH: THE FORGOTTEN WHITE SLAVES came as slaves: human cargo transported on British ships bound for the Americas. They were shipped by the hundreds of thousands and included men, women… Source: IRISH: THE FORGOTTEN WHITE SLAVES   ****************************************** Checking in with Jill Stein.  White supremacists are really excited about Trump. BIG WEEK: Wisconsin is just […]

Adoption, child welfare services in USA rake in $14 billion a year

Taken From Families, Indigenous Children Face Extreme Rates of State Violence in US   By Britney Schultz, Truthout | Report In a photo taken around 1936, Aboriginal Canadians attend a school at Fort Resolution in the Northwest Territories. Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission has concluded that the country’s former policy of removing Aboriginal children from […]

Tip of the Iceburg? Foster Care Deaths?

U.S. GOVT ADMITS CHILD DEATHS – BUT JUST TIP OF THE ICEBERG The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) admits to 338 deaths of children in public Foster Care in just one year in its FY 2013 report, but researchers have documented not only a larger number of Foster Child Deaths, but also […]

Medical Kidnapping? Billion Dollar Adoption Business

 2015 We continue our series on the “Business of Medical Kidnapping,” which addresses the question, “why is this happening?” Our previous articles in this series: The Medical Kidnapping Business: Bilking Medicaid Medical Kidnapping Business: Judges Skirting the Law for Federal Funds Steve Isham addresses the topic of the multi-billion dollar adoption business. As we have […]

Tribes on child welfare: We can do it better

But ability to administer foster care has doubters in Indian Country Jul. 27, 2013, Written by Steve Young At issue GRANTS: Members of the Lakota People’s Law Project, a nonprofit that advises Native Americans about Indian Child Welfare violations, say they have been talking to government officials in Washington about money for South Dakota’s nine […]

Reality Check: Human Trafficking=Baby Selling=Adoption

By Trace A. DeMeyer I am an adoptee and an author and I read blogs all the time to see what other people are thinking and writing… The topic of adoption and human trafficking is slowly becoming a bigger discussion. And we need that. This comment (below) and original article happened last year. It’s worth […]

NEW BOOK: Child Catchers

AMAZON Book Description Publication Date: April 23, 2013 When Jessie Hawkins’ adopted daughter told her she had another mom back in Ethiopia, Jessie didn’t, at first, know what to think. She’d wanted her adoption to be great story about a child who needed a home and got one, and a family led by God to […]