Cops are asking and 23andMe for their customers’ DNA

By Lara Trace Hentz In 1994, for a whopping $500, Earl Bland and I did a DNA test/blood-draw in Springfield, Illinois.  Within a month, we knew it was 99.9% certain that Earl was my biological father.  Happy? Of course! When it comes to ethical genetics, NOW I am still concerned about the co-opting (and theft) […]

Death by Big Pharma: Are we safe?

“Death by medicine is a twenty-first century epidemic, and America’s war on drugs is clearly directed at the wrong enemy.” –Dr. Joseph Mercola  “Prescription pills merely treat, or should I say bandage, undesirable behaviors and sensations as opposed to addressing the underlying root cause of the problem.” –Shelly M White LINK     By Trace Hentz […]

Are we all mentally ill?? The war inside us

HEADLINES you might have missed: Banker Suicides? Read here  and All Wars are Bankers Wars? Watch here By Lara/Trace This is not my usual post about adoption. But one thing that adoption can cause is (drum roll) – SUICIDE. I used to think about this when I was writing my memoir – why would someone […]