Here I am! Healing!

What a whirlwind. Who knew that one doctor appointment could turn into several and then a major surgery and cancer diagnosis? I will be getting a second opinion on that diagnosis (Stage 1A grade 3 uterine cancer) on June 26th in Boston. One can never be too careful. (Radiation was suggested as one follow-up option.) […]

2016: Time to Rev Up

By Lara Trace It’s good to be home and I’m revved up to resume a weekly schedule of blog posts. (I missed you guys [I really did] but I was reading your inspiring bad-ass blogs!) (for some weird reason I stopped getting email notice of your new posts – um, still working to fix that.) […]

My chat with Tubularsock

By Lara/Trace  (who is interviewing interesting people this month and way beyond) Happy 2015 everyone. I am starting a new weekly trend in interviewing friends who blog! Here’s a chat with the mysterious wizard of words TUBULARSOCK. TubularSock, that is a unique name. I am captivated. Are you hiding your identity for a reason? When […]

10 answers on blogging, Kindle and my life in general

Von at The Life of Von blog posed these questions (as part of the Leibster Award nominations) and I am going to take a minute and answer them… Read more about the blog award and my friend Von here: 1. How is blogging working out for you? I love it more than I ever […]

COMMENTS: spam or real?

By Trace/Lara I have tons of comments (30+ on some days) which hit the spam folder saying things like “how do I design a blog like this?” and “How do you find the information you include?” (some are gibberish while others are trying to sell us shit.) Well, I have been an editor (for newspapers mostly) […]