What does sorry mean? Stolen Generations Australia

Published on May 11, 2015 All footage shot at the Grandmothers Against Removals Convergence at Parliament House, Ngunnawal land (Canberra) February 2015. This convergence marked 7 years since Kevin Rudd’s apology to the Stolen Generations. For more information please visit : http://stopstolengenerations.com.au/

Torn from their mothers’ arms #HumanTrafficking

POUND PUP LEGACY |  Submitted by Kerry on Wed, 2015-03-25 See also: Great British Shame NSW apologises for forced adoptions UK to ‘apologise’ to ‘Orphans of Empire’ Australian church apologies to child migrants United Church of Canada to hold mirror to its role in forced adoptions as families push for national inquiry ‘Our babies were […]

‘Stolen’ kids ‘injected with leprosy’

 Apr 15 2008 | AUSTRALIA Some Aboriginal children who were taken from their parents and put into institutions were used to test medical treatments, a Senate inquiry has been told. Greens senator Bob Brown said he was “shocked and alarmed” by the allegations, heard by the Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee’s inquiry into a Stolen […]

#Utopia #Colonization #John Pilger

Utopia – A Film by John Pilger – Official trailer from Dartmouth Films on Vimeo. Utopia This is what colonization in Australia looks like…History repeats itself over and over until we can get it right and make it right… Lara/Trace Utopia, a new, epic film on Australia by John Pilger, will be released in Australia […]

Aboriginals Create the World’s Newest Government

The world is welcoming its newest government – the Republic of Murrawarri, a nearly 82,000 square kilometer territory stretching across northern New South Wales and Queensland in Australia, has declared its independence as a sovereign nation. Murrawarri’s independence comes after a long diplomatic process. The republic, which has around 4,000 residents, officially declared their continuing […]

Oranges and Sunshine

I was slow to rent this movie but finally did a month ago (I had been warned it was that good and it was) – it’s another example of government’s programs to distribute children to religious groups or to adoptive parents who are abusive or unknowing about such a despicable program.  This movie hurts and broke […]

Harming children: Orphanages on list of shame

Lindsay Murdock (South-East Asia correspondent for Fairfax Media)        Volunteering in Cambodia ‘harming children’Visiting orphanages and volunteering in Cambodia is dangerous for children as  they become emotionally attached to foreigners and feel abandoned when they leave, says Friends International chief Sebastien Morat.Dozens of orphanages in Cambodia, including some run by Australians, have been accused of abuse, neglect or […]

Some things never change: more Stolen Generations

As a Native American who has experienced upheaval and survived my own closed adoption, the devastating loss of my culture and my language cannot be overstated as a loss to me, to my family and to other adoptees I know who endured it. This media release struck me that some things never change, either in the […]

The Age of Super Fires

JOHN BETTS: THE AGE OF SUPER FIRES Listen to/Dowload the John Betts interview on super fires (24 minutes) http://www.ecoshock.org/downloads/climate2013/ES_Betts_LoFi.mp3 Are we entering the age of super forest fires?  Our guest is John Betts, Executive Director of the Western Silvicultural Contractors’ Association in British Columbia, Canada.  He’s in the gorgeous lake-side town of Nelson British Columbia […]

Sisters inside: [Aboriginal] women in prison

READ: http://indymedia.org.au/2013/04/29/wgar-news-sisters-inside-debbie-kilroy-on-aboriginal-women-in-prison-the-stringer 25 Apr 13: “Indigenous women are currently the most over-represented population in both Queensland and Australian prisons. In 2010 approximately 30% of all incarcerated women in Australia were Indigenous, while 24% of all incarcerated men were Indigenous (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2010a). Based on this data, a conservative estimate indicates that Indigenous women […]