Eliminating human trafficking from global business landscape

from: http://www.ohchr.org/EN/NewsEvents/Pages/Trafficking.aspx Businesses may unknowingly be associated with the crime of human trafficking when their suppliers, subcontractors, or partners supply materials or products that have been produced by trafficked persons. “In today’s globalized world, the risks of human trafficking in supply chains are significant throughout economic sectors and affect all States,” says Joy Ngozi Ezeilo, […]

Slave traders make $32 Billion last year

$32 Billion profits in the Slave Trade…that is why it is so difficult to combat…and why we must not succumb to apathy and think there is nothing we can do…there is always something we can do….Lara Related articles 10 Things You Should Know About Slavery and Won’t Learn at ‘Django’ (colorlines.com) Arab slavery (abagond.wordpress.com) Past […]