Generations of Indigenous Voices from NY State | Apache 8 | Where are They Buried? | Lousy? Indigenous news coverage

  The exhibition Community and Continuity: Native American Art of New York is culled from the New York State Museum’s collection of contemporary Native American art.  NYSM is known for its historical and archeological Indigenous objects, which number in the millions and range in date from 13,000 years ago to the early 20th century.  But […]

A Retrospective of Edgar Heap of Birds Rises High

With public art pieces, biting political, text-based work, and more intimate abstract paintings, this small exhibition illuminates Heap of Birds’s expansive career. According to Bill Anthes’s book, Edgar Heap of Birds, the artist began his “Native Hosts” series back in 1988. Like the new commission displayed outside Bockley Gallery, the “Native Hosts” contain the “settler” […]

Calvert Nevaquaya on Comanche culture #NDN #ART

“The thing I would like for [viewers] to see in our Comanche culture, through our art, is the beauty of our people—sometimes the spiritual side and the hardship—the good things our people had to offer,” said Calvert Nevaquaya. “Through a lot of my father’s art, people were amazed by the beauty and the culture and […]

Talking to Ghosts

art exhibit Jack Straw New Media Gallery Talking to Ghosts: Waiting in the River between Worlds An installation by Nari Baker July 22 – September 16, 2011 Jack Straw New Media Gallery 4261 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle 98105 Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday, 9 – 5 Talking to Ghosts: Waiting in the River between Worlds […]