Ireland’s ‘house of tears’ | Origins Canada | 60s Scoop | One Small Sacrifice | and my thanks

(excerpt) Some of the children – the cute ones, says Ms. Corless – were adopted at a price in North America, often without their mothers’ consent. John P. Rodgers, a survivor of St. Mary’s and an author who wrote a memoir about his experience, For the Love of My Mother, now being developed as a […]

Next Generation Nepal | “earthquake orphans” | Reconnecting Trafficked Children with Their Families

Reconnecting Trafficked Children with Their Families. Next Generation Nepal rebuilds family connections torn apart by child trafficking and helps rural communities become stronger, healthier places to raise their children. SEE: Next Generation Nepal – How We Work NGN Turns 10: A Decade of Rescuing and Reunifying Trafficked Children with their Families With your help, we […]

800 Babies in a Mass Grave – a Re-Post/Update

From my friend Toritto: On June 2, 2014 I posted the below article concerning an Irish historian’s claim that hundreds of dead babies were to be found on the grounds of a “home” for unwed mothers run by … PLEASE READ: 800 Babies in a Mass Grave – a Re-Post/Update It’s Friday and a good day to […]

Pennsylvania Orphanages

  Orphan Society of Philadelphia records Creator: Orphan Society of Philadelphia (Pa.) Extent: 4.5 linear feet The Orphan Society of Philadelphia, founded in 1814, was the first non-sectarian orphanage in Pennsylvania. In 1965, due to low enrollment and financial and staffing issues, the Orphan Society merged with the Elwyn School, now known as Elwyn, in Delaware […]

Orphans in USA Orphanages (1653-1900)

New York Orphans Records (click) As early as 1653, New York City (formerly called New Amsterdam) recognized that it needed to care for the city’s minor children, widows, and orphans. In February of that year, the Deacons of the Reformed Dutch Church were appointed to act as Orphan Masters. Their duties were to “keep their […]

threads of feeling

READ ABOUT EXHIBIT here In the mid-18th century thousands of poor women deposited their newborn babies at the Foundling Hospital. The scraps of material left to identify them tell an extraordinary story. By Kathryn Hughes EXCERPT: Whether the mothers’ fierce hope that their babies would be better off at the hospital was justified is hard to […]

Tip of the Iceburg? Foster Care Deaths?

U.S. GOVT ADMITS CHILD DEATHS – BUT JUST TIP OF THE ICEBERG The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) admits to 338 deaths of children in public Foster Care in just one year in its FY 2013 report, but researchers have documented not only a larger number of Foster Child Deaths, but also […]

St. Ann’s Catholic Orphange: Salt Lake City, Utah

The Orphanage:Caring for the Kids Although he was the son of poor Irish immigrants and possessed only a grammar school education, Thomas Kearns became one of Utah’s wealthiest and most influential public figures.  Like many of Utah’s earliest millionaires, Kearns made his fortune from the territory’s rich silver deposits.  In 1883, with his partners John […]

Fordham Heights, NY: Catholic Orphan Asylum

 “Catholic Orphan Asylum. A New Extensive Site Is Selected on Fordham Heights,” The New York Times (Nov. 22, 1898). Roman Catholic Orphans’ Asylum – Bronx, NY Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum, 301 West Kingsbridge Road at Sedgwick Avenue The Bronx, N.Y. 10468 St. Patrick’s Boys Asylum (Manhattan) Fifth Avenue at 51st and 52nd Streets (1851-1902) (c.1851) […]

Bellefaire Jewish Orphan Asylum: Cleveland, OH

Cleveland’s Bellefaire Jewish Orphan Asylum 1868 Cleveland Jewish Orphan Asylum is founded in Cleveland, Ohio and is residence to 80 children. By 1900, the orphanage cares for 400 children in a home located at E. 55th Street and Woodland Avenue. 1922 Jewish Day Nursery opens and joins Bellefaire in 1945. It later changes its name […]

Ireland: Adoptee Rights NOW!

The history of the Irish Adoption Industry is the last dirty little secret of the darkest depths of the once fabled and glorified holy Catholic Ireland. You doubt that it was an industry? That it was a machine? Don’t.

Los Angeles Orphans Asylums

(ca. 1900)* – The Los Angeles Orphanage at 917 South Boyle Avenue, southwest corner of Boyle Avenue at Stephenson Avenue (now Whittier Boulevard) in Boyle Heights. The orphanage is a five-story, brick, L-shaped building with dormer windows on the facade and a tower at the entrance that is flanked by newly-planted date palm trees. Steps […]

Medical Kidnapping? Billion Dollar Adoption Business

 2015 We continue our series on the “Business of Medical Kidnapping,” which addresses the question, “why is this happening?” Our previous articles in this series: The Medical Kidnapping Business: Bilking Medicaid Medical Kidnapping Business: Judges Skirting the Law for Federal Funds Steve Isham addresses the topic of the multi-billion dollar adoption business. As we have […]