Missionaries in Hawai’i | More Attacks on ICWA | Is Tulsa Indian Country? | MMIWG epidemic

Sending you all a big thanks for reading this news roundup and Happy Turkey “Big Food” Day tomorrow… Lara/Trace An Exhibition Critically Explores the History of Missionaries in Hawai’i WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass. — In August 1806, five students on the campus of Williams College took refuge from a sudden thunderstorm beside a haystack and vowed to […]

Blog Bonus| Red Nation Film Festival 2017 – Native American Films

14th Red Nation Film Festival The Authentic Voice of American Indian & Indigenous Cinema Los Angeles. Nov. 8-19 GET TICKETS: Red Nation Film Festival – Native American Films  

Los Angeles Orphans Asylums

(ca. 1900)* – The Los Angeles Orphanage at 917 South Boyle Avenue, southwest corner of Boyle Avenue at Stephenson Avenue (now Whittier Boulevard) in Boyle Heights. The orphanage is a five-story, brick, L-shaped building with dormer windows on the facade and a tower at the entrance that is flanked by newly-planted date palm trees. Steps […]

Think about what we don’t know

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REWo21N5LZE   FYI: Lynette Mullen is a local freelance writer and project manager. A chance discovery of court records from 1862 ignited her passion for history; learning about the indenture of Native Americans in California during the gold rush further fueled this interest. She is honored to be able to share this information with the […]

Princess Alayban to face charges of human trafficking

Dear Readers, The case of Saudi Princess Meshael Alayban, accused of human trafficking in the U.S., has caused a stir throughout the world. But do you know how the story was uncovered? A few weeks ago, the victim, identified as ‘Jane Doe,’ escaped Alayban’s home where she alleges she was forced to work 16 hours a […]

Haters Gonna Hate, As Shown On A Map

by Kat Chow June 01, 2013   Monica Stephen’s “Geography of Hate” map, shows the locations of racial slurs on Twitter. Geography of Hate Note: This post contains strong language, including racial and ethnic slurs. Geography professor Monica Stephens has spent a lot of time putting haters on the map. Over at Humboldt State University in […]

Valley Fever?

If you haven’t heard of valley fever, you’re not alone. Although cases in states like California are rising, public awareness is low and misdiagnoses from doctors are sadly high. The AP reported an 850 percent spike in cases across the country from 1998 to 2011, with California and Arizona being the worst states. “The fever […]


Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, who have been rescued from a home in Cleveland after a decade in captivity, are not the first American kidnap victims to be found safe long after their abduction. The headlines about their release:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2320519/Amanda-Berry-Gina-DeJesus-Michelle-Knight-Cleveland-Girls-tied-basement-TEN-YEARS-escaping-3-brothers-arrested.html Jaycee Lee Dugard’s case is perhaps the most extreme of all – she […]

Forced Sterilizations, Racist Terror, and the Native American Uprising of 1972-1973

by Steven Argue (Feb 3rd, 2013) [Photo: Native American rancher, Raymond Yellow Thunder, in 1972 was attacked by racists, stripped from the waste down, and forced into an American Legion bar where people made fun of him, forced him to dance, and put cigarettes out on him.  Raymond was then taken out back, beaten nearly […]

Katie Couric show: We are all affected by human trafficking

A crime that amounts to modern day slavery Aired: Jan. 14, 2013 Read more here: http://www.katiecouric.com/on-the-show/2013/01/14/jada-pinkett-smith-and-the-war-on-human-trafficking/ Although it’s been 150 years since the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, slavery still exists… maybe even in your neighborhood. Worldwide, more than 20 million men, women and children of all colors and walks of life end up victims of […]

Oakland Effect: Child sex slavery — a horrible truth

By Scott Johnson, Oakland Tribune (http://www.insidebayarea.com/oaklandtribune/localnews/ci_21917007/oakland-effect-child-sex-slavery-horrible-truth) This is an excerpt from reporter Scott Johnson’s blog, which focuses on the effects of violence and trauma on the community. Not long ago, I met with “K” — an 18-year old woman in East Oakland who, at the tender age of 12, was lured into the sex trade. […]

30 million people are thought to be in bondage worldwide

Human  trafficking globalized Published: Dec. 4, 2012 at 1:36 PM         By  Maggie Lee, UPI.com ATLANTA, Dec. 4 (UPI) — The market for humans  for sex or forced labor is global say people who are calling for fixes on both  the supply and demand sides of the illicit trade. Law enforcement is only part of the […]

It’s Time To Start Thinking About Water, Here’s How

By John Robb http://www.resilientcommunities.com/ I’m high in the mountains of Colorado right now.  How high?  Yesterday’s hike started at 10,200 feet above sea level! It’s a good thing that I lost 40 + pounds by simply adopting a more resilient lifestyle and diet this spring, or I wouldn’t have been able to do anything (if […]