Think boatloads of immigrants on Turkey Day

By Lara/Trace After the speech on immigration by Obama, I decided it’s time you and I confess some of us are descendents of immigrants! So I decided to google: My (adopted) grandmother Romaine Baert immigrated from Belgium as a child. She and her brother Emil arrived at Ellis Island in New York City (circa 1900). […]

Lost Babies documentary: Catholic Ireland’s adoption trade of illegitimate children

by Irish Abroad on 19 September 2014 Philomena journalist Martin Sixsmith reports on the tragic consequences of the  adoption trade of illegitimate children by the Catholic Church in Ireland. Journalist Martin Sixmith was the person who helped Philomena Lee in her 50 year search to find out what happened to her son after being forced […]

Thoughts on depression from an artistic mind – The Globe and Mail

Hey everyone!I just finished up writing an essay for a new anthology about adoptees, adoption and Ireland! Whew, it’s done! The editor wants the Irish government to sit up and listen.  Exactly!  (We all want America to sit up too and listen to first mothers and adoptees.)  As some of you know, I am a […]

Trafficking in Eire

‘I FELT SURROUNDED BY DARKNESS’ As the PSNI launch a new probe into child sexual exploitation in Northern Ireland, Jacqui Montgomery Devlin from Barnardo’s’ Safe Choices tells Lucy Gollogly that victims often feel anger, frustration, shame and mistrust One young girl who had suffered child sexual exploitation described her experience as “a very small thumbnail […]