Adoption Criminal: @SherrieEldridge

Sherrie Eldridge, self-proclaimed expert on adoption and an adoptee

Daniel’s post is spot-on… he writes:

“The narcissism and egotistical God-delusion of certain adoptive parents is very telling. You haven’t saved anyone when, like a pyromaniac firefighter, your economic and political class caused the very fires that you then claim to have “saved” us from.

And as our voice gets louder, it can only be hoped that first and foremost, children like the one you castigate here (Sherrie) will find like-minded souls to help ease the punishment of “parents” like yourself. And then secondly, that these, the worst remnants of the voice of the status quo of adoption, the criminal profiteers of adoption, the revelers in adoption misery; these, the vestiges of the 1890s, the Baby Scoopers, the Orphan Trainers, will finally be drowned out. Once and for all.”

Source: Adoption Criminal: @SherrieEldridge

[In 2010, Eldridge received the Congressional Angel in Adoption Award from the Honorable Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana. She and Bob traveled to DC to receive the awards.]

NOTE: I ran into her religious rubbish on a yahoo group. She’s authored many books, collected many followers and markets herself as an expert to adoptee and adoptive parents. I call her a dangerous kind of person, propaganda-demonic. …Lara Trace