NEWS | “Àbadakone” Creates Community, Catawba Deerskin Map + more

NEWS around Indian Country Hyperallergic Southwest US editor, Ellie Duke, who has started a series that spotlights members of the region’s art community, and who is also reporting on stories of interest to artists, arts workers, and others working in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and beyond. Her latest story looks at a legal loophole that […]

Indian Horse film delves into Canada’s dark history of residential schools The drama, executive produced by Clint Eastwood, is based on the late Richard Wagamese’s novel about an Ojibway residential school survivor and hockey player. When Canadian director Stephen S. Campanelli showed his new film Indian Horse to his mentor, Clint Eastwood, the four-time Oscar winner was in disbelief. In theatres Friday, the drama is based […]

Fading memory, fragmented records and the passage of time keep some residential school truths hidden forever

National News | 30. Mar, 2014 by APTN National News | (Norman Yakeleya, the NWT MLA for the Sahtu, says the federal government needs to fund the continued search for the children who never came home from residential schools. APTN/Photo) By Jorge Barrera APTN National News It was at about 3:30 p.m. on a Friday […]

Not even human: TB experiments on First Nations kids

Indigenous children were experimented on with a TB vaccine. Culture shown above… ‘Not Even Human’ How Canadian Govt. Abused Aboriginal Children in TB Experiments ICTMN Staff, July 28, 2013 While aboriginal children died of tuberculosis in the 1930s and 1940s, Canadian health officials tried out experimental vaccines on infants rather than ameliorate the conditions of […]

Ear experiments done on Native kids at Kenora residential school

14 different drugs tried on children with ear infections, school nurse’s report shows By Jody Porter, CBC News Children on the playground at Cecilia Jeffrey Indian Residential School in Kenora circa 1957. Newly released documents include a report on the “experimentation and treatment of ear disease” among 165 students in the 1950s. (The Presbyterian Church […]

10 Other Things You Might Not Have Known About 20th-Century Canadian First Nations History

By Sean Kheraj [SOURCE: If there was a weekly prize for active historians in Canada, Ian Mosby would have been last week’s winner. Canadian national news media (including print, radio, television, and web) prominently featured Dr. Mosby’s recently published Histoire Sociale/Social History article, “Administering Colonial Science: Nutrition Research and Human Biomedical Experimentation in Aboriginal […]

Hearings provide first step in healing

                                                             Singers and drummers perform during the Truth and Reconciliation hearing at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School in June 2013. Richard Rolke/Morning Star By Richard Rolke – Vernon Morning Star   June 02, 2013 1:00 AM John Pierre was a child when life with his parents and siblings splintered. It was never restored. “We’ve never come […]

3,000 confirmed Indian residential school deaths

Colin Perkel, Canadian Press, Feb 2013 At least 3,000 children, including four under the age of 10 found huddled together in frozen embrace, are now known to have died during attendance at Canada’s Indian residential schools, according to new unpublished research. While deaths have long been documented as part of the disgraced residential school system, […]