Blog Bonus: Native American Photogs

NEW UK EXHIBIT: STILL – Native American Photographers 15th March – 28 May, 2016 (RAINMAKER Gallery is the UK showcase for contemporary Native North American Indian art and jewellery.) RAINMAKER GALLERY, 123 Coldharbour Road, Bristol BS6 7SN, UK Artist’s Talk with Cara Romero, Thursday April 21st, 3pm-4pm Artists’ reception with Cara Romero and Diego Romero, […]

Carlisle Indian Industrial School

Photographs taken by John N. Choate. Pictured are Spotted Tail (Sioux), Iron Wing (Sioux), American Horse (Sioux), Red Shirt (Sioux), White Eagle (Ponca), Standing Buffalo (Ponca), Poor Wolf (Mandan), Son-of-the-Star (Arickaree), White Man (Apache), Stumbling Bear (Kiowa), Tso-de-ar-ko (Wichita), Big Horse (Cheyenne), Bob Tail (Cheyenne), Man-on-the-Cloud (Cheyenne), Mad Wolf (Cheyenne), Little Raven (Arapahoe), Yellow Bear […]

Sovereignty in action #NDN #Apache

American Indians Gambling on nation-building Tribes are at last becoming sovereign in more than theory, with mixed results Apr 7th 2012 | WHITE MOUNTAIN APACHE RESERVATION | Excerpt: “When I was first elected, I received no financial reports, no letters, they all went over there,” he recalls, pointing across the street to a branch of […]

From my friend Russ “my personal excommunication”

Catholic Registry in regards to the Vatican, August 17, 2011 From: “Indian” TO:  Bishop Joseph A. Pepe, Other Bishops, Priest and Deacons, I am writing to you today in a matter that has been dear to my heart and has brought much pain and undue suffering. I’d like to talk to you about how this […]