IOWA: Soldiers Orphans Home 1870-1880

Soldiers Orphans Home, Davenport, IA 1870 – 1880

Soldiers Orphans Home Davenport 1870 – 1880 (398 entries)

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Pedophiles groom both the child and the family

Transforming Trauma: Some Secrets should never be kept

Trauma and Dissociation

Did you know that pedophiles groom families as well as children?

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This excellent post comes from the author of Some Secrets Should Never be Kept, a beautifully illustrated children’s picture book to keep kids safe from sexual abuse.


Pedophiles groom families not just kids - quote from a pedophile

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Excessive Independence (Counterdependency) – When you can’t ask for help

Excessive Independence (Counterdependency) – When you can’t ask for help.

via Excessive Independence (Counterdependency) – When you can’t ask for help.

Why I Write

Von is my hero

The Life Of Von

When I began blogging, I did it for my own enjoyment and to collect together information I was interested in, which I thought might be useful later. I have always been interested in the truth, something that is hard to find in adoption sometimes. That lack of honesty and truthfulness, the flirtation with lies, red herrings and ostrich-headfalsified ‘facts’ is present right through adoption, often from a time sometime prior to our conception right through our lives in one form or another. We might have been a late discovery adoptee, a never told adoptee, an adoptee with falsified records, ‘burnt’ records, an adoptee who thinks their mother is their sister and so on and on. I doubt there is an adoptee alive who can’t find an example somewhere if they look carefully. I have had non-adoptees tell me it doesn’t matter, to forget it because they believe adoption wipes out…

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Big spike in aboriginal women behind bars, study finds

do we see a pattern here?

Warrior Publications

Canada prison signCBC News/The Canadian Press, Dec 02, 2014

A new report says there has been a big spike in the number of aboriginal women in Canada’s prisons.

A Justice Department study found the overall number of aboriginal women behind bars in federal institutions nearly doubled between 2002 and 2012, rising 97 per cent.

By comparison, the number of aboriginal men increased by 34 per cent during that time.

That steep, decade-long rise makes aboriginal women one of the fastest growing segments of Canada’s federal prison population.

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Aboriginal Australia: Five per cent of the population, almost 60 per cent of the prison inmates

if it’s happening there, it is happening here in the US too – journalism has fallen into a trash heap of lies

Warrior Publications

By Jason Thomas, SBS, Dec 2, 2014

More than half of young Australians in juvenile detention facilities identify Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander peoples, according to a report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare released yesterday. 

In the June 2014 quarter, during an average night, 59 per cent of the 738 inmates aged 10-17 in detention (434 people) were Indigenous.

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wacky White outlaws of west virginia

family tree

So last night I was in such a crummy state, I flipped thru free movies and found THE WILD AND WONDERFUL WHITES of WEST VIRGINIA.

Then I couldn’t sleep thinking about it so hoped I could find someone who wrote something about this bizarre movie aka documentary:

Slant did:

Slant:I like that you delved a bit into the coal-mining culture the Whites are a product of. It brought to my mind the parallels between hillbillies and gangstas. There’s really very little difference between the mentality that births Appalachian artistry and that of ghetto rappers. Both demographics don’t expect to survive that long or to lead enriching lives so they’re steeped in a “live for today” kind of ethos. What’s your take on all this?

JN: When people are trapped in poverty and see no possibility of improving their situation, they too often react in the same way. These are people with no options at all but who have taken this lack of hope and stood up to it in the only way they saw as possible—creating a badass outlaw persona that thrives on romanticized self-destructive behavior. They want to have their lives noticed and acknowledged and getting into a lot of trouble is the only way to do that. They don’t see the world as fair in any way or buy into the American dream. They see coal companies like Massey Energy killing people in preventable mine disasters and never getting punished because Don Blankenship, the head of Massey, finances political campaigns in return for laws and court rulings that favor his company. This blatant corruption of the law fuels the outlaw culture in the region, justifying many others in the community to feel that they need to find ways to also exploit the system in their own small ways. The Whites, as masters of this, end up being celebrated in West Virginia by some like other outlaws before them (Jesse James, Bonnie and Clyde, etc.) who rebelled against corporate and state crimes by leading lives of crime themselves. Gangsta culture is just the urban version of outlaw culture.

There is this concept in America, that anyone can succeed if they wanted to—the whole “you can raise yourself by your bootstraps,” but I think the film is a refutation of that. The world is not fair to poor people. It fucks them over and there are cycles that almost never end once people are trapped in them. When you grow up a White and constantly hear romanticized stories of criminality, or how great it was when your mother stabbed Dennis, you are going to grow up excited to stab someone and get family cred by going to prison. Finding a new moral center is going to be hard, if not impossible. And even if you have a moral center, but a shitty education, the possibilities for improving your life in a region with only one major and very dangerous industry (coal) are still pretty dim. This is something we are scared to admit in America because it goes against the myths we tell ourselves daily in all our Oprah episodes and cheery, life-lesson TV shows.


Watching made me go from what is this? – to yuck to sick to curious to outrage to “those poor people?” These people live in America? Indeed they do!

And what’s more, I have family who married one of them hillbilly drug-crazed lunatics who actually reminds me of some of the Whites of West Virginia.

If you have the stomach for it, watch this flick….Trace

colonizers by map

Slate highlights this map:  In recent decades, respect for European explorers, such as Christopher Columbus, has waned, likely because these once-romanticized swashbuckling adventurers killed people, eradicated cultures, and “discovered” places that people (for example, the natives) already knew about. They did make some discoveries, though—lands never inhabited or where the inhabitants were already dead before Europeans made landfall. The map above, from historian and cartographer Bill Rankin, shows those places and the country that discovered each.

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Amusing, really. Just because someone landed on an island, doesn’t mean it wasn’t inhabited….they plant their flags upon discovery and colonize it…just sad….Trace

Egypt: don’t call it a democracy

Egyptians, you have an opportunity to create a new country and leadership. Don’t be fooled by America’s democracy. It’s not working here. We have two ruthless political parties who do not represent the people but rich people who select the politicians.
Call your scholars together and create a new way, a new system. Call it what you want. Create a model we can all emulate. We need you to succeed.
Seek peace. Serve all your people equally. Feed everyone and abolish poverty.
My prayers are for you now….Trace