Korean Adoptee Adam Crapser To Be Deported

The Adoptee Rights Campaign reported October 25 that 40-year-old Adam Crapser, adopted from Korea when he was three years old, will be deported. In a nutshell, this is why: When Adam was adopted, the U.S. government did not provide automatic citizenship to internationally adopted children. Adam’s adoptive parents never got him U.S. citizenship.  A federal […]

CALL CONGRESS: S2275 Adoptee Citizen Act

Here’s how you can help: GO to http://action.18mr.org/aca-2015/. It’s best if you do it on your cellphone’s web browser. TYPE in your information. Let the website connect you by phone to your Senator. INFORM your Senator you want their support for S. 2275. It can pass this legislative session, make it happen. SHARE. Share this […]