In the News: Slavery in Maryland, Islam, my new book Becoming

Hey EVERYONE! We had one heck of a week last week with Ben’s funeral in NYC on Tuesday. Suffice it to say, Ben had a wonderful send-off and is safely on the other side knowing he was loved and appreciated by many many people. Here is a press release about my new book:  Becoming hits […]

Colette Routel on Bounties on Dakota Men During the US-Dakota War

Posted on October 7, 2013 by Matthew L.M. Fletcher, Turtle Talk Highly recommended paper. Colette Routel has posted “Minnesota Bounties on Dakota Men During the US-Dakota War” on SSRN. Here is the abstract: The U.S.-Dakota War was one of the formative events in Minnesota history, and despite the passage of time, it still stirs up […]

White House council calls for action on modern-day slavery

By Adelle M. Banks| Religion News Service, Apr 10, 2013 WASHINGTON — A White House advisory council of religious leaders called for a global fund to address human trafficking and urged a new labeling system to help identify consumer goods that were not created with slave labor. With a 36-page report released Wednesday (April 10), […]

Mississippi Finally Ratifies the Amendment to Ban Slavery — 148 Years Later

Time Magazine By Kharunya Paramaguru Feb. 19, 2013 Here’s an outcome the producers of the movie Lincoln probably never expected: it indirectly led to the official ratification of the 13th amendment to ban slavery in Mississippi, nearly 150 years after its adoption. The story began in November last year, when Ranjan Batra, an associate professor at […]

DAKOTA 38 – Full Movie in HD #NDN

Watch here: Published on Jul 19, 2012 In the spring of 2005, Jim Miller, a Native spiritual leader and Vietnam veteran, found himself in a dream riding on horseback across the great plains of South Dakota. Just before he awoke, he arrived at a riverbank in Minnesota and saw 38 of his Dakota ancestors […]

Combating Modern Slavery 150 Years After the Emancipation Proclamation

Posted by Luis CdeBaca / September 22, 2012   Luis CdeBaca serves as the Ambassador-at-Large to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons. On September 22, 1862, President Abraham Lincoln issued the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, announcing his intention to emancipate all the slaves in the Confederate states that did not return to the Union within 100 […]

The International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

International Day for the Abolition of Slavery 2 December Today, governments, civil  society and the private sector must unite to eradicate all contemporary forms  of slavery. … Together, let us do our utmost for the millions of victims throughout the world who are held in slavery and deprived  of their human rights and dignity – Secretary-General […]