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A crow and a crone

By LT Locally many need to know - we Indigenous First Nations are still here. My Abenaki friend Rich Holschuh posted: “How did we all end up in this situation?”  – as I often repeat, it’s all connected.  LISTEN: Brattleboro Historical Society Podcast e72: First Peoples Part 2 I wanted to share a moment of… Continue reading A crow and a crone

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I’m reading good sh*t: the dweller, what is gaslighting, #60sScoop

good sh*t : parenting, French parenting, attachment theory, Jon Ronson on Ariel Leve, One Story blog, gaslighting, Joyce Carol Oates, scars, memoirs...   By Lara Trace (who loved thinking about parents and parenting) This is my excuse for a post this week.  I'm on the road most of the month... read 'em and leave me… Continue reading I’m reading good sh*t: the dweller, what is gaslighting, #60sScoop

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Music is Medicine | My Crazy Love for Rayon

By Lara Trace (former singer, keyboardist) I don't want you to think I'm dwelling on bad stuff all the time.  ME?  Heck NO!  I am a positively goofy "yellow bird" (a nickname) around out here in western MA... (But I do have bad days like everyone of you, of course.) This got me to thinking… Continue reading Music is Medicine | My Crazy Love for Rayon

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The Power of John Trudell #BlueIndians

  By Lara Trace (former editor of the Pequot Times 1999-2004) It happened years ago... but I can still feel myself outside the Pequot Museum on a bench and the wind is really blowing and John is speaking about his album, and latest tour. I knew I'd have to read what he said a few… Continue reading The Power of John Trudell #BlueIndians

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Adoption: Until Something Better Comes Along

Elle's post is very important and truth to me. Thank you to “Is Adoption Trauma?” on Facebook for quoting me. I have written before on feeling I was a substitute. On a trial basis. Apparently, a lot of adoptees feel this way. Source: Adoption: Until Something Better Comes Along

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Harvard Classics: Charting the future

One trip home I could not find the Harvard Classics. They were not in the living room. They were gone. Someone had taken them. Mom couldn't remember who.

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haplotypes and migrations

I wonder seriously about this science knowing what I know now about Human Trafficking and the Atlantic Slave Trade and migrations. I just attended a conference at Yale that discussed this intensely. One thing: Every slave ship carried Indigenous People from the Americas to Europe, Africa, France and beyond. This would skew the results of… Continue reading haplotypes and migrations

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Words are powerful!

We all know thoughts are things. Well, words have power too! (I plan to post about the new anthology Unraveling the Spreading Cloth of Time tomorrow! These words and stories are powerful...) Read this about a remarkable woman, Laurel Airica. Laurel is a 'word wizard, a true master of  the power of language and words,… Continue reading Words are powerful!

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Reviews: Colonial Intimacies, Indian Marriage in Early New England

The following reviews are on Amazon. "Viewing the inhabitants of early New England -natives as well as newcomers -through the lens of marriage, this extraordinary book opens up new vistas onto a time and place we thought we knew, and knew well. Ann Marie Plane's imaginative use of intractable sources gives colonization a human face;… Continue reading Reviews: Colonial Intimacies, Indian Marriage in Early New England

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British Slavery Bailout

Read it all here: T Since I have ancestry from Jamaica and Grenada, was born in England  and lived in Canada and America, I have a tendency to think of the black experience as global. The English are known for their obsessive record keeping and lately they have been using these resources to examine the scope of the empires involvement in… Continue reading British Slavery Bailout


“Kill Anything That Moves” – shocking new book #US invasions

“So Many People Died” The American System of Suffering, 1965-2014 By Nick Turse ( Pham To looked great for 78 years old.  (At least, that’s about how old he thought he was.)  His hair was thin, gray, and receding at the temples, but his eyes were lively and his physique robust -- all the more… Continue reading “Kill Anything That Moves” – shocking new book #US invasions



An Open Letter to President Obama …from Michael Moore Monday, November 19th, 2012, Dear President Obama: Good luck on your journeys overseas this week, and congratulations on decisively winning your second term as our president! The first time you won four years ago, most of us couldn't contain our joy and found ourselves literally in tears… Continue reading DRIVE THE RICH RIGHT OFF THEIR FISCAL CLIFF and more…


“It’s your life” Eleanor Roosevelt

  Eleanor Roosevelt votes in Hyde Park, New York, November 3, 1936 Public domain image courtesy Franklin D. Roosevelt Library via Flickr Commons In the following chapter, titled “The Right to Be an Individual,” Roosevelt considers the moral responsibility of living what you believe and fully inhabiting your inner life as the foundation of integrity… Continue reading “It’s your life” Eleanor Roosevelt


Solnit on Climate Change

That is, expensive for us, for human beings, for life on Earth, if not for the carbon profiteers, the ones who are, in a way, tied to all four of these apocalyptic visitors. A reasonable estimate I heard of the cost of this disaster was $30 billion, just a tiny bit more than Chevron’s profits… Continue reading Solnit on Climate Change


Ted Hughes on the Universal Inner Child, in a Moving Letter to His Son

by Maria Popova [] “The only calibration that counts is how much heart people invest, how much they ignore their fears of being hurt or caught out or humiliated.” “The analogy between the artist and the child is that both live in a world of their own making,” wrote Anaïs Nin in her diary in 1945.… Continue reading Ted Hughes on the Universal Inner Child, in a Moving Letter to His Son