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We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us.” That’s the message from communities who live with the troubled legacy of colonialism today—the descendants of Native peoples who have survived in defiance of the national divides that strafe their lands and run counter to their cultural inheritance.

Such a move, (THE WALL) according to the resolution, would threaten territorial rights, “further divide historic tribal lands and communities,” “militarize the lands on the southern boundary,” and “disturb or destroy tribal archeological, sacred sites, and human remains.”

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BAD MOVIES? A final, crucial step to being a responsible media consumer is to look for works made by Indigenous artists or in collaboration with Indigenous artists.

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For her 16th birthday, Maddy Fernands asked her parents for an unusual gift: to switch the family to wind power.  She didn’t want an iPhone, new clothes or — banish the thought — a car.  Cars and trucks account for about a fifth of greenhouse gas emissions, and a significant amount of Fernands’s climate anxiety. “Sometimes we’ll be stuck in traffic and I’ll look outside and watch the exhaust coming out of the car in front of me and I’ll freak out,” she told me. “I feel so powerless to stop it.” Fernands has been struggling with that sense of helplessness since she first became keyed into the accelerating timetable of climate change in seventh grade. “It seemed like the end of the world,” she said. “But the apocalyptic message wasn’t being broadcast. Nobody was taking correct action to put us on a path away from climate catastrophe.” Because her parents and teachers didn’t seem to share her urgency, Fernands decided that she herself would have to sound the alarm over climate.

Climate change is causing mental anguish in people of all ages, according to Lise Van Susteren, a psychiatrist and member of the Climate Psychiatry Alliance. “When you’re hearing day in and day out that we’ve got 12 years, we’ve got 11 years, the oceans are collapsing, fires are burning, air quality is terrible, wear a mask, the anxiety is inescapable,” said Van Susteren.

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Turn at fork in the road

book review: Truly prolific writer poet community organizer


J Glenn’s visionary fiction novel Wayfarers – Where No One Is an Outcast is about an interesting mix of homeless people who want to help other homeless people. Do we need it? Timely? Absolutely.

Right to the end of his fiction novel, suspense abounds.

In real life: There are always two groups of people: the Have’s and the Have Not’s.  Can there be a Happy Ending?  The brilliant idea from Wayfarers story leads the author to buy land in Oklahoma for this very purpose: a farm where the homeless can resettle in 2019.  I interviewed the author in Jan. 2015.

J Glenn is an elder, a man of vision and great wisdom. He is a good friend and a true inspiration. He has shared his ideas on this blog HERE HERE


WEWOKA, OKLAHOMA — He arrived at this latest fork in the road pretty late.

Glenn Evans is 88 now but excited about what he calls his last hurrah, an idea he would like to try out on this plot of land.

A visitor asks, “Why in the world would you want to leave Washington State, one of the gardens spots of the U.S. to here?”

Evans makes a circle with his finger beside his head and chuckles, “I’m a little nuts.”

He grew up on a farm near Wewoka where most of his family’s food needs were met with a big garden.

Glenn’s family moved to town though.

On a walk through tall weeds on his new land, his guest asks, “Are we bushwhacking your trail?”

Evans says, “No we’re just starting one. We’re pioneers!”

He went off to school and chased success as a stock broker.

He left that and turned to a career in writing.

Several books in he wrote a novel called ‘Wayfarers‘ about a group of homeless people who want to help other homeless people.

His thoughts while writing, “I want to do something for people. Create a place where they can live together as a family.”

Evans started walking around and thinking what worked in fiction might work in real life.

“I wanted to make my first place right here in Oklahoma,” he says.

So here’s his new idea.

Invite people, maybe homeless, he’s not sure, to open up this acreage to folks who want to grow their own food, who want to live off their gardens like his family did.

“Food and shelter, and you’re part of a family,” he suggests.

They use no till farming methods, plant some fruit trees, and live in underground houses to stay cool in the summer, warm in winter, and safe in the spring.

Of living underground, Evans says, “It’s good for tornadoes.”

It took him a couple of hours to walk through the brush and get a good gauge on the property.

The only road on it leads to a pump jack, but J. Glenn sees a successful future here.

“Is the land good,” asks his visitor?

“Oh. I think it’s good and rich,” he responds. Look at the soil. It’s had years of composting.”

Call him a visionary, or call him a crazy old man.

Glenn Evans just needs a few more crazy people like him to unplug and dig in, to make this fork in the road a little bit wider.

Glenn currently makes his home in Olympia, Washington.


To learn more about his work go to

Book Description: Wayfarers

From Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, this picaresque novel takes on the issues of homelessness, big city corruption, and corporate greed. An engaging, rollicking tale of those who are mostly down on their luck and chafe under the rules and regulations imposed by those in authority.  They were small in numbers, inexperienced, and some of them uneducated but they made up for it in a passionate belief in themselves.  Wayfarers is an adventure story about a homeless half Cherokee who sets out to do something for the homeless with the help of such characters as a prostitute, a disbarred lawyer, a cuckolded preacher turned prospector, ex-CIA man, a veteran turned warrior for the good and a small Indian tribe. The two main protagonists, RB (Chief) and Warrior, each has his own way to bring justice into the world: one that allows the Native American culture to nourish and restore health to the planet. The other protagonist, Warrior, has a strong sense of justice laced with a mission to punish the evil-doers. Against this backdrop are the greedy power-brokers hell-bent on imposing their views on society. What will be the final outcome and whose philosophy will be the winner? A regenerative culture vs the competitive materialistic one? The wayfarers seek to provide alternatives to living on the street or to incarceration. There is a wisdom of indigenous peoples that we can use to help put our post-industrial society on a more ecological basis. Laced with the honesty of Steinbeck – both religious and profane, dangerous and divine – this pot boiler keeps rolling to the finish line.

I can’t wait to visit the Glenn Kay Evans Farms


p.s. I had a very good check up in February and see my doctors again in May – my one year cancer anniversary.  Thank you all for the good thoughts and prayers and kind words. I’m doing GREAT!

The Great Awakening of 2018: Change will come when people wake up to this reality

REBLOG: Guest Post By  J. Glenn Evans

Author’s Note: this was not written for sound-biters, but for critical thinkers and activists not afraid to get off their rumps and do things. Some parts might seem …

Source: The Great Awakening of 2018: Change will come when people wake up to this reality



By J. Glenn Evans

Broker Jim is the first of three novels that I have written. Like many first novels a lot of it is biographical, somewhat like Jack London’s Martin Eden. My early ambition was to be a writer. Grazing about in my hometown library of Wewoka, Oklahoma when I was a junior in high school, I picked up a book and read that if you really want to accomplish something you have to drive the desire into a white hot passion. That struck me as important. So, at that early age I started writing page after page of “Great Rich Writer, Great Rich Writer” to build up my desire to a white heat.  It was some years later that I figured out that the title of that book was Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Later, while a senior in high school, I was sitting on the front porch of my grandfather’s place with my rich uncle from Oregon. He was in the process of building a huge fortune in lumber, oil, real estate and banking. He asked me, like older folks often do, to make conversation with young folks, what I wanted to do with my life.

I said, “I want to be a great rich writer.”

He smiled and leaned his cane-bottom chair back up against the wall, and said, “If you want to get rich you go where the money is.”

“Where is that?” I asked.

He plopped back down on all fours, finding that leaning up against the wall dressed in a business suit and tie on a hot summer day uncomfortable. He said, “If I were a young fella starting out and wanted to get rich, I’d become a stockbroker.”

That was 1948 and I asked, “Stockbroker, what’s that? Aren’t they the fellows who jump off a buildings because they don’t want to be poor?”

He didn’t think that was funny from the expression on his face. Then, quite seriously, he said, “They deal with people who have money. They buy and sell interests in corporations, you know, stocks and bonds. In this business you learn how to make money on other people’s money.  You should give some serious thought to it.  When I get back to Oregon, I’ll send you some information.”

That got me to thinking. I wanted to be a great rich writer. I had read about the long years of poverty that many writers have to go through. I thought, why not get rich as a stockbroker first. It would give me a chance to meet a lot of interesting people and good background for writing. So I started reading books and magazines on finance and newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal. I worked through lots of different jobs to survive and get a college education. Then I spent four long years at Boeing because no brokerage firm would hire me, being new to Seattle and having no book of clients.

I finally got a break and a local over-the-counter firm hired me as a beginning stockbroker. It was a hell of an uphill battle plus living through a bad marriage that gave me a good insight in what hell must be like. Then success slowly begin to come. I worked my way up through three different firms to vice president and finally started my own local securities business. In five years I built up to three offices and 40 brokers and was on top of the world. Then misfortune struck and brought me down. All this time my writing career was limited to writing and producing a monthly stockbroker newsletter.

It was then that I again set out to pursue a writing career with the same passion that I had chased bucks before. That was 1986, forty years after my original passion to be a writer. In my last year in the brokerage business, I made more money in a week than I ever have made in a year as a writer. But, I never have regretted that career move. We begin to get and just it’s amazing how it started out just as a simple hello my between you

My whole being went into writing Broker Jim. It is more than the usual get rich stockbroker story. In it you meet a medley of fascinating characters and recognize the drive and passion it takes to build a great company. You see you see the human foibles, the conflicts, struggles, setbacks and the frustrations of dealing with bureaucrats. There’s a lot of human passion and humanity in the story. I’ve had several people tell me that Broker Jim is a story that they would not have wanted to miss reading. One newspaper office manager describes Broker Jim as one of the funniest books that she has ever read. Regardless of what one’s own career has been, you will see similarities that will bring chuckles when they tweak your memories. For young folks there are many lessons in the book to be learned in pursuing their dream.

If I have whetted your curiosity, Broker Jim is available on Kindle at $5.95. An autographed print copy is available from SCW Publications for $15.95. Buy a print copy of Broker Jim and you will receive a free copy of Window in the Sky, my first poetry book that retails for $11.95 or if you prefer you can receive a free copy of my latest poetry book The Feast – Reflections On War that retails for $10. Broker Jim can also be ordered from our website, where PayPal is available. The same deal applies on orders for Broker Jim, but I will inquire which specific gift you prefer after the order is received.

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To order a print copy of Broker Jim, send $15.95+1.8% for sales tax if you are in Washington State+$2.00 for S&H.(Be sure a choose your free gift of Window In the Sky or The Feast—Reflections On War)


J. Glenn Evans has captured the frustrations, hardships and humor that small brokerage houses have had to face—William Riddling, retired Lt. colonel & stockbroker-banker

The stories by Mark Twain, Joyce Cary and Kingsley Amis are full of comic goodwill with characters who wrestle with their own individual morals amid those of society. Broker Jim is a quintessential American story in which Jim Bradley, the protagonist, navigates the world of women, money and the stock market. The combination of dead-serious innocence and eccentric humor in the author’s unique voice makes this novel a hilarious romp that is unforgettableBevans, editor

We liked [Evans’s] work because of its delightful use of narrative, wit, warmth, and folksy quality. I have never read a book written from the point of view of a stockbroker. It was a new world for me—and that’s why I like to read—The Rock River Times, Christine Swanberg, author and poet

Everyone in Seattle has a not so happy story to tell about their recent adventures in the current bubble stock market — chasing coffee, genetics and software companies. The author of this book has something new to say, about an older Seattle growing up. You learn about some of the less known start-up businesses. You follow in the footsteps of a young man growing up in the most competitive of business worlds. This is an experience not to miss.Sheri Harper, poet

J. Glenn Evans’s Broker Jim is in the picaresque On the Road, or Huckleberry Finn tradition of American literature. It’s the story of a down-home boy who tries to make good as a stockbroker. Evans actually provides a cast list of characters in the front [of the book] and it’s a good thing, too. Jim’s journey is leavened by Evans’s humor, a good ear for dialogue, and laced with a colorful vernacular reminiscent of Mark Twain. His true entrepreneurial spirit puts him up against the humorless bean counters of the world and “Big Bellies.”—Michael Magee, poet, playwright and critic

One of the funniest books I have ever readOffice Manager of Wewoka Times

I confess stock brokering is not a favorite subject―but you kept me interested. It moved right along. I wonder if a stranger can hear YOUR voice telling it as clearly as I did. I couldn’t anticipate how the story ends. It’s a nice surpriseNancy Abercrombie, poet and author of The Way of the Phoenix

This is the first time I have written to a living author. I write it to you for Broker Jim. Because I earned my living in the market for about 12 years, your book is especially welcome to me, your use of metaphors grand.…Congratulations on a great book! Finegan Gross, writer

The power of Evans’s writing became self-evident to me because it compelled me to read (and learn about) the cut-throat world of brokering. It’s a rags to riches…story chock full of interesting characters drawn to the spell of the latest El Dorado, Seattle.Michael Yaeger, painter, novelist, author of Dahlia Connection

Broker Jim is a writer’s gem! A real jewel, a wonderful story well toldTravis Abbott, reader and physician

I greatly enjoyed reading [Broker Jim]. You have a wonderful way with your characters―they often made me laugh out loud. And the villains are equally enticing.―Ursula Zilinsky, novelist

…a good read!…good flow and rh ythm. The central character is attractive, sympathetic and remarkably consistent.…The minor characters are believable and just eccentric enough to keep the reader turning the pages to see what their destinies are, especially in the context of said own fortunes.…David A. Hecker, poet and writer

Copyleft 2016 J. Glenn Evans

(Feel free to copy and distribute as broadly as possible)

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To order a print copy of Broker Jim, send $15.95+1.8% for sales tax if you are in Washington State+$2.00 for S&H. (Be sure a choose your free gift of Window In the Sky or The Feast—Reflections On War)

Note from Trace: I have read The Feast—Reflections On War and it’s the best poetry I have read on this topic… please read all of J Glenn’s work…

the feast


Guest Post By  J. GLENN EVANS

I found old Roman coins spread on the sidewalk.  I took them home with me. That evening, a warm summer night, out on the front porch, I looked at the stars. I picked one of the coins from my pocket and held it in my hand.

As I sat there with my eyes closed a vision came into my mind.  I saw an old, broken down man dressed in an ancient robe looking at me.

He smiled, and said, “My, aren’t we lucky? You chose one of my coins that were stolen from me when the Barbarians sacked my estate in Rome.”

He made a swing of his hand and showed me a vast estate with many slaves from different countries working for him.  “This was once all mine, but I ended up scratching for a living like these slaves I once owned.  I thought I was above working in the fields like slaves.  Then we became comrades and I learned to appreciate poor, exploited people, often poor through no fault of their own.

“Many never had a chance to acquire an estate like I did.  I inherited it from my father, who was an officer in the Roman Legion.  He took it from some regional prince we conquered.  So I can’t really feel badly toward those Barbarians who took it from me.  We Romans had done the same thing to others before us.  I’ve come to appreciate the brotherhood and sisterhood of all humanity  Why should some of us live on a vast estates, enslave people and accumulate enough to cover our needs for a thousand years and yet a thousand others go hungry or be enslaved for the benefit of a few? Your country reminds me of my old Rome where the laws were structured to serve the propertied few.  People with property make the laws for all.  They keep up the delusion that you have a democracy of all and like a bunch of dumb clucks most people still believe it.

“How foolish it is for people to pay allegiance to any government that prevents them from having a vote.  When a country is set up that denies them political participation or is ruled by a few elites exploiting the masses, people should resist.  Do not serve in their wars of aggression.  Break up the big estates and re-distribute a few acres to families who will grow food for themselves and other people. On such vital necessities as food, shelter, medical supplies and services, that require larger operations, they should be publicly owned.

“When you see corruption and bribery for special favors by briber and bribed, they both should be held accountable.  What I’d like to see is lock them together, arm and leg, for a few months as punishment for their crimes against the general public and confiscate half of their estates for the common good.  Let them see how much they love each other after that.

“We were so powerful in Rome that we thought we had the right to rule the world just like your present rich and powerful who think they are above the law.  My advice to you is break up the big blocks of wealth over a certain amount for the benefit of all.

Debt is just another form of slavery.  You are plagued by Banksters just like we were.  They have a way of enslaving people with debt who never become free.  These money bankers know the power of compound interest to gain control of a country and its citizens.  Now they are moving to control the world with their globalization.  Don’t let them get away with it.  Take the mega corporations and big banks into public ownership.  Declare an international debt jubilee.  Break up the big estates at change of generations by severe inheritance taxes.  When over $10 million are left to a single legacy, take 95% of the over $10 million into the common good by inheritance taxes.  Industries that require economy of size such as transportation or ownership of natural resources should be taken into public ownership for the benefit of all.

“You’ve seen what big wealth in the hands of a few do to your democracy.  Put some limits against big private estates; limit them by taxation for the benefit of the commons.  The main objective that all countries should strive to accomplish is to see that all their people have been adequately provided with the basic requirements for life: food, shelter, health care and education to survive in a modern civilization.  Get control of your population.  You are crowding out all other life.  What do you want to do, start eating each other? When the Jews foisted their Bible on everybody that declared, “Go forth and be fruitful,” it didn’t mean all your production had to come from the bedroom.  Humanity is consuming the world.  You can solve that problem easily; just limit births to one per couple for three or four generations.  Anyone who disobeys, after the second birth, fix them so they cannot have anymore and give their second child to a family that cannot bear children. Don’t allow the smart-ass rich to buy the birth privileges of those who abstain.

“Back in my day we may have had an excuse; we were ignorant.  Today, with all of your knowledge from past histories of mistakes, you still allow these giant corporate capitalists to destroy your earth by polluting and destruction of your environment, all in the name of greed.  Put a stop to it now before it is too late. Today’s abuses are more critical than the excesses of the nobility that caused the French revolution.  Remember, my friend, we all belong to earth, not the other way around.  If we allow this wasteful destruction to continue there will be no livable earth for anything or anyone.  Now I have spoken and must go”

“May I return your coin?”

He smiled and said, “No, I live in another dimension where we have no need for such things. We know what the living or doing and are concerned for you and what you do to each other. Change your mindset from greed and self-interest to what you can do for each other and you will be happy.”

He smiled, turned and disappeared from my vision.

Copyleft 2016 J. Glenn Evans

(Feel free to copy and distribute to others.)

J. Glenn Evans

Part Cherokee, Evans spent his early youth on a small farm in Oklahoma during the dust bowl days of the Great Depression. Lived in Seattle 54 years and now resides in Olympia, Washington since December of 2014.  Worked in a lumber mill, operated a mining company and co-produced a movie, Christmas Mountain-the Story of a Cowboy Angel, with Mark Miller and co-starring Slim Pickens.  Early on he wanted to become a writer, but was side-tracked for twenty years by the advice of a wealthy uncle to “go where the money is.”  He pursued the career of stockbroker and investment banker and became owner and president of a securities firm with three offices and forty brokers.  Founder of PoetsWest and Activists for a Better World, currently hosts PoetsWest at KSER 90.7FM, a nationally syndicated weekly radio show.  In addition to five books of poetry and three novels, Evans has written numerous political essays and is the author of several local community histories.  Current work in process is a novel to be called The Last Lumber Baron.

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It’s Our Action Now!



J. Glenn Evans

It’s up to us, we the people, if we want to save life on earth and build a better world for all. The 1% cannot and will not save us. They are afflicted with the deadly greed disease. The two major parties will not save us, the police and military will not save us; they are all owned and their power usurped by the 1%. We cannot unite under the banner of resistance groups with a great leader anymore. They will out our leaders just like they took out such people as John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and others who take a stand for people.

We cannot have a violent revolution to set things right. When we resist violently to bring justice the 1% will use police and military power against us with deadly force. The 1% can’t help it, they are drugged with greed for power and wealth. They have indoctrinated our kids in schools to become good sycophants to their cause. Get smart, get a good job with their corporations and get ahead of everybody else. Students are trained to become good employees for the corporations owned by the 1%. Liberal arts have been denigrated. The game is to win. That is all that matters, compete and beat, that is what our world has become.

Let’s meditate on this a bit. Look where it has gotten us. We are in constant wars, our planet has been brought to the point of total destruction and disaster. Our air is polluted, our lakes, rivers and now the oceans are polluted and dying, all for their profit. We have created all kinds of technological developments. Every time something good is invented that can benefit people, they turn it around and use it against us and their other so-called enemies.

From the 1%’s viewpoint everything is positive and wonderful. They own over 50% of the wealth and can live in luxury. They can buy anything they want including our police, our military, our judiciary, our Congress and the executive branch. The rest of us do not matter. If we are not a consumer of their products or serve in their employment we are useless humanity. What happens to us doesn’t matter.

Okay, I’ve spelled it out; our world is in the deadly grip of the 1%. So what can we do about it? We must recognize and utilize our own power. Without us to do their work and consume their products the 1% is helpless and their power is broken. That’s it, we must break their power and build alternative sources to fill our needs. That’s what the capitalists did to conquer the feudal age. They built alternatives and made nobles superfluous. Now it is their turn to be replaced since they exploit rather than serve us.

Like I said, at this point we can’t organize groups to take corrective action. They will take out our leaders and come down with deadly force. Look at what happens in the rest of the world. When people in other countries try to organize and throw off the outside yoke of imperialism, drones take out their leaders, their citizens are bombed to hell and we buy their BS that they have taken out “the enemy.”

What can we do to change all of this? As organized groups, not much at this time, because of their deadly force. We must first break their power. We each must take personal responsibility. Start dealing with local folks to fill our needs. Get out of debt and quit borrowing money from their banks and credit cards. Buy from local farmers and merchants, who are there mainly to fill needs and make a living rather than huge profits. Get yourself a small piece of ground or use your backyard to start growing more food. Quit wasting your backyard on grass for appearances.  Learn how to preserve food for the off seasons. If you have no need to grow food, do it anyway to learn how and to help others trapped in landlord-owned apartments. What you don’t need, give it away to help others become independent of the big corporations. Food and shelter are the first two basics. If we have these without having to depend on the big corporations, that is the path to freedom. If we work for a corporation that is exploiting others, making killing machines, or polluting our world, try to get away from them as quickly as you can. If we work at making their products to kill others, or destroy our environment we are part of the problem. It doesn’t make any difference how much money we make as a sycophant to them; it is not worth it if we are helping to bring death to life on earth. We really don’t need all this stuff they sucker us into buying with their advertising. If we can get an acre of this good Earth, feed ourselves and start rebuilding the soil, we become independent. If nothing else, use our backyards or sack-bags of dirt to grow vegetables. Treat land as sacred, it is here for all life.

We must demand that the UN has the power to hold war makers and those who abuse others to account. If we can’t make the UN do its duty, we must organize an international People’s Tribunal that will take action to hold war makers and polluters accountable. In the future we must settle our conflicts by law and courts rather than war.

We are better off when we cooperate and share rather than compete and beat. The state does not give life, therefore; the state does not have the right to take life. Let’s discipline ourselves and cut down on the world’s population explosion. Once we have broken the power of the 1%, we must change the system to register all people of legal age to vote regardless of circumstances. We must set up term limits and public financing for elections. Those people and corporations who utilize our public airways shall be required to dedicate 20% of each broadcast timeslot for 30 days prior to elections, as a royalty due the people, to be used by qualified registered candidates.

We shall create a world based on laws that bring justice for all. We shall develop an international power to hold war makers and exploiters to account. We start by taking individual responsibility, withdrawing our support and cease cooperating in their deadly game of destruction for profit. Resources of this earth are here for all life and not just for a few rich grabbers who take more than their share. Why should one person accumulate enough for 1000 lifetimes and 1000 families go hungry? Let’s start thinking about what personal action we can take. It is with our combined personal action that we shall end their power. We must stop allowing them to use people against each other. With life on earth we are all in the same boat, so let’s start bailing, even if we have but a thimble to use.

Copyleft 2016 J. Glenn Evans

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J. Glenn Evans

Part Cherokee, Evans spent his early youth on a small farm in Oklahoma during the dust bowl days of the Great Depression. Lived in Seattle 54 years and now resides in Olympia, Washington since December of 2014.  Worked in a lumber mill, operated a mining company and co-produced a movie, Christmas Mountain-the Story of a Cowboy Angel, with Mark Miller and co-starring Slim Pickens.  Early on he wanted to become a writer, but was side-tracked for twenty years by the advice of a wealthy uncle to “go where the money is.” He pursued the career of stockbroker and investment banker and became owner and president of a securities firm with three offices and forty brokers.  Founder of PoetsWest and Activists for a Better World, currently hosts PoetsWest at KSER 90.7FM, a nationally syndicated weekly radio show.  In addition to five books of poetry and three novels, Evans has written numerous political essays and is the author of several local community histories.  Current work in process is a novel to be called The Last Lumber Baron.

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The Great Awakening of 2018: Change will come when people wake up to this reality

Guest Post By  J. Glenn Evans


Author’s Note: this was not written for sound-biters, but for critical thinkers and activists not afraid to get off their rumps and do things. Some parts might seem repetitious but this is intentional to drive home important points that should be remembered. Many of the stated positions are to be taken as objectives that we must accomplish. Let’s quit being sheep and start acting like wolves for justice.

In earlier times the 1% conned us into believing that kings and their nobles had a divine right to rule, and they came to own most of the good land while the rest of us were their serfs. Finally, when some people woke up and chopped off a few heads, the so-called elites would re-emerge with the divine right of the free market and capitalism disguised as democracy. Now we are right back there again with 1% owning the hog share, while the rest of us scramble to feed our families and pay their exorbitant rents and interest rates.

We now have global warming and an exploding human population that is crowding out many other forms of life. We have a proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. We have super snooping into our personal lives with the excuse they are fighting terrorism, something they created messing around and exploiting the rest of the world. We have no more time to philosophize about our problems.  We must act now; thus the short deadline of 2018 for the great awakening of the peoples of the world.

The great awakening of 2018 will come because many peoples of the world have come to realize the terrible perils we face. We are at this juncture because of the inaction of our governments to correct the abuses that have brought us to this point. Being lapdogs of the wealthy, they dare not disturb profits. With civilization we have given up a portion of our authority to governments in order to maintain peace, order and a workable society. Because of a powerful few our governments have failed to deliver this service. Each person is born with a sovereign soul and life is sacred.  Each of us regardless of how poor we are, we have as much right to be here on earth as anybody else and have a right to sustenance of basic necessities. We will no longer tolerate a few rich grabbers who have more than their share of the earth’s resources. Their greed for more power and wealth has been destroying the earth and its ability to provide for us.

The elites consider property sacred, yet treat it as a commodity. The right to shelter has been lost in the market as part of that commodity.

We the peoples of the world demand a revised UN charter with the power to control rogue nations that torture and abuse human rights. They must hold accountable those individuals responsible for these abuses. Torture, abuse of human rights, war-making against our fellow human beings and the creation of killing machines are hereby outlawed. Disputes must be settled by the UN and world courts.

The hungry look on and are not fed. That is the nature of this capitalistic world in which we live. Competition in sports is fine and healthy exercise, but it does not work so well in the everyday business of providing people’s basic needs. People fall out of work and have little or no way to take care of their family because all of the resources are privately owned by someone else. We are born with the right to life and that means the right to sustenance of food, shelter, medical care, and education. If we are able to work and apply our talents to serve the needs of our family and other members of the community and private industry fails to provide employment, work should be provided by society to serve the needs of the community.

When a small number of people own 50% of the resources and leave others wanting, it is time we take corrective action.

In nature resources are for the taking by those who need them and nature in the past has always been generous before the greedy started grabbing more than they needed for their own sustenance. This great inequality brought by modern civilization is not only immoral but is criminal. Think back to Charles Dickens’ times and recognize that such despair is not far away.  Again, resources of this world are for all life, and not reserved for a few rich grabbers.  Why should certain individuals have enough for a thousand lifetimes and a thousand families go hungry and unsheltered?  Such disparity is unjust and enrages one’s senses at this injustice.  It is time for an equalization tax to break up these huge estates at change of generations.  Anything in excess of $10 million in value left to one individual should be taxed at 95%.  If they don’t want to pay this higher rate they can spread their legacy around and pay the normal rate of taxes for the lower level. Since they have made homes a commodity to speculate on, we need to provide more public housing.

The yield from estate taxes can be used for the common good to create shelters and means of sustenance for those in need and to repair the damages that the age of greed has created.  As a part of this new world, the rising human population must be brought under control and reduced to a level that mother Earth can sustain. Birth control can be facilitated by tax incentives and free access to contraceptives. Otherwise birth control becomes a matter of legal control in which no person can exceed more than one birth per two people during their lifetime.  This method may require two or three generations to reach a sustainable level. Birthrights cannot be sold or traded. Women’s reproductive rights shall be protected. Once a sustainable level has been reached two children or more per couple of people may be permitted. If population growth again exceeds sustainable levels, limitations must be reinstalled. It shall be the responsibility of community or governments to set aside sufficient resources for the aged and incapacitated, thus no longer requiring children to take care of the aged.

There should be no unemployment when there are so many unfilled needs.  We have enough work to keep everyone employed to earn their keep. In between job assignments, workers can be pensioned until employment found or established. During this period they can do voluntary work or assignments as needed by the community. When private industry fails, the community should take on this responsibility. Resources are there in the community to take care of the helpless, the disabled and the old. We humans are all family.  No one should go hungry or unsheltered.  It is not a matter of lack of resources, it is a matter of what we spend them on. Too much money is wasted on useless non-productive war and self-aggrandizement of the few.


We the people recognize that resources of the world are here for all life and not reserved for a few rich grabbers. It does not make sense for a few people to control and claim ownership of resources for a thousand lifetimes and thousands of people are in need of food and shelter, let alone healthcare and education.  This leaves the peoples of the world with two choices.  One such choice, as done during the French revolution: chopping off of exploiters heads and their assets confiscated for the common good. Unfortunately, with no change in the system other rulers rise and with their new power replace the lost heads.  After a short time we are right back where we started.  Obviously that choice is not a good idea.  A far more sensible way to bring change to the system is to allow people to control their destiny under a constitution that protects the rights of individuals and minorities regardless of creed or gender.  We must amend the current gross inequities that have developed in the world.  A strong united people’s movement through a People’s Congress will put pressure on the present governments to build alternative sources of self-sufficiency to serve people’s needs. We will break the financial and monopolistic corporate control that have brought about these gross inequities.  Any violence will most likely come from the 1% seeking to keep their power. With their power and wealth they will try to use our own people against us. Without us the 1% have no real power.  We are the ultimate power. Change will come, when people wake up to this reality.

Power never gives up power without a fight. We the people must take our sovereign power back that has been usurped from us.  The only way we can do this is unite. By uniting we can bring change with justice for all without violence on our part. Those in power will probably attempt violence against people.  Nevertheless we will overcome them if we unite.  No government, not even a dictatorship, can survive if the people refuse to cooperate with them.  They will try to divide and make us work against each other as they have always controlled the masses in the past.  This time we will be smart enough to not let that happen.


Until the people regain control of their governments there will be no economic, social or political justice.  Our purpose shall be to unite People’s Congresses for each nation and each nation sends delegates to an International People’s Congress.  By organizing we shall have power to create truly democratic and just governments that provide for the general well-being of all people regardless of race, culture or creed.  We will eliminate this gross inequality that unregulated capitalism has brought to the world.  The time for change is now if we are to save our world.

We encourage personal initiative.  We want to see that all people who apply themselves have an opportunity for a good education and a chance to prosper.  Opportunities shall be developed for people to use their energy and talent to serve the needs of people and receive fair compensation for their efforts.  If powerful corporate interests stand in the way they shall be taken into public ownership.  Businesses are established to serve people; not people to serve business.

Generational change seems to be the best time to make adjustments.  As mentioned previously, resources of this earth are here for all life.  As a first step it is suggested that on any legacy that exceeds $10 million that is left to one individual, the excess should be taxed at 95%.  If this does not correct the problem the limit will be reduced to $5 million dollars.  To circumvent this, wealth can no longer be squirreled away in private corporations and foundations that exceed these personal limits.  Why should rich people’s children have such a great advantage of accumulated wealth over all our other kids?  All people are a resource for good when provided with opportunities.  Some of the greatest advances have come from the offspring of poor folks when allowed to apply their talent and energy.  Their great advances have benefited all and future generations.  Monopolistic corporations create gatekeepers and sycophants that freeze out independent talent. If we continue on the present trend with no change in the system, great wealth shall face greater risk of loss than their power and money.  Look at history.


Absolute Sovereignty has become outdated. Nation-States have become little more than warring bands creating havoc in the world to satisfy the greed of a few exploiting the many.  It is time we modernize our political systems.  With modern communication and globalization we have become one world.  That is not saying we all have to be alike. Cultural differences make us human.  We will no longer tolerate Nation-States who abuse human rights such as torture, incarceration without a fair trial and war-making.  A true and powerful United Nations must be set up that will provide true justice for all nations of the world. It must no longer be controlled by the victors of World War II, but must become a world democracy of people. It is either this, with a modernized UN with power and authority to hold accountable rogue officials of Nation-States who are responsible for these crimes, or we the peoples of the world must take control. These crimes of torture, abuse of human rights and war-making  will no longer be tolerated, regardless of how powerful the nation they represent. National armies except for National Guard units for internal emergencies shall be abolished and resources used for constructive purposes. The UN’s Declaration of Human Rights shall be paramount. Otherwise, we the people will organize our own united peoples of the world to assure justice among all people and nations. Capitalism and Nation-States face up. We the peoples of the world will no longer tolerate your crimes.

States do not give life, therefore, they may no longer take life. The death penalty shall be abolished worldwide. Incarceration for individuals who are truly a threat to society is permissible. Other incarcerations are for training and rehabilitation, not chambers of torture and abuse. Incarcerations are a state function accountable to elected officials.  Prisons controlled by private enterprise, making money on people’s misery will no longer be tolerated. Those individuals responsible for committing abuses of human rights and war-making  shall be held personably accountable by the UN or a new International People’s Congress, who shall have the constitutional power to arrest them and remove them from power.


International commerce and banking must come under worldwide control and be regulated by the UN. Henceforth UN representatives shall be elected by the peoples of their respective nations and be subject to recall by those who elected them. They must no longer be appointed by government officials, too often shielded from public wishes. Nation-States shall be free to regulate business and commerce within their own borders. Companies and corporations dealing in international trade with more than 10% of their gross income must come under the regulation of the family of nations, UN or its replacement for that international trade. This international body shall have the power to protect earth rights, the world commons, the air and the waters of the oceans.

With weapons of mass destruction the world has become far too dangerous to allow nation states to make war and pollute with nuclear waste. Nation-States must settle their differences by an international world court under the control of the UN or its replacement. Peoples of the world will no longer tolerate a few people leading them into total destruction. If powerful Nation-States persist in trying to rule the world by military might or financial control their leaders by law become international outlaws. Such Nation-States must change or be broken up into smaller states. National borders will be determined by people living within those borders. Without the threat of war, smaller Nation-States, under protection of the UN or its replacement, can function and rule themselves locally, but be monitored to prevent abuse of human rights.

 We, the peoples of the world, must accept responsibility for war refugees and victims of global warming, because we are all humans. They are our responsibility because we the people have tolerated the abuses of the few who have plundered the world and made war on our fellow citizens for selfish interests to feed their greed. These exploiters are criminals and in the future shall be treated as such. Change is coming because the Great Awakening of 2018 is of all the peoples of the world.


We the people will form an International People’s Congress. Its purpose initially shall not be to interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign nations except when certain crimes are committed. If those responsible are not held accountable by established government agencies of sovereign nations or the UN, the International People’s Congress will take steps to assure that the guilty are brought to justice and removed from power. It shall establish a judiciary with courts and staff and the authority to issue indictments and bring to trial individuals or officials of governments who abuse human rights or make war. The International People’s Congress shall accept the UN declaration of human rights as part of its constitution. Torture in any form of our fellow human beings and state murder shall be outlawed. Any nation for whatever reason, that deems itself unjustly treated, shall have the right to appeal to the UN to settle disputes. The taking of human life in execution or mutilation of body parts are hereby outlawed and those perpetuating such crimes shall be held accountable. If individuals are a danger to society they may be incarcerated under humane conditions after an open fair trial.

The People’s Congress shall have a Special Forces unit free to roam anyplace in the world to perform inspector general’s functions. They may take action as ordered by the tribunal court to bring offenders to justice with no statute of limitations.

 Initially the International People’s Congress must depend on voluntary support of the peoples of the world. Anyone representing any government who attempts to thwart the sovereignty of the people to organize and develop the People’s Congress by labeling them a terrorist or by any other means shall be held accountable. It is our constitutional right to rule ourselves. There will be no exceptions made for wealth or position in any country regardless of how powerful that country may be. Crimes against the earth shall be covered. The People’s Congresses are established as guardians of human rights and justice when established governments fail in their duties of this sacred trust. No person and no members of any government or corporate entity shall be exempt from their jurisdiction for torture and abuse of human rights.

With global warming, created by our own excessive consumerism, we have a responsibility for the victims who have lost their homes and way of life due to this problem. We are also responsible for immigrants displaced by wars because we have tolerated war-making by our governments and supported them by serving in their armies. We shall no longer serve in predatory armies that kill others. Henceforth, we shall consider ourselves a family of humans regardless of race, religion or gender. We must start looking after each other. Our governments have mainly been taken over by the power-hungry 1% who don’t give a damn about ordinary people.


This is an actual quote from our Declaration of Independence, “WE hold these truths to be self-evident, That all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among them are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness–That to secure these Rights, Governments are Instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

We certainly have no desire to destroy our present government, but to correct its abuses, amend its ways to better serve the best interests all of our citizens and make it a better world citizen. The purpose of the People’s Congress shall not be to replace the established government but to monitor their actions and keep its members informed and create pressure on members of the established government to properly perform their duties for the best interests of the people.  If they do not perform for the people, we may rally support for independents and alternate parties who will. In some situations we will support our own candidates. No party bosses, but the will of the people rule. The main element of our constitution shall be the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

It is generally understood that the present governments of most countries of the world have been usurped by major corporations, banking, other financial interests, and so-called elite groups of rulers who no longer look after the best interests of the ordinary people of their countries. Their laws and the enforcement of their laws abuse and leave our citizens with few resources to provide for their basic needs.  With the laws and enforcement power of the governments under their control, and the 1% owning most of the resources, they exploit the citizens of most countries of the world. They have been doing so throughout most of history. But this will cease, when people wake up.


(1)—The smallest unit shall be a sub council of the various districts of a city. This can be neighbors or a group of friends who send delegates to the next highest council.

 (2)—The next unit shall be the various districts of the city represented by at least one delegate from each of the registered sub councils.

(3)—The next unit shall be the city represented by one or two delegates from the various districts of the city.

(4)—The next unit shall be the county represented by one or two delegates from each city within the county.

(5)—The next unit shall be the state represented by one or two delegates from each county within the state.

(6)— The next unit shall be the nation represented by one or two delegates from each state.

(7)—The next unit shall be the International People’s Congress represented by one or two delegates from each Nation-State.

Our delegates will have an important responsibility to keep the members of their respective councils fully informed of actions taken and pass on information that comes down from higher councils. Delegates can be recalled and replaced anytime by members of the council that elected them. No more gerrymandering, we shall use established units of government as breakdown of councils.


We must recognize that voting is a right not a privilege. All races and genders shall have equal rights. All actions shall be democratic. Minimal age of voting members shall be 18 years, but citizens of lesser age are encouraged to have a voice and present their ideas. We shall operate under the will of the majority but always paying respect and attention to the ideas and thoughts of the minority. Voting is a right, not a privilege. Such a right carries with it the responsibility of citizenship. That means we have the obligation to make ourselves aware of civic matters and to vote. If you are of legal age you have the right to vote in or out of jail regardless of what the present laws say. Laws that are made affect us all, therefore it is our right to have a say in the making of such laws through our vote for representatives. Why should we owe allegiance to a government that denies us the right to vote? One day those who deny this right to vote shall be held accountable.




Vice chairperson



Delegate or delegates to next highest council



Since there are always costs and this is a citizen’s congress and we do not have taxing authority, minimum membership fees are suggested at $1.00 per month and donations are accepted from members willing and able to contribute more, but no member shall be denied the right to vote for lack of funds.  It shall be the policy of each council to pass one-half of their revenues on to the next highest council.



A committee to reformulate a constitution shall be set up to incorporate the above ideas, The UN’s Declaration of Human Rights shall be basic. Let us bear in mind the example of the briefness of the Ten Commandments when making laws. A constitution should provide a working procedure, protect the minority and less powerful members from an unjust majority.  We shall follow the Constitution and make decisions on the basis of current problems and no longer be enslaved by decisions of previous generations through lawyer and judicial precedent.


Humanity is plagued by the deadliest disease that may well bring it to total destruction and possibly take a great deal of the other living creatures with it. Ordinarily, with a diseased part that can cause death the inflicted part is cut away and destroyed. With this disease this is not possible. Unfortunately, this malady is not even legally recognized as a deadly disease. Those so afflicted are often looked up to and even honored because of the positions they have achieved in life, often by unfair tactics. Many people would like to attain their stature.

It is urgent that society defend itself from this deadly disease before it is too late. If it cannot be brought under control then it must be quarantined before the rest of the world is impregnated and much of life as we know it is destroyed. If sick members can be cured and reprogrammed perhaps they can return to society. This deadly disease must be recognized for the damage it is causing and immediately brought under control. The common name for this disease is Greed. Some of the fatal damage Greed has caused is polluting our air, our water including the oceans, destroying our fertile soil, bringing on global warming as well as turning our people into corporate serfs. Therefore, since it is not possible to prune this disease or destroy the carrier, we must remove those afflicted from power.


The great dream of justice and freedom for all is fading for all the world’s people. We the people have allowed this to happen. We continue to vote for the same old party hacks who have become toadies to big money. Once representatives get into office they love that position and power with its opportunities to receive the grace of the wealthy. They totally forget the purpose for which they were elected: to serve the best interests of the people and to assure that true peace and justice are administered. They become more interested in staying on the right side of big money. Their main motivation becomes reelection in order to further their careers and keep that power. Instead of passing laws that correct problems to serve their constituents, they serve the demands of big money.

With the Great Awakening of 2018 these self-seekers will be out. Peoples of the world, the 99%, have said, “No more. We want democracy and we demand it right now. We recognize our sovereign rights to rule ourselves.”

Experience has proven that running a country from the top down, the people get shafted. Everyone of legal age has the right and duty of a citizen to vote. No one has the right to say you cannot vote if you are of legal age. Voting is not a privilege of the few but the right and duty of all citizens since laws that are passed affect us all. We don’t need professional politicians who think they own elected offices. While in elected positions it is our duty to do what is best for the common good and show respect for the rest of the world. We are all citizens of the world as well as citizens of our own respective countries. We will cooperate and support the UN in its duties to assure peace and justice for all countries and their citizens.


The self-seeking people who run our country today are an insult to those true patriots who fought the Revolution and the founding fathers who developed a constitution creating a republic that set out to create peace and justice for all and made true history in a world of monarchs.

No more will we the people tolerate the evil spirit that has gained control of America. The greed of the few to be all powerful and control the world has made America the new monster. Instead of using our power to assure peace and justice for all peoples of the world, we have constantly engaged in wars of conquest, even killed leaders of other countries when we feel they are a threat to our interests to control resources and markets of other countries.

Conflicts in the future must be settled by courts of law with no more wars permitted. Resources are too limited to permit such waste. Leaders who perpetuate war and commit war crimes shall be held accountable. You cannot prosecute a whole country for the crimes of a few, but you can hold leaders and executives of companies that commit crimes accountable. That includes those who build and supply killing machines.

We must not hate the 1%. They are fellow human beings just like us. But for the grace of God we might be just like them. They are afflicted by greed for the power and wealth over others. They see life on earth in a different way. They are ruled by the theory of compete and beat rather than cooperate and share. They are not hopeless. Some of them do change and bring about good works that help others. Let us help them to grow wiser and assist us to bring change to build a better world and repair the damage that greed has caused.

For a peaceable world each of our nations should strive to be self-sufficient in the basic needs of their citizens. They should trade only excess production not needed for their own citizens. If every country were self-sufficient in their basic needs they would not need to concern themselves with trade balances. We must change the world to help all people to prosper and take care of their own citizens and eliminate all wars. Debt is another form of slavery. We must work to eliminate it between nations as well as among people. Elimination of wars and self-sufficiency of individual nations will bring this success. We must quit honoring the predators and war-makers who are criminals. Let’s pay our respect to the peacemakers and those who serve humanity with their talents and creative ability. Let each of us start acting like sovereign souls, join up with our fellow citizens of the world, organize in Peoples Congresses and create the necessary changes that will help our world to survive. Talk to people, your friends and neighbors, discuss, circulate this document. Organize sub councils in your city district and send a delegate to the next highest council. That’s a start so let’s get organized NOW.

Copyleft 2016 J. Glenn Evans

(Feel free to copy and distribute as broadly as possible)

J. Glenn Evans

Founder of PoetsWest and Activists for a Better World, hosts PoetsWest at KSER 90.7FM, a nationally syndicated weekly radio show, and is author of four books of poetry: Deadly Mistress, Window in the Sky, Seattle Poems and Buffalo Tracks, author of three novels, Broker Jim, Zeke’s Revenge, Wayfarers with a fourth novel, The Last Lumber Baron and a poetry book, The Feast—Reflections on War as works in process.  Evans is a former stockbroker-investment banker.  Part Cherokee, native of Oklahoma.  Lived in Seattle 54 years and since December of 2014 has resided in Olympia, Washington.  Worked in a lumber mill, operated a mining company and co-produced a movie, Christmas Mountain, The Story of a Cowboy Angel with Mark Miller and co-starring Slim Pickens.  Evans, an award-wining poet and in addition to poetry books and novels, has written numerous political essays and is the author of several local community histories including a history of Seattle’s Pike Place Market.  Has been published in many literary journals.  Listed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World.

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J Glenn Evans
J Glenn Evans

By J. Glenn Evans (aka Jack Evans)

When I saw the pictures of two teenagers, Turner Lupton and Nicholas Ross, on the front page of the September 16, 2015 issue of The Wewoka Times arrested on a marijuana charge, I was revolted, because of the disaster this can be to their young lives.

I am 84 years old and never smoked marijuana or taken any illegal drugs in my lifetime.  Yet, when I see such the dumb, stupid laws still on the books that fill our jails with people who have harmed no one, not even themselves because of a harmless plant, that George Washington is believed to have once raised as a farm product, I am disgusted with the stupidity of it.  This is an action that only fills the pockets of the prison-industrial complex.  We should be growing hemp that can be used for many industrial products.

We saw what happened with prohibition a couple of generations ago.  It created a crime cartel we are still fighting.  Have we learned nothing?  I am ashamed that Oklahoma still arrests these two young folks and probably set them on a lifetime of crime.  Instead we pat a cop on the back for such an arrest that has prospered the prison-industrial complex.  Sure he has done his duty but why do we still have such laws on the books that like prohibition have created a criminal industry.

We must change the laws that are feeding the prison industrial complex or change the lawmakers who fail to act and yet still tolerate the real criminals, brokers and banksters on Wall Street who have done so much more damage to our people.  While we are at it, for the sake of justice, why don’t we do away with the death penalty that causes too many innocent people to perish because of career climbers trying to make a name?  We need a panel of professionals with citizen oversight to review the cases of all those in prison.  Those deemed no longer a danger to society should be released to half-way-houses for training and rehabilitation to society.  Also let’s do away with private prisons that make money on people’s misery.  Incarceration is a state responsibility that should be answerable to our elected representatives, not private corporations.  The money saved on housing prisoners could be used for education that cuts down on the number of people who go to prison.  As children are trained, so they become.

Both the Democrat and Republican parties have become corporate toadies that have passed laws so that these financial crooks can get away with their crimes.  We must get rid of the warmongers and corporate toadies and put new people in office that will look after the people’s interest.

Let’s not demonize our kids who may think that smoking weed is cool.  Consider the effect that their identification with names and photos on the front page of the newspaper will have on their future.  We need to support young people in the criminal justice system and help them to turn their lives around.  Let’s hope these kids, Lupton and Ross, get an understanding judge who will not spoil the rest of their lives.

Copyleft 2015 J. Glenn Evans

(Feel free to copy and distribute as broadly as possible)

J. Glenn Evans

Founder of PoetsWest and Activists for a Better World, hosts PoetsWest at KSER 90.7FM, a nationally syndicated weekly radio show, and is author of four books of poetry: Deadly Mistress, Window in the Sky, Seattle Poems and Buffalo Tracks, author of three novels, Broker Jim, Zeke’s Revenge and Wayfarers with The Last Lumber Baron as a works in process.  Evans is a former stockbroker-investment banker.  Part Cherokee, native of Oklahoma.  Lived in Seattle 54 years and since December of 2014 has resided in Olympia, Washington.  Worked in a lumber mill, operated a mining company and co-produced a movie, Christmas Mountain – The Story of a Cowboy Angel with Mark Miller and co-starring Slim Pickens.  Evans, an award-wining poet and in addition to poetry books and novels, has written numerous political essays and is the author of several local community histories including a history of Seattle’s Pike Place Market.  Has been published in many literary Journals.  Listed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World.

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My interview with J Glenn


J Glenn Evans
J Glenn Evans

GUEST POST by J Glenn Evans

Another gross injustice has been committed by the leaders of our country. We who believe the dream of America is to stand up for justice, a sacred commitment not to be brushed aside. What our forebears have done we cannot help, but what we do today is within our power to change. When we become aware of these injustices, we must act even if our power is limited to speaking out with our own small voice.

We will never have a better world until we start addressing the injustices that exist in our present world. An injustice to one is an injustice to all of us. That includes correcting the long suffering injustices that have come forward from the past.

A good example of these long suffering injustices is the Duwamish Tribe on whose land all of Seattle rests. The well-known Chief of the Duwamish Indian Tribe, Sealth or Seattle, befriended the early pioneers instead of putting them to the spear that he could easily have done.

As their numbers in Seattle grew, the invaders got the upper hand. They passed laws that said no Indian could live in Seattle. All were forced to move out of Seattle, with the exception of Princess Angeline, daughter of Chief Seattle. She was tolerated a few years until her death on May 31, 1896. The Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs claiming responsibility for the Indians allowed the city of Seattle to get away with this gross injustice of forcing the remaining members of the tribe to seek shelter with other tribes.

The same Federal Bureau continues to deny the Duwamish official recognition because they claim the Duwamish have not been a continuous tribe with an unbroken line of leadership. This problem was created when Seattle forced the Duwamish to leave their homeland without providing them the promised reservation.

seattle-PADDLERSThe present members of the tribe are blood descendants of the original Duwamish who lived here thousands of years and they include the great-great grandson of Chief Seattle, Ken Workman, and the great-great-grandniece, Cecile Hansen, who has been the chairman of the tribe for over 40 years. The tribe has built a longhouse, with the help of descendants of the early pioneers replacing the one previously burned by the Whites.

President Clinton’s administration had granted recognition to the Duwamish. Then Little Boots (Bush) withdrew the recognition. Now Obama’s administration has gone along with Little Boots and again denied the Duwamish Federal recognition. We the people, especially the people of Seattle, should be outraged at this injustice. To help rectify the past injustices done to the Duwamish people, the City of Seattle should by proclamation grant recognition to the Duwamish and perhaps even better grant them one of the major parks as a reservation, actually a postage stamp compared to what was taken from them with no compensation. This could be a prelude to further efforts to get the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs to grant them recognition.

Let’s quit being hypocrites and start demanding that the injustices perpetrated by our government and our criminal justice system be corrected. Recognition of the Duwamish is a good place to start. If the bureaucrats say the present law ties their hands, then change the law. That’s what we pay our representatives for—to make laws that provide justice for all.

About 2,000 years of going without a land base and central national leadership certainly did not keep the Jews from reconstituting themselves as a country fully recognized on the international scene. Therefore through with no fault of their own with less than 150 without a land base and central leadership, the Duwamish should not be denied recognition after they have reconstituted themselves.

Please write to your Congressional representatives and have your friends in other states do the same to rectify this injustice now by granting recognition to the Duwamish and to stand up for Indian rights in their own state.

Copyleft 2015 J. Glenn Evans

(Feel free to copy and distribute as broadly as possible)

About J. Glenn Evans. Founder of PoetsWest and Activists for a Better World, hosts PoetsWest at KSER 90.7FM, a nationally syndicated weekly radio show, and is author of four books of poetry: Deadly Mistress, Window in the Sky, Seattle Poems and Buffalo Tracks, author of three novels, Broker Jim, Zeke’s Revenge and Wayfarers with The Last Lumber Baron as a works in process. Evans is a former stockbroker-investment banker. Part Cherokee, native of Oklahoma. Lived in Seattle 54 years and since December of 2014 has resided in Olympia, Washington. Worked in a lumber mill, operated a mining company and co-produced a movie, Christmas Mountain The Story of a Cowboy Angel, with Mark Miller and co-starring Slim Pickens. Evans, an award-wining poet and in addition to poetry books and novels, has written numerous political essays and is the author of several local community histories including a history of Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Has been published in many literary Journals. Listed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World.

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Seattle Replaces Columbus WithNO MORE COLUMBUS DAY in Seattle


My earlier post on the Duwamish

Straight Talk

J Glenn Evans
J Glenn Evans

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By J. Glenn Evans

This is an essay of thoughts, ideas and personal opinions of the author that may seem arbitrary, but are meant to challenge your thinking about ways and means of making this a better world for us all.  As you read this, just think “Why Not?  It might work, but here is something better; here is my idea.”  The 1% will not save us.  Their greed will destroy us all, even themselves if we do not stop them.  What we have been doing is not working, so it is time for some radical thoughts that break established rules that no longer work for the people.  If you have some ideas please feel free to present them.  Perhaps we can use them in an addendum issue, but please indicate whether you wish author credit or to be treated anonymously.


We have serious problems in our country and most of us know it.  They are not going to just go away by waiting.  To wait will lead to total destruction.  The destruction will not be limited to the economic system, but the environment and perhaps elimination of most of life, as we know it here on earth.  We have had plenty of warnings; just read the books and articles that are coming out.  If there is any life left in the future, many of the folks, now denigrated by the 1% and their media, will be called prophets.

Most of us know; that the corporate greed of banksters and big business have captured control of our government, not only of the legislative, but the executive and as well the judicial branch as high as the Supreme Court.  So what can we do about it?  First, we must realize that nothing is going to change until we the people have a change in mindset and develop the backbone of determination to break the power of those who are running things.  It is awesome, but we must face reality.  We cannot expect the governments of the world to make the necessary changes like stopping wars and start taking care of people’s needs.  They never have and they never will because there are too many powerful people that find war and conflict profitable.  Loss of lives mean little to them.  They have no use for people unless they can be used as cheap labor or as profit-making consumers.  They create money by manipulating values as has been done on Wall Street, banker dollar manufacturing with compound interest and government-financed cheap interest rates to bankers.  Then they stick it to us with debt enslavement and keep us chained to loan pits, rising rents and humbled with economic fear.

Our country started out with ideals of freedom, high hopes and aspirations of opportunities for the good life for all.  (See readers comment at the end on this thought.)  This has all been hopelessly destroyed by greed and corruption.  War crimes take place before our very eyes.  Our Constitution has been trashed by unconstitutional laws, such as Homeland Security Act, the Patriot’s Act, the Military Commissions Act, and the NDAA that allows the president to maintain a kill list that even includes American citizens without the benefit of a trial.  The present Supreme Court fails to act by condemning such laws as unconstitutional.  The system of Fascism, a partnership between big business and government, that we do not openly admit, has crept upon us.  The corruption between big business and government has gotten so bad it is beyond repair.

Great wealth is based on exploitation of the indigenous peoples, the laboring and creative people of the world.  Thomas Paine called them brigands.  Financial manipulators steal from the real creators of wealth.  Then with their ill-gotten wealth they outbid everyone else; drive them to the brink of slavery.  They buy control of our governments, and then change the laws to make their actions legal.  Resources of this world are for all life, not reserved for a few rich grabbers.  Why should one person accumulate enough for a thousand lifetimes and a thousand families go hungry and unsheltered.  This hogged-up wealth has not been created, but taken from others.  Food, shelter, health care, and public education of our young must be brought about for all of our citizens.

To break their power and save our world, we can start by building an alternate economy and bring our food production and processing close to home.  If you have some vacant land, grow food.  What you don’t need you can sell or give away.  We as individuals can start by shopping locally, dealing with locally owned and operated banks, credit unions, co-ops and farmers markets.  We must break up the large monoculture firms that are destroying our soil.  Put those engaged in parasitical industries to producing goods and services that people really need, as well as rebuilding and repairing the damage that unregulated capitalism has created.

Change will not come easy.  The 1%, who rules the world, will not give up without a fight.  The only way real change for the betterment of humanity can be made is just like when feudalism was replaced by capitalism, the power of those in control has to be broken.  We have all seen how great wealth is used to subvert our democracy.  Historically, gross inequality leads to revolutions, most often bloody.  We need a massive worldwide equalization tax that will take into public ownership all wealth accumulation that exceeds ten million dollars per individual ownership and tax annual income that exceeds one million dollars at the rate of 95%.  If the rich, such as Rockefellers, the CEOs and such can no longer support their mansions, they can always take in boarders.  Tax loopholes and shelters are to be eliminated.  They make a mockery of a fair and just tax system.

The Supreme Court in allowing unlimited and undisclosed private campaign finance has totally corrupted our election process.  On political campaigns and elections all private finance contributions that exceeds $5.00 per person to show public support must be removed from our elections.  People who can get 200 signatures of support with a $5.00 donation can draw a small stipend for campaign costs.  All media companies that utilize public airwaves must devote 20% of all time slots 30 days prior to election days to free use by qualified candidates as a royalty to the public for use of our airwaves.  Unless the Supreme Court withdraws this unlimited private finance of elections, we must tax campaign contributions that exceed $5 at a rate of 50% or higher if necessary and us the proceeds to public finance those qualified candidates who accept no greater campaign contribution then $5 per person or institution.  Election days should be declared holidays for those who actually vote.  No one serves in the same elected office more than two consecutive times.  If they leave public office they are not permitted to serve as lobbyists calling on their former associates prior to 4 years.

All the assets of the briber and all the assets of the public official accepting the bribe shall be taken into public ownership as a penalty for their crimes.  All banks must be taken into public ownership and if not, they are to be regulated as public utilities, without musical chairs played between the banking industry and the regulators.

Lobbyists who work to press their agenda on public officials are to be treated like any other private citizen and take their place in line to plead their case with public officials.  Bribes and perks offered public officials by lobbyists or any other persons or institutions are treated with the same stringent penalties as any other briber with confiscation of their assets and even jail time.

A thorough re-examination of all people in prison is to be made and those deemed not a danger to society are to be released to halfway houses for rehabilitation to society.  When qualified for release, they shall be granted their freedom with full citizenship rights and with assistance in finding satisfactory employment based on their talent and ability.  Incarceration is a state responsibility subject to control of elected officials and no longer delegated to private industry to profit on the misery of others.  The death penalty is abolished worldwide; the state does not give life, therefore, it shall not take it.  Incarceration for crimes shall lean toward rehabilitation rather than vengeance.  Except for a modest personal stipend for work expended while incarcerated, value produced shall go for their upkeep and to compensate victims of their crimes.

Why should one owe allegiance to a government that denies their right to vote?  Every citizen of legal age shall have a vote, both in and out of prison with severe penalties on those who thwart this right.  When laws are made that affect all our lives, voting is a right, not a privilege.  If state legislatures and the federal government do not take steps to open up the right to vote for all citizens of legal age, we the people have a right and a duty to organize and elect people’s legislatures and a people’s congress with universal voting right to all citizens of legal age and to make these legislative bodies that have become owned and controlled by the 1% superfluous because they no longer represent the people.

We the peoples of the world shall set up an International Parliament with representatives subject to recall by those who elected them.  Representatives in turn shall elect the executives to carry out the laws and functions to protect human rights as called for in the UN’s International Declaration of Human Rights for all people regardless of race or gender, settlement of international conflicts and holding state criminals to account.  National sovereignties may not subvert the rulings of this international body, but may request a vote of membership of this international body on the ruling of the executive administration at the next annual meeting of that body.  During the meantime they must desist in the outlawed action.  All national armies are to be abolished, except for limited national guard for internal emergencies and subject to call by the International Parliament in protection of human rights and maintain international peace when abuses of power come into being.  No nation shall maintain weapons of mass destruction.  If such weapons exist, they shall come under the ownership and control of all.

World populations must be brought under control or we all will perish from destruction of environment and wars for resources.  Peer pressure and taxation should limit offspring to no more than one child per couple during their lifetimes at least until world population declines to a sustainable level.  There should no purchase of breeding rights permitted from others who do not produce offspring.  If peer pressure and taxation do not work, then more severe measures must be taken.  Perhaps draconian, but what can be more severe than war and destruction of all.

Our local police shall be subject to public oversight and police brutality shall become a thing of the past.  We must have a highly trained police force that operates with integrity in protecting the citizens and maintaining the peace and laws of the land.  We have had presidents assassinated with the complicity of members of government, mass murder by the likes of 9-11, peace and environmental activists prosecuted and criminalized by the present ruling regime and the present system not holding to account those responsible for these crimes.

There is no turning back.  We the people must act.  We will replace our corporate toadies in office with people who will truly represent the people and bring corrupt officials to justice.

The ruling few along with international Zionism have usurped and used our government to the neglect of our own people for their own private interests and for the benefit of Israel.  Remember the USS Liberty, Rachel Corrie and 911 triggering the Iraq war.  They have turned our government into an international bully that is committing war crimes and crimes against humanity that would be punishable by a Nuremberg type trial if we did not have our present military might.  Those who hold dual citizenship of US and Israel or any other country should not be permitted to hold public office here in the US.

Change is an awesome task, but we must not lose hope and we must not shirk the responsibility to our kids and grandkids and those who follow.  Again, I repeat, resources of this earth are for all life and not reserved for a few rich grabbers.  Why should one person accumulate enough for a thousand lifetimes and a thousand families go hungry and unsheltered?  I believe like the Jewish activist, the late Abe Osheroff, often said, “If you believe you are right, even if you know you are going to lose, you keep trying.”  Others who come later may pick up the gauntlet and carry on the fight for justice.

 Copyleft 2015  J. Glenn Evans  (Feel free to copy and distribute as broadly as possible)

J. Glenn Evans: Founder of PoetsWest and Activists for a Better World, hosts PoetsWest at KSER 90.7FM, a nationally syndicated weekly radio show, and is author of four books of poetry: Deadly Mistress, Window in the Sky, Seattle Poems and Buffalo Tracks, author of three novels, Broker Jim, Zeke’s Revenge and Wayfarers with The Last Lumber Baron as a works in process.  Evans is a former stockbroker-investment banker.  Part Cherokee, native of Oklahoma.  Lived in Seattle 54 years and since December of 2014 has resided in Olympia, Washington.  Worked in a lumber mill, operated a mining company and co-produced a movie, Christmas Mountain, with Mark Miller and co-starring Slim Pickens.  Evans, an award-wining poet and in addition to poetry books and novels, has written numerous political essays and is the author of several local community histories including a history of Seattle’s Pike Place Market.  Has been published in many literary Journals.  Listed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World.


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“Our country started out with ideals of freedom, high hopes and aspirations of opportunities for the good life for all…”

No, this nation did not start out “with ideals of freedom, high hopes and aspirations of opportunities for the good life for all.” It started out by genociding several million indigenous people and stealing their land and enslaving them along with several million Black Africans. Our nation was born in genocide and slavery. Then we stole a good part of Mexico, slaughtered the people of the Philippines, then later in the 20th century A-bombed two civilian populations in Japan (the greatest two terrorist crimes of the war), & not long afterwards slaughtered millions of Koreans and then millions of Vietnamese while we kept murderous dictators as our surrogates in Latin America and Haiti, assisted the genocide of East Timor, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, and most recently have destroyed Yugoslavia, the Libyan nation, Afghanistan and Iraq. No, this nation has never in its history been on the side of popular egalitarian democracy. You are living a myth—Anonymous-(did not indicate whether he wished to be identified)


A Chat with PoetsWest founder J Glenn Evans

J Glenn Evans
J Glenn Evans

By Lara Trace

Thanks to the world-wide-web, blogging can connect people to past, present and future in brand new ways… and we make new friends who become our relatives.

As promised, I’m interviewing some of my most inspiring friends. One of them is renown Seattle poet J. Glenn Evans (Cherokee). He’s contributed to this blog numerous times over the past five years. J Glenn and I first met online after my memoir came out and we soon discovered we have a mutual friend — the legendary Seattle record label exec JERRY DENNON, my old boss/employer at Jerden Records back in the early 90s.

Jerry Dennon is best known for producing hits like “Louie Louie” when he was The Kingsmen’s producer thirty years earlier… I spent about a year working as Mr. Dennon’s right- hand-assistant and helped him on his third incarnation into the music business when SEATTLE GRUNGE was just hitting its stride with bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam… I loved living and working in downtown Seattle… Dennon was going to reproduce some of his catalog and I helped him do that.

Jerry and J Glenn met as investment bankers/stock brokers.

By synchronicity then years later I meet J Glenn who is a truly prolific writer and poet and community organizer. It’s a small world and it just keeps getting smaller!

Here’s a bit about this trailblazer’s background and career:

Part Cherokee, and a native of Oklahoma, J Glenn Evans has lived in Seattle over 54 years beginning in 1960 and now resides in Olympia, Washington.  He worked in a lumber mill, operated a mining company and co-produced a movie, Christmas Mountain, with Mark Miller, starring Slim Pickens.  Evans, an award-wining poet, has written numerous political essays and is the author of several local community histories…

Now for some questions:

Where did you grow up and what was that experience like?

J Glenn Evans: I was born December 21, 1930 in Wewoka, Oklahoma, the capital of the Seminole Nation.  Many of my classmates were Seminole, including Amelia Brown, great-granddaughter of the famous Gov Brown, chief of the Seminole Nation around the Civil War period.

The 1930s were the days of the Great Depression and Dust Bowl.  I remember playing out in front of the house when my mother came out, grabbed me by the arm and yelled, “Come, we’ve got to get inside.”  I looked back and saw a wall of sand as high as I could see bearing down on us.  When we got inside the angry sand beat the windows and streamed under the doors.

We were sharecroppers and I was tired of Biscuits and Gravy all the time.  I asked my mother, “Could we have some eggs?”  She said, “We don’t have any.” I said, “I seen some in the icebox.” She said, “Those are Mr. Looneys. We sold ours to buy you school books.”

Those times were hard, but neighbors seemed to help each other.

Do you recall the first time you wrote something (story or poem) and knew it was good, or even great?  How old were you?

J Glenn: The earliest writing I did was a filler called “Expecting A New Baby” that was published in The American Baby and they paid me $5.00 for it.  Today that would be equivalent to $100 (a nickel candy bar then now sells for almost a buck).  This was a story that parents should prepare their children to expect a new brother or sister so they will not be jealous of the new baby.  At that time I was age 15.  I went on to write for the high school newspaper called the Little Tiger.  I wrote a story about two buddies and I camping out in the woods near the Wewoka Creek and being stalked by a cougar.  We’d seen what looked like cougar tracks on the creek bank earlier in the day and really believed that we had been stalk by a cougar.  With a little age I suspect it was our imagination.

Tell us about PoetsWest?  How can people hear the podcasts?

J. Glenn: I was writing lots of poetry and hosting three different poetry venues we called PoetsWest when a fellow member of Seattle Free Lances suggested that I contact the local radio station and propose a program on poetry.  She knew Ed Bremer, the manager of KSER90.7 FM of Everett, WA near Seattle.  She referred me to him. His reaction was “Who in the hell listens to poetry” but he said, “I’ll give you 30 minutes a week,” and he scheduled us on a remote Saturday afternoon when there were few listeners.  After two months he moved us up to his prime time, every Thursday at 6:30 pm on his Road Home show.  This was right before Amy Goodman of Democracy Now and has kept us on prime time for the past seven years.  You can listen to the two most recent program on our website.  Here is the link:

You recently had to relocate from Seattle to Olympia.  What happened?

J. Glenn: After living in Seattle 54 years and in our apartment for 27 years, the Panorama House was sold to some eastern investors.  They gave us notice that we must vacate within six months.  If we wanted to return after their remodel job the rents would essentially double.  We told them and Seattle to “Go Jump” and moved to Olympia where we got the same square footage for $960 a month against $1400 we were paying that would have doubled to about $2800 if we returned.  To reflect our outrage I wrote an essay called, “We Have Moved” (read essay below). We will miss our lovely city of Seattle that we have called home for so many years and getting to see our close friends often, but Olympia reminds us of Seattle when we first came to Seattle in 1960 when the tallest building in town was the Smith Tower.

You asked me about having more than one name and you have this same issue. Care to explain?

J. Glenn: I too have had multiple names.  My original name was “Jackie Johnny Junior Glenn.”  My birth father’s name was John Glenn, whom my mother stayed married to only one year then they split. My mother was only 16 years of age.  My birth father, John Glenn, kidnapped me when I was one year old and took me to the Gulf of Mexico.

My mother re-married to Jefferson Davis Evans when I was four years old.   He went by J. D., being raised a southerner, when he was in the U.S. Marines.  He was the only father I knew until high school.  My mother never used my birth certificate name, but always called me Jackie Ray Evans.  When I was a teenager, I had an aunt who was a legal secretary.  She helped me to change my name legally to Jackie Ray Evans and as I grew up I used “Jack R. Evans.”

My mother’s brother, Uncle Harvey, raised my mother as she was only two years old when her own mother died in the 1918 flu epidemic.  This grandmother was where I got my Cherokee heritage.  She was a quarter Cherokee.  Mother knew her grandmother who was a half-breed Cherokee, but she never told me much about her.  Her last name was Harjo. I wish I had information on my great-great grandparent, who was a full blood Cherokee, but I guess that will never be.  But I honored him with my poem, “My Grandfather Spoke,” in my book, Buffalo Tracks. Although, my percentage of Indian is small, I have become more Indian in spirit than white.

I did not get to meet my birth father until I was in high school.  I liked him very much, though it did not lessen my love for my stepfather who raised me.  He had three boys and a girl so I discovered a new family.  He was office manager of the Loftland Drilling Company, a large oilfield supply company out of Oklahoma City.

When I shucked my career as a stockbroker and became a full time writer, I adopted the professional name of J. Glenn Evans, because I wanted to also honor my birthfather.  It worked out well.  There are hundreds of “Jack Evans” but only one or two J. Glenn Evans when you Google that name.  More people now know me as J. Glenn Evans than ever knew me as Jack Evans.  So with my names changes, you see how I can respect your selection of various names.  Thank God, I didn’t get stuck with Jackie Johnny Junior Glenn.

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You live in a neighborhood of educated, articulate, intelligent, and artistic people, or maybe just good old common folks.  These are your neighbors, relatives, people who have become dear friends over the years.  Then suddenly an outside force without any notice or negotiation comes in and says you all must all move; you have six months to get out.  Gone are your neighborhood and friends, a community destroyed.

This happens again and again and government does nothing to stop it.  With Panorama House in Seattle it is reported that the new owners paid in the range of $74 million for the property and budgeted up to $20 million for remodeling and upgrading.  According to present tenant laws, what happened to the people in Panorama House is legal. When Panorama House was constructed in 1962, the project was funded by the government and repaid by the tenants over the years.  Therefore, the tenants, not the former owners, paid equity into the building.  Laws that deeply favor the landlord must be changed to provide a more favorable balance between the owners and the tenants.  The tenants, who are being forced to relocate against their will, should be paid at least a $10,000 relocation fee, an amount that more favorably reflects what are the true costs of this unsettling.  This cost would only require another $2 million or 2% added to the budget.  The new buyers could have negotiated with the former owners to pay half of these costs in the deal.  After all, they have had a free ride all these years, receiving annual profits and a fabulous capital gain all paid for and earned by the tenants, who received nothing.  It’s time for new thinking about tenant’s rights with properties being hogged up by big corporations.

Speculative money is forcing long-term citizens/tenants out of their homes as in the recent sale of the Panorama House.  Some tenants have lived here over 40 years and many more over 20 years.  This has caused the destruction of a community of people who have contributed to the vitality of Seattle.  Many of these folks, who are now elderly, have been advised that if they want to move back in after remodeling, rents will essentially double to reflect market rates, an impossible cost for many of them.

Well, the market be damned.  It’s a capitalist tool of speculators, developers, bankers and money manipulators who artificially create their funny money that is used to push honest hardworking people to the brink.  Modern society must come to recognize that shelter, like food, healthcare and education, are not commodities to be manipulated by speculators who give the outrageous excuse that this is the market.  It’s time these vital necessities be treated like utilities and have their prices regulated based on costs and a reasonable profit, not manipulation and speculation.  Otherwise, these productive functions should be taken into public ownership and operated for the common good and not for personal private profit.  We need rent control to be regulated by the local communities, not prohibited or regulated by the state.  Local factors vary too much for the state to be involved in such regulation.  We also need a massive program of public housing that is sheltered from market manipulation.  Otherwise the heart and soul of our city will die.  Taxing the new construction projects that are crowding out and killing our older communities can finance this.

Rent control is not the only major problem our society is facing.  If the legislators do not change the laws to close the tax loopholes, take private money out of elections, provide a fairer, economic, social, criminal justice and wipe out this outrageous inequality by new tax laws, then we must change those who represent us.  They must also quit funding predatory wars, quit trashing our Constitution with unconstitutional laws that allow the so-called leaders to commit war crimes and violate international laws.  They must desist in interfering in the internal affairs of other countries and manipulating or destroying democratically elected leaders.  They must cease and desist in accepting corruption money from lobbyists and other bribers.  If these actions are not taken then we need to change our elected representatives before it becomes necessary for the people undertake stronger measures that they and their rich friends are blindly driving us to.

Due to the gross inequalities that have developed with mega capitalism, we need to devise a new system.  Socialism does not have all the answers, but frankly, I think it is time we take a realistic look at Socialism where rents are stable; healthcare is provided without bankrupting the citizens; our young folks are educated without a lifetime of debt hanging around their necks; everyone able to work is employed; everyone is cared for and provided food and shelter.

The resources of this earth are here for all life, not reserved for a few rich grabbers.  Why should one person have enough for a thousand lifetimes and a thousand families go hungry and unsheltered.  After seeing what big concentrations of money is doing to our democracy, we need an equalization tax.  Any private corporate ownership in the hands of one individual or institution, regardless of where they are headquartered, that exceeds $10 million should be taken into public ownership and any income that exceeds $1 million per year should be taxed 95%.  If the Rockefellers, Wall Street tycoons and CEOs can’t afford to keep up their mansions, they can always take in boarders.  Mega Buck psychopaths did not earn that wealth.  They get it by manipulation and speculation in casino gambling on Wall Street.




Copyleft 2014 J. Glenn Evans

Feel free to copy and distribute as broadly as possible…

Broker JimJ. Glenn Evans, founder and director of PoetsWest, is the author of two novels, Broker Jim, and Zeke’s Revenge, and four books of poetry, Window In The Sky, Seattle Poems, Buffalo Tracks, and Deadly Mistress. His poems appear in the Poets Table Anthology (SCW Publications, 2002) and in diverse other publications. Under his real name, Jack R. Evans, he has authored several local community histories and two biographies. Click on books for a list of his publications, including a history of Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market. J. Glenn Evans was awarded the 1999 Faith Beamer Cooke Award by Washington Poets Association in recognition of service to the poetry community of Washington and the 2003 Seattle Free Lances Award for literary achievement. Evans is also the host and co-producer of PoetsWest on the air, a weekly program of poetry, music and interviews broadcast from KSER 90.7 FM in Everett, Washington. He is listed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World.  J Glenn is past president of the Seattle Free Lances, AKCHO and the past vice president of the History Guild. His books can be purchased at the links above.

My deepest thanks to J Glenn for being a supporter of my poetry chapbooks and my memoir. He is a good friend and a true inspiration… Lara/Trace


Slave Trader Columbus

Our thanks to the Seattle City Council for a proposed resolution to change Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day.  Christopher Columbus was not the hero we were taught to believe in while we were in grade school.  The matter will be considered at the September 02 Seattle City Council meeting about 2:00 p.m., City Hall, 600 Fourth Avenue, 2nd floor.  Hope you can be there to give support to this long overdue resolution.

Who was the real Columbus?  First off, he was not the first to “discover” the New World. The Vikings, including Leif Ericson, were here some 500 years earlier and the Native Americans discovered this land more than 14,000 years earlier.

Columbus was not the hero he has been made out to be.  His crimes were considered so horrible that even the King of Spain removed him from power.  Many of his crimes were recorded by Bartolome’ De Las Casas, a priest who was there and witnessed his atrocious crimes.  When indigenous people did not meet their work quota, they had both hands chopped off.  The Spaniards used the bodies of children to test the sharpness of their blades.  De Las Casas wrote, I tremble as I write.

Columbus’s policies were responsible for the genocide against the indigenous people.  Out of an estimated population of 3,000,000 in 1492 on the island of Hispaniola only 60,000 were still alive in 20 years and by 50 years they were all gone.  When tribes offered resistance to his slavery, he unleashed 200-foot soldiers, 20 cavalry with crossbows, small cannon, lances, swords and let loose 20 hunting dogs who tore the Indians apart.

He awarded his lieutenants with women to rape and the demand was for girls age nine to ten.  He forced the peaceful natives to work in the gold mines until they died of exhaustion.  They were burned alive if they tried to escape.

For more complete details, see Google, Crimes of Christopher Columbus Also historian Howard Zinn documents Columbus’ racism and greed in A People’s History of the United States.

Maybe this time the Seattle City Council will redeem itself and approve this resolution after their no-show on co-signing Council Member Kshama Sawant’s letter standing up for human rights and condemning Israel’s action in Gaza.

Hope to see you at the September 2nd, 2:00 pm Council meeting to give support to this important resolution.  If you can’t make it, a letter, a call or an email to the members of the City Council would help


J. Glenn Evans

Poet, Novelist and Political Activist

Here is their contact information:

Sally Bagshaw           206-684-8801

Tim Burgess               206-684-8806

Sally Clark                     206-684-8802

Jean Godden              206-684-8807

Bruce Harrell              206-684-8804

Mike O’Brien             206-684-8800

Nick Licata                    206.684.8803

Tom Rasmussen      206-684-8808

Kshama Sawant              206.684.8016


Another badly needed resolution by the Seattle City Council for the people of Seattle to show their appreciation to the Duwamish Tribe for every square foot of Seattle taken from them would be a City resolution to show their recognition of the Duwamish Tribe even if the Federal Government is still dragging their feet on this matter.  President Clinton had approved their recognition, but when Bush got in, he rescinded the recognition.  Let’s suggest the Council act on this idea.

Council Member Sawant attempted to get language regarding Duwamish recognition lumped into this resolution, but the Mayor’s office took it out. It is an issue they will have to take independently of this in the future.

Copyleft 2014  J. Glenn Evans

(Feel free to copy and distribute to others)


The resolution will be discussed during Full Council, at 2 PM.

WHEREAS, in 2011 the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, representing 59 Tribes from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Northern California, Western Montana and some Alaskan Tribes, passed resolution #11-OO to “Support to Change Columbus Day (2nd Monday of October) to Indigenous Peoples’ Day”; and


WHEREAS, the City of Seattle recognizes that the Indigenous Peoples of the lands that would later become known as the Americas have occupied these lands since time immemorial; and

WHEREAS, the City recognizes the fact that Seattle is built upon the homelands and villages of the Indigenous Peoples of this region, without whom the building of the City would not have been possible; and


WHEREAS, the City values the many contributions made to our community through Indigenous Peoples’ knowledge, labor, technology, science, philosophy, arts and the deep cultural contribution that has substantially shaped the character of the City of Seattle; and


WHEREAS, the City of Seattle has a responsibility to oppose the systematic racism towards Indigenous people in the United States, which perpetuates high rates of poverty. When communities are confronted with extreme poverty and income inequality, they are further challenged by disproportionate health, education, and social crises; and


WHEREAS, the City promotes the closing of the equity gap for Indigenous Peoples through policies and practices that reflect the experiences of Indigenous Peoples, ensure greater access and opportunity, and honor our nation’s indigenous roots, history, and contributions; and


WHEREAS, the lands later known as the Americas were considered by countless Indigenous people as home for many generations before the arrival of Christopher Columbus in1492; and


WHEREAS, the story of the Americas by Indigenous peoples since time immemorial provides an authentic historical narrative that honors, respects, and celebrates the culture, language, and traditions of our Indigenous ancestors;


WHEREAS, Indigenous Peoples’ Day was first proposed in 1977 by a delegation of Native Nations to the United Nations-sponsored International Conference on Discrimination Against Indigenous Populations in the Americas; and


WHEREAS, the City of Seattle was declared to be a Human Rights City on December 10, 2012, committing itself to protect, respect and fulfill the full range of inherent human rights for all as set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and numerous other international human rights treaties.




Section 1. The City of Seattle strongly supports that Indigenous Peoples Day shall be an opportunity to celebrate the thriving cultures and values of the Indigenous Peoples of our region; and


Section 2.  The City of Seattle strongly encourages Seattle Public Schools to include the teaching of indigenous people’s history as recommended by 2005 H.B. 1495; and

Section 3.  The City of Seattle encourages other businesses, organizations, and public institutions to recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day; and

Section 4. The City of Seattle firmly commits to continue its efforts to promote the well-being and growth of Seattle’s American Indian and Indigenous community.

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Mayor and City Council of the City of Seattle jointly declare the second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples’ Day in the City of Seattle.

The Time Has Come: A multitude of small actions can change the world

unseen-world-disrupting-orbits-solar-system_53057_600x450By J. Glenn Evans

We have had good ideas of how to build a better world for many centuries.  Poets, writers and thinkers of all ages have visualized a better world.  Even in our own present day we have the technology to easily accomplish this, yet we seem no closer than we were a thousand years ago.  Why is this so?

Is it not because a few rich and powerful people control the reins of power?  Is it not to their advantage to keep this power and operate the world to their best interests?  As long as the peoples of the world continue to go along and accept this scenario, we are doomed as a species and possibly all life on this planet with the current threat of global warming brought on by our lifestyle and corporate rule of the world.  These people are only 10% of the 1% who manipulate and control the rest of us to their advantage.  One of their favorite and most effective strategies is to keep us fighting against each other.  Racism is one of their most efficient weapons.  Keep us in distrust and fear of those who are different than we are.  Create enemies with whom we can then be led into war.  This strategy is most profitable to the few and yet shatters the lives of so many.

When will we people ever wake up?  When will we take control of our governments that were organized to keep peace among ourselves and protect us against outside enemies, not to make us slaves?  The select few with their wealth and power are most skillful in manipulating people against their own best interests and they have done so since the dawn of history.  Yet if we the people develop a new mindset of cooperate and share rather than compete and beat and put a stop to the gross inequity among ourselves by progressive taxation for the common good, we can build a society where all our basic needs are provided and put an end to these wasteful wars of greed.  We must disarm these powerful interests of their weapons of greed before they destroy our planet as well as all life.  We cannot wait another century, or another ten years, or another five years.  The time is now; we must wait no longer.

The resources of this world are here for all life, not for just a few powerful grabbers.  Life is sacred; property is but a convenience.  Peoples of this world are not riff raff to be herded like cattle for the benefit of the few.  We must disarm these predators of their weapons.  Their weapons have become excess wealth through which they control nations and manipulate the economic resources that have made the majority of people into corporate serfs.  Their speculations create the boom and bust economies that shatter people’s lives and steal the resources used to manipulate their next boom.  Red Cloud, the great and wise old Indian Chief, had the right idea for a sustainable society when he said you can own what you can carry; the rest belongs to the tribe.

We need an equalization tax now, worldwide.  Any wealth that exceeds $10 million per person should be taxed for the common good at the rate of a 100 percent and any income that exceeds a million dollars a year, tax it at 95 percent.  The same goes for inherited wealth: any legacies to one person or institution that exceeds $10 million, tax it 100 percent.  Close the tax loopholes and shut down the offshore tax havens.  Disband any foundations that are merely shields for corporate control.  Any corporation that does interstate business must be co-chartered and regulated by the federal government and those that do international business must be co-chartered and regulated by an international agency.  Peoples of the world must take control and make these changes worldwide.

Regardless of what the corrupted USA Supreme Court says, corporations are neither people nor citizens of flesh and blood and their money has no right to vote.  If our representatives do not take the corrective action to bring the necessary laws about for the common good, they must be replaced.  The Democrat and the Republican parties have both betrayed the people in their pursuit of Mammon and can no longer be relied on to hold positions of public trust.  We must replace them with people from among ourselves who are subject to recall if they fail in their mission to truly represent the people.

            The military and the police belong to the people and they better start acting like it or we the people must withdraw our support to them.  Those responsible for turning these agencies against the people must be held accountable.  The 10% of the 1% should heed history.  The nobles of France felt pretty secure with their army and police, but when they went too far, they paid a price that was dear.

           Too many people equate capitalism with democracy and it is not.  I suspect that most Americans feel powerless and are discouraged.  We can get so disheartened that we don’t even want to try. We need to remind ourselves that any great political accomplishment has usually been achieved through many small efforts and choices of individuals that turn into the many.  We see this when we need to lose weight, when we plan to build a small and sustainable business, to winning at sports, to doing something creative like writing a novel.   We see it when communities make the shift to cleaner energy. It always starts with small, single individual choices.

While we bitch about the 1% running everything, we can make those small consistent and collective changes, like where we do our shopping and banking.  We can stand up for our rights.  We can help our neighbors.  We can plant a small organic garden in our backyard or in pots if we live in an apartment with a lanai.  We can commit small acts of kindness each day.  We can learn about community affairs and become engaged in efforts at building a better community.  If nothing else, you will feel better about yourself when you know that your lifestyle is not contributing to the greed of the 1%.  A multitude of small actions can change the world.

We the people of the world must develop a new mindset of cooperate and share with each other.  We must rebuild and repair the damage to our environment.  We must create a new society with opportunity that encourages the best efforts of all to use their skills and talents for the common good as well as for their own personal development.  Our new society must see that all have food, shelter, health care and education.  We must bring this greedy empire to an end and any other that springs up, hopefully by peaceable means.  Otherwise we do what is necessary.  Some may call these thoughts a pipe dream, but once so were flying, radio and television.  Nothing is a pipe dream if it concerns justice and human rights.  If these ideas are good for people and the world, we can make it happen regardless of how powerful these man-made constructs have become.  We must recognize the enemy of life and humankind and bring it down to manageable size.  The dream created by the 10% of the 1% has turned into a nightmare for the people.

The time for change has come; the world can’t wait.

Copyleft 2014 J. Glenn Evans (Feel free to copy and distribute as broadly as possible)

J. Glenn Evans: Part Cherokee, native of Oklahoma, founder of PoetsWest and Activists for a Better World, hosts PoetsWest at KSER 90.7FM, a nationally syndicated weekly radio show.  Evans, an award-wining poet, is author of a book of poetry, Window in the Sky and three chapbooks, Buffalo Tracks, Deadly Mistress and Seattle Poems.  He is author of three novels, Broker Jim, Zeke’s Revenge and Wayfarers, is a former stockbroker-investment banker.  Evans has lived in Seattle since 1960, worked in a lumber mill, operated a mining company and co-produced a movie, Christmas Mountain the Story of a Cowboy Angel with Mark Miller, co-starring Slim Pickens.  Evans, in addition to poetry and novels has written numerous political essays and is the author several local community histories including a history of Seattle’s Pike Place Market and has been published in many literary Journals.



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What makes a Swede a Swede


Guest Post By J. Glenn Evans

We all know a Swede or have known a Swede or know someone who does know a Swede. A lot of us have some Swedish or Scandinavian blood in our veins whether we know it or not. The Viking tourists spread a lot of seed over much of Europe. Probably caught hell when they got back home. Maybe that’s what makes some of them irascible.

But, you know, we owe a lot to the Swedes and their Scandinavian neighbors, the Danish, Fins, Norwegians and so forth. It was a Swede who invented the ironclad ship. He tried to get his king to outfit the Swedish fleet with ironclads. The king said he was crazy and Sweden didn’t have room for such fools. He came over to America and helped create the Merrimac during the Civil War and altered forever-naval history.

It was a Swede that invented the centigrade thermometer now used throughout the world.

It was a Swede who created the Nobel Prize after he provided enough powder to blow up a lot of the world. The Swedes made many other contributions in science, art, literature and music, far too many to mention here, but many more are covered in Swedes From Whence They Came, my book on history and culture of old Sweden that includes bits on the other countries.

We think of the Scandinavians as peace loving folks. Well, before they learned their lesson at least 11 wars took place between Denmark and Sweden before 1914. Like most countries the Swedes had their period of empire under Charles the 12th. They also had their share of outlaw rebels who became folk heroes.

A prominent Swedish friend caused me to write the book on Swedish history and culture. The late Thomas A. Alberg knew that I had written several local histories on northwest pioneer cities. Thomas said to me one day, I have a lot of old country recipes that my mother brought over from Sweden. Why don’t you write a little booklet of Swedish history and print a page of history on one page and on the opposite page print one of her recipes. If you will write and publish the booklet, I’ll finance the printing costs.

So I got busy doing the research and found the Swedish and Scandinavian history so fascinating I kept writing and writing and ended up with a full sized book with an index, 18 chapters and 157 pages. Thomas said, “I didn’t mean to finance a whole book.” I told him the subject is too interesting to limit the project to a simple booklet. Why don’t you throw in what you planned to invest and I’ll finance the rest of the costs. So that is what we did. We published the book with many historical pictures that came from two museums located in Sweden and placed his mother’s old country recipes in the back of the book.

In marketing Swedes From Whence They Came it was most popular at all the Scandinavian festivals that I attended. Even had a Swedish Counselor who grew up in Sweden tell me he loved the book and had learned a lot things about Sweden of which he had been unaware.

The book retails for $10, but as this week’s special offer until 20 January 2014 you can buy copies at $3.00 a copy. Swedes From Whence They Came also makes an excellent gift to any Scandinavian friends you might have. Shipping and handling is $2.00 whether you buy one book or a truckload.

If you choose to go to our website and order through PayPal at the regular price of $9.95, you will receive a refund check for the difference between $3 and $9.95 if ordered before 20 January 2014. By going to the website, you may find other books of interest and your total shipping cost will be only $2.00 for the lot.

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    Dedicated to the memory of Nelson Mandela who died on December 5, 2013 atthe age of 95.  He led Africa’s struggle for freedom and justice.  A hero to millions, he will be mourned around the world.

     By J. Glenn Evans

    We the People need to speak truth to power.  We need to be heard.  We need to restore our democracy and rein in the national security state that was established on the false premise of looking for terrorists.  The elected legislators in all branches of government represent the interests of the corporate welfare state and not the interests of the American people.  Our Constitution has been trashed and our Bill of Rights destroyed.

    Civil liberties

    Journalists and whistle-blowers jailed and prosecuted.  Citizens working for justice denigrated, marginalized, jailed, or even taken out.  Municipal police are being militarized.  Police brutality used against peaceful protestors who are beaten and jailed.  Citizens detained without access to family or lawyers.  Citizens may disappear into Controlled Management Units (CMUs). Infiltration of activist and dissident organizations [Amendments I, V, VI of the Constitution, NDAA, Military Commissions Act].

    The national security state spies on us all.  The expansive military machine can turn on us at will.  National leaders who speak out can be taken out.  Look at what happened to John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., and Robert Kennedy.  Look at what is currently happening to our more recent patriot heroes: Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, Jeremy Hammond, and Edward Snowden. [Amendment IV of the Constitution]

     Climate Change

    The science has been pretty well established, yet neither the corporate media nor members of Congress mention the growing perils associated with climate change.  This may well be the most critical element in the future life of our planet and all living things.  The content of mainstream media has been dumbed down to infotainment so that what we see, read and hear is hollow.

    Increasing changes in climate will worsen economic conditions and those hardships help to drive immigration.  Land and water wars will increase the social stress with resulting mass exoduses of refugees.

     Congress and the Corporate State

    Congress passes legislation written by lobbyists and corporate lawyers. [Article I of the Constitution]  Congress passes legislation that legalizes what is illegal.  A former democratic society is now a plutocracy with titles of Director, Lobbyist, CEO and President (instead of Baron, Duke, Earl and Monarch).  Regressive tax structure that benefits the 1%.

    The use of offshore tax havens and other tax avoidance strategies by wealthy to avoid payment of income tax.  “Tax dodging by the rich and corporations costs every other American taxpayer $1,026 per year in higher taxes or reduced benefits and services.”  [WA Post May 24, 2013]

    National Priorities Project reports that (1) corporate tax breaks will total $108 billion in FY2013 – more than 1.5 times what the U.S. government spends on education funding. Between 2007 and 2013, the revenue lost from U.S. corporations deferring taxes on income earned abroad rose 200%, going from $14 billion to $42 billion. (2) All tax breaks for individuals will exceed $1 trillion this year, with about 17% of the biggest individual tax breaks going to the top 1% of earners. More at a report out today from the National Priorities Project. [Amendment XVI of the Constitution].

    Excessive involvement of the military and corporations manufacturing arms in formulation of U.S. foreign policy [Caldicott, Helen, The New Nuclear Danger, New Press, 2002].

    A corrupt Congress has defunded and decreased the regularity authority of governmental agencies, putting profits before people and the planet.

    The Extreme Court does the bidding of a very small political elite [Article III of the Constitution].

    Congress fails to curb secret negotiations that affect relations between countries and corporations.  Current examples include TPP and TAFTA.


    It’s all about money.  The obscene level of wealth and economic inequality is a moral issue, as well as an economic or political issue.  Marketplace autonomy, financial speculation and widespread corruption have caused the current massive inequality in societies the world over.  Workers and even our soldiers are treated as goods to be used and thrown away.  The wages of working Americans have remained stagnant since the late 70s while, at the same time, easy credit has made Americans slaves to debt.  The United States is last among 21 developed nations in union membership, reflecting a downward trend since 1983.  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports union membership at 11.1% in 2012.  [Bureau of Labor Statistics. Union Membership-2012. [Washington, D.C.:] U.S. Department of Labor, 2013. Web. 23 January 2013]  The current union membership has been reported to be a meager 10%.


    All citizens of legal age have the right to vote regardless of the state in which they live.  When election fraud is used to restrict their right to vote, why should they owe allegiance to a government that denies them the right to vote?  [Amendments XV and XXIV of the Constitution]

    The two major parties have betrayed the American people.  They have been bought off by the 1% and are no longer worthy of our support.  Increasing numbers of Americans are alienated from the political process and don’t bother to vote.  More Americans might participate in elections if it were a national holiday.  It is time for a national debate on making voting mandatory by Constitutional amendment and making provision for run-off elections instead of the electoral college.  And it is time for legislation on term limits. [Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution]


    The attack on so-called illegal immigrants has been accelerated to distract us from the real problems facing this nation.  I daresay that most immigrants would rather stay at home but indigenous farmers can’t compete with highly subsidized U.S. agribusiness.  One may argue whether undocumented immigrants are an economic drain or an economic boon. The debate goes on and on while we witness an immense growth in border security with nationwide immigration sweeps, over 20,000 US border agents (highest in history and twice that of a decade ago), growth of agencies in addition to Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE), such as Secure Communities program. [Obama speech & Council on Foreign Relations], high number of deportations causing family breakups.  The construction of a double wall along our southern border also infringed on the rights of indigenous people to their land [Truthout Dec. 5, 2013].

     Public Institutions and Government Services

    Public institutions and government services are being privatized for profit: the military, education, prisons, etc.  Chicago closed 50 public schools May 2013, leading the way toward privatization.

    According to the International Centre for Prison Studies, the five countries with the highest prison population are the US, China, Russia, Brazil and India. The US has a prison population of 2,239,751, or 716 people per 100,000. China ranks second with 1,640,000 people behind bars, or 121 people per 100,000, while Russia is third with 681,600, or 475 individuals per 100,000. Brazil has 548,003 people in prison or 274 per 100,000; finally, India’s prison population is 385,135, or 30 inmates per 100,000 citizens. Sweden ranks 112th and is closing 4 of its prisons.

    The for-profit prison industry is thriving and dependent on a hefty prison population. Correction Corps of America (CCA), Management Training Corporation (MTC) from Centerville, Utah and the GEO Group, Inc., of Boca Raton, Florida, own and operate over 200 correctional, detention and residential treatment facilities and transport prisoners by land and air. They crank out $5 billion a year in profit.  “A perfect money machine, indeed — but only if the system keeps them supplied with prisoners.”

     Government services, including the U.S. Postal Service [Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution], Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, even national parks and forests, are part of a larger strategy to privatize them under the guise of a budget crisis, or a manufactured need for austerity measures.  Social Security is not responsible for one dime of the so-called federal deficit.

     The outcome of Citizens United has enabled a small minority of powerful interests with unlimited amounts of money to gain control of the government.  Huge amounts of money are brought into states to influence ballot initiatives on GMOs and similar legislation.  The corruption of government at all levels is so deeply embedded that it cannot be changed within the current political system.  See

    Wall Street

    The criminality and chicanery of Wall Street and the big banks “too large to fail” have been well established.  These institutions are the primary cause of the budget crisis and yet not one of these high-level criminals has been held accountable by the Obama administration.  (Wall Street overwhelmingly supported Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.)  It is now known that secret Wall Street bailouts totaled $7.77 trillion!  On the local level, large financial institutions remove money from local economies to finance their Wall Street speculations and corporate take-overs.  They pay a minimal rate of interest on savings accounts, yet charge us 12 to 25 percent on loans.  That interest on loans is the lifeblood of the big banks.  These institutions work for the best interests of the 1%, rather than the interests of the American people.


    The imperialistic and aggressive state of the U.S. in its perpetual war against “terrorism” threatens the peace of the world and the health of the planet and its peoples.  The destruction of Iraq, the high numbers of civilian dead from the use of drones, chemical warfare, (Vietnam, Iraq, etc.), threatens the health of civilians and the health of the planet.  The bloated U.S military budget is larger than that of the combined budgets of the 10 highest countries. [Stockholm Intl. Peace Research Institute, SIPRI Military Expenditure Database, 2013. Compiled by PGPF.]

    Partial list of U.S. aggressive actions below:

    Overthrow of PM Mosaddegh of Iran in 1953

    Overthrow of leftist government in Guatemala in 1954

    The Invasion and Occupation of Vietnam – 3 Million dead 1954-1975

    Coup d’état in Chile on 9/11/1973 – 3000 murdered

    Complicity in invasion of East Timor in 1975, including shipment of arms (violates U. S. law)

    Destructive policies toward Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Philippines

    Use of death squads in Vietnam, Central America, Iraq, Syria

    Invasion and destruction of Iraq – 1 Million dead 2001 to present

    Use of torture or “enhanced interrogation” (Bagram, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, global black sites) [Amendment VIII]

    Destruction of Fallujah and use of white phosphorus in 2004

    Use of depleted uranium in the Iraq War in 2004

    Support for dictatorships in Middle East, South America & Africa, including Saudi Arabia; Bahrain; Yemen; Jordan

    Complicity in human rights violations and war crimes by its financial, diplomatic and media support for militaristic and apartheid state of Israel

     What to Do?

    In 1999 thousands of citizens of the world gathered together in Seattle to stop the WTO conference then in progress.  On December 3, 2013 the The Ninth Ministerial Conference of the WTO meets in Bali, Indonesia from 3 to 6 December 2013.

    How do We the People change the system?  First, We the People must support a new people’s movement or party and withdraw our support of the Democrat and Republican parties.  We need term limits.  We can undertake individual actions and also act in unison with our fellow citizens [Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution].  We see a kind of cruelty reflected in statements and legislation passed by a corrupt Congress.  We need to meet the needs of our citizens here at home, including our veterans, cut the bloated military budget and invest in America.

     Move your money from the big banks to local banks and credit unions.  Save a little money if you can and your savings will make you free.  Free yourself of the tyranny of compound interest.  Support local businesses, banks and credit unions.  Work to build alternate economies to take care of local needs.  Support movements to establish state and city banks.

    Support actions against foreclosures.  Be there if you can.  Urge your Congressional representatives to pass a financial transaction tax.

    Don’t put a dollar sign on everything.  Someone needs something; if you have it and don’t need it, pass it on to them.  Don’t worry; that goodwill will come back to you.

    Young folks who join the army under the poverty draft should take the oath to seriously uphold the Constitution.  When ordered to fire on peaceful protestors, they should aim high over their heads.

    We the People want democracy, justice, a healthy environment, a sustainable economy, health care, and education.  These are human rights, not commodities to be traded on the markets.  We must build a movement to amend or rescind those laws that have destroyed our Constitution and our civil liberties.

    Form community networks.  Help organize a People’s Congress as a shadow government to serve as a watchdog for liberty and rally support for people who look after the people’s best interests.  Become informed and engaged as much as you are willing and have time for.

    Exercise civil disobediences to change unjust laws.  Yes, they may kill a few of us but they are killing us anyway.  Look at all the war victims and the deaths of our own soldiers who are sent around the world to protect the corporate interests of the 1%.

    Support union workers in their efforts for decent working conditions, wages and pensions.  Support worker-owned enterprises.  We need to become citizens of the world and help each other rather than shoot at each other.

    There is a growing undercurrent of dissatisfaction in the realization that politics as usual will not correct the corrupt system with its inequitable system of taxation and a bloated military budget.  Signs of change are taking place.  And the corporate media do not cover the growing vibrant movement that is going on right now.  When enough of us have had enough, the so-called 1% will run for cover.  Then we can lock the cover and build a new world of justice in which we take care of each other without the burden of those parasites who have been feasting on us ever since the development of mega capitalism.  We have one thing that scares the hell out of them that will eventually bring them down.  We have each other!


    There is a lot of information and research available to those who want to help in changing the political system and transform our society.  More help is on the way but you can start with these links: with Jill Stein and Margaret Flowers. Also or

    The National Initiative for Democracy

     Movie worth watching password when prompted:( barbarasteegmuller ) – 2

    The list of books is long and comprehensive. The following is only a sampling:

    Arendt, Hannah, The Origins of Totalitarianism, World Publishing, 1951

    Blum, William, Rogue State, Common Courage Press, 2000

    Fisk, Robert, The Great War for Civilization, Vintage, 2005

    Gutierrez, Donald, Feeling the Unthinkable, Amador Publishing, 2012

    Johnson, Chalmers, Blowback 2nd ed., Henry Holt, 2004

    Wolf, Naomi, The End of America, Chelsea Publishing, 2007

    Zinn, Howard, A People’s History of the United States, Harper’s, 1995

    Zinn, Howard, The Zinn Reader, Seven Stories Press, 2004

    Copyleft 2013 J. Glenn Evans

    (Feel free to copy and distribute as broadly as possible)

    1. Glenn Evans

    Former card-carrying Republican and stockbroker-investment banker. Part Cherokee and native of Oklahoma. Earned a BS in Business from East Central University (Ada, OK). Has lived in Seattle since 1960. Worked in a lumber mill, operated a mining company and co-produced a movie, Christmas Mountain, with Mark Miller starring Slim Pickens. Award-wining poet and founder of PoetsWest and Activists for a Better World, hosts PoetsWest at KSER 90.7FM, a syndicated weekly radio show through Pacifica’s Author of four books of poetry: Buffalo Tracks, Deadly Mistress, Window in the Sky, Seattle Poems, three novels, Broker Jim and Zeke’s Revenge, Wayfarers and several local community histories including Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Widely published in literary journals. Listed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World.





Saturday, 12 October 2013—4-7p.m  At the Longhouse, 4705 West Marginal Way SW, Seattle, WA

 The Duwamish Tribe in association with PoetsWest will host a program of poetry and storytelling by Native Americans.  Other local tribes are invited to participate in this inaugural event.  An open mic will follow featured readers for those who have poems dealing with the indigenous peoples.  The program will be recorded for radio and TV.



Duwamish Tribe

Representatives from the Duwamish Tribe’s heritage group “Singing Feet” will share traditional Duwamish teachings through story and song.  TilibSedeb (Singing-Feet), the Duwamish tribe’s language and culture group was recently honored as a recipient a 2012 Mayor’s Arts Awards from the Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs.  In January 2009, the Duwamish Longhouse & Cultural Center was opened to promote and share the heritage of Chief Seattle’s Duwamish Tribe–Seattle’s First People and only native tribe.  Duwamish tribal leadership continues unbroken since Chief Seattle.  Cecile Hansen is the great, great, great, grand-niece of Chief Seattle and has served as the Chairwoman of the Duwamish Tribe for 37 years.  The Longhouse provides a home for the Duwamish people and visible place to declare, “We are still here.” Like traditional potlatch houses, it is a gathering place to which the Duwamish can invite guests.


Peter Ali

Is a talented and self-taught Native flutist creating his music not from notes, but from spirit within so each performance is unique and special. He plays a variety of native flutes and shares their stories as well as stories of his rich ethnic heritage. Listen to the sounds of eagle, running river, nature and spirit in the flute’s song.


Thomas Hubbard

Comes from a rich heritage of Cherokee, Miami, Irish and English ancestry and grew up among factory workers.  He earned a teaching degree in English, Education and Sociology from Ball State University in 1969.  Over the next thirty years he worked as a teacher, a carpenter, blues musician and freelance writer. He attended graduate school at the University of Arkansas, St. Edward’s University, East Texas State University and Indiana University.  He won the Seattle’s Grand Slam in 1995. He has written three chapbooks, Nail and Other Hardworking Poems, Junkyard Dogz, Injunz and published an anthology Children Remember Their Fathers.  His poetry, fiction and reviews have been published in numerous journals.  Hubbard has recently served as vice president of the board of directors for the Washington Poets Association.  He currently serves on the editorial staff of two magazines: Raven Chronicles and Cartier Street Review.


Philip Red Eagle

Philip H. Red Eagle is a born and raised Northwest writer, artist, metal smith and carver.  He is the author of Red Earth: A Vietnam Warrior’s Journey; styled in mythical realism and now in 2nd Edition (  He is also the originator and a cofounder of The Raven Chronicles:  A Journal of Art, Literature & The Spoken Word (1991-Present), currently based in Seattle.  Philip is an “occasional poet” who, these days, spends most of his time working with Tribal Journeys, a cultural movement using the canoe as a vessel for cultural renewal.


J. Glenn Evans

Part Cherokee, native of Oklahoma, founder of PoetsWest and Activists for a Better World, hosts PoetsWest at KSER 90.7FM, a nationally-syndicated weekly radio show.  Evans is author of a book of poetry, Window in the Sky, and three chapbooks, Buffalo Tracks, Deadly Mistress and Seattle Poems.  Author of three novels, Broker Jim, Zeke’s Revenge and Wayfarers, numerous political essays, several local community histories including a history of Seattle’s Pike Place Market and he has been published in many literary journals.  A former stockbroker-investment banker, Evans has lived in Seattle since 1960, worked in a lumber mill, operated a mining company and co-produced a movie, Christmas Mountain, with Mark Miller, and co-starring Slim Pickens.


Following the poetry and storytelling the movie on Princess Angeline

and the history of the Duwamish Tribe will be shown along with a tour of the Longhouse.  Authentic Fry bread will be available for sale along with selected free refreshments.  Free event, but more info and tickets at!


Princess Angeline