War on Terror

From Stockholm to New Guinea, from London to Sydney you will find examples abound of the way in which young men have no means to achieve their potential, are not taught to think independently and know nothing of how to lead a productive, useful life. Many think being in an army is productive and useful […]

End Human Trafficking: Prevention, Prosecution, Protection

                    Now the United States is not alone in this fight. Many governments have rallied around what we call the three P’s of fighting modern slavery: prevention,  prosecution, and protection. And this report, which is being issued today, gives a clear and honest assessment of where […]


An Open Letter to President Obama …from Michael Moore Monday, November 19th, 2012, Dear President Obama: Good luck on your journeys overseas this week, and congratulations on decisively winning your second term as our president! The first time you won four years ago, most of us couldn’t contain our joy and found ourselves literally in tears […]

Class Dismissed

The Conversation Both Romney and Obama Don’t Want to Have By James Ledbetter Wednesday, Oct 31 2012, Village Voice It’s sometimes said that a national election holds up a mirror to our society. In too many years, though, it’s a funhouse mirror. It’s bent to make the tall look short and the skinny bulge. Regardless […]

NCAI: ‘Historic’ Unity Vote Keeps Non-Federally Recognized Tribes as Full Members

By Gale Courey -Toensing November 1,  2012, Indian Country Today Non-Federally Recognized  Tribes SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The National Congress of American Indians  overwhelmingly voted to keep non-federally recognized tribes as full voting  members of the 68-year-old organization. The vote took place at a Constitution Convention during NCAI’s  69th Annual Convention October 22-26 held this year in […]

What Do You Do With a 16-Year-Old Who Calls for the Assassination of Obama?

I interupt my hiatus for this story: Last night, a 16-year-old Caucasian girl tweeted, ‘Someone needs to assassinate Obama… like ASAP #DieYouPieceOfShit’. For this, she gained a lot of followers, but also a lot of anger.   Here is one response (a good one): http://www.politicususa.com/16-year-old-assassinate-president.html Speaking at the Democratic National Convention Thursday afternoon, Representative John Lewis […]