Big Adoption Corruption #OrphanCrisisMyth

Chris Hondros / Getty Images The Trouble With the Christian Adoption Movement Evangelical Americans believed adoption could save children in the developing world from poverty—and save their souls. By Kathryn Joyce | January 11, 2016 In 2009 a Tennessee couple made a life-changing decision. As devout Christians, they decided to open their home to an […]

Adoption’s abductions in Haiti

By Lara/Trace I want to share this: After Haiti Quake, the Chaos of U.S. Adoptions “Under a sparingly used immigration program, called humanitarian parole, adoptions were expedited regardless of whether children were in peril, and without the screening required to make sure they had not been improperly separated from their relatives or placed in homes […]

Child Catchers: adoption is very far from perfect

…Joyce does an excellent job navigating the personal stories of adoption advocates, adoptive parents and adopted children. She traces the history of adoptions to the United States in the mid-20th century at a time when millions of children were taken from their mothers due to social attitudes about unwed mothers. Her previously religious reporting makes […]

Kathryn Joyce: Orphan Addicts

The Evangelical Orphan Boom By KATHRYN JOYCE IF you attend an evangelical church these days, there’s a good chance you’ll hear about the “orphan crisis” affecting millions of children around the world. These Christian advocates of transnational adoption will often say that some 150 million children need homes — though that figure, derived from a […]