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by J. Glenn Evans

Look, folks, I’m happy that you are comfortable and do not have to worry about your daily bread about which so many millions of our fellow humans must be concerned.  I do not envy your wealth and don’t want to take it for myself.  But when you use your wealth to take control of our government of the people and for the people, when you control the airwaves to dumb down our people, monopolize the banks and our industrial operations, lock up our prisoners in privatized institutions for profit, pollute our environment, ignore global warming that may destroy all life, create wars to enhance your wealth and destroy our youth, take away the social network for the poor and keep them ignorant by allowing our educational institutions to atrophy, then you step on all our toes and the world cries out for an equalization tax.

Unless you rein in the greeds among you who are creating so much havoc, tying up all the vital resources and enslaving the people of the world, corrupting our governments and institutions to enhance their wealth even further, then it’s time that we the people of the world take action and create an equalization tax that takes into common ownership all wealth that exceeds $10 million per any single individual and $100 million under the control of any single institution. The resources of this planet are here for the benefit of all life, not only for a few greedy grabbers.  Why should one person be allowed accumulate enough for a thousand lifetimes while thousands of their fellow citizens go hungry and unsheltered.

So fess up, back down or face the ultimate consequences.  Unfortunately, those in control often see no need for change until they are in sight of the guillotine and then it is too late.  No one wants to see another French Revolution, where a lot of innocent people on all sides suffer.  Those who hold the reins of power will, unfortunately, kill a lot of people by use of their technology, police and armies, but the jig will be up for them when the police and soldiers in the army realize that they have taken an oath to defend our Constitution and they are part of the 99% and not the 1%.  It is time for a re-examination of our institutions and make the necessary changes to bring about social and economic justice for all.  Every single adult of sound mind must be given an unhampered vote and anyone or group who tampers with this right must be brought to justice.

Copyleft 2012 J. Glenn Evans  (Feel free to copy and distribute as broadly as possible)


Show Them Who’s Boss

By J. Glenn Evans

 Let’s show Wall Street, CEOs of mega-corporation, the international banksters and their lapdogs the Democrat and Republican Parties just who are the real bosses in this country.  Both the Democratic and the Republican Parties smugly rest assured knowing that you will vote for one party or the other because they have set the stage to keep all others out.  Each party knows they will have their turn, because the same 1% control both parties.  They have become the two-headed corporate party.  Because the same groups control our state legislatures, they have been able to create obstacles limiting ballot access to newly formed parties and essentially disenfranchise many of our citizens by their rules and regulations.  Using the corporate media and celebrative distractions they have been able to put many of our citizens to sleep as to what has really been happening in our country.

WE THE PEOPLE should knock them off their smug pedestals by not voting Democrat or Republican.  The Democratic Party knows that you will vote for them as the lesser of two evils, so they don’t need to listen to you.  Voting for the lesser of two evils has become an addiction that allows both parties to control you.  Vote for progressive independents, third party candidates or write in the third party candidate’s names if he or she is not listed on the ballot of your state.  In fact, in my opinion, a vote for any other party, or progressive independent that denies a vote to these two rogue parties is an act of true patriotism. 

Rocky Anderson of the Justice party, running for president along with his vice president running mate, Luis Rodriguez, are in my opinion, the best candidates running for those offices.  Rocky Anderson, while serving two terms in the executive position of mayor of Salt Lake City, reduced the city’s pollution by 30 percent.  He also has a proven record of standing up for human rights and protection of the environment, so critical in these days of climate change.  Both Rocky and Luis have records of standing up for justice for all.  I encourage you to check the links below to see how they stand on the critical issues that WE THE PEOPLE are concerned about and how we can regain our Democracy.  Show the Democratic and Republican duopolies that WE THE PEOPLE are the true bosses of this country and show them the door.

Copyleft 2012 J. Glenn Evans      (Feel free to copy and distribute as broadly as possible)

J. Glenn Evans:  Poet, novelist, historian and political activist, Seattle resident since 1960, author of Peoples’ ManifestoThe Hour is Late, numerous other political essays and Little History of Pike Place Market, several local histories, two novels: Broker Jim and Zeke’s Revenge and four books of poetry: Window in the Sky, Seattle PoemsBuffalo Tracks, and Deadly Mistress.  Part Cherokee, native of Oklahoma and graduate of Wewoka High School and East Central University, OK.  Produces and hosts a weekly radio show of poetry and stories made available to nonprofit radio stations worldwide through Pacifica’s AudioPort.  


a warm wind

A warm wind blows

Across the prairies

Up the mountains

Through the valleys

Among the towers

The farther it goes

The warmer it gets

Until it ignites a spark

That builds an eternal flame

In the hearts of those who cherish

Political justice

Economic justice

Criminal justice

For all peoples

Of this land and the world

We’re the Justice Party

We’re running Rocky Anderson

For president and in the next election

We’ll run senators representatives

In states counties and cities

The naysayers say

You won’t hurt our

Democrats and Republicans

We’re the 1% we’ll outspend you

With our corporate and banker money

But they gave us Homeland Security

They gave us the Patriot Act

They gave us the NDAA

They trashed our Constitution

Yeah, we remember all that

We are the 99%

We cherish our Constitution

We cherish our liberties

We cherish our freedoms

We cherish justice for all

By J. Glenn Evans  Copyleft 2012 (Feel free to copy and distribute as broadly as possible)

Background information on the new Justice Party:

Troy Davis – we are all Troy Davis

Activists for a Better World in Seattle WA
23 September 2011
J. Glenn Evans
September 21, 2011 was a sad day in America and for the world. The leaders of the state of Georgia, the US Supreme Court and the President of the United States all had the power to declare a stay of execution until a determination of the guilt or innocence of Troy Davis could be made. Much evidence existed that this man was innocent when seven of the witnesses recanted their previous testimony against him, stating that they had been under police duress. It is a sad state of affairs when government leaders fail to act to save the life of a person where there was reasonable doubt of his guilt, even when thousands of people all over the world including many prominent former government officials pleaded for his life. Such leaders by their failure to act in prevention of a state murder forfeit their worthiness to serve in a responsible position in a free country. The citizens at the next election should replace them and that includes those with the power of impeachment of the Supreme Court for their failure to act in the prevention of this state criminal act. Let us not forget Troy Davis and let him be buried and forgotten. Remember him on Election Day and each September 21st when our nations honor was tarnished.
J. Glenn Evans
Copyleft 2011 J. Glenn Evans

stuck on stupid in dc

Vision: Van Jones At Power Shift 2011: ‘While They’re Stuck On Stupid In DC, Your Generation Is Rising’

In a passionate keynote address, green jobs leader Van Jones exhorted the 10,000 youth climate activists at the Power Shift conference in Washington DC to “shift the power” and lead the clean power revolution. He argued that both parties need to be held accountable for their failures, and that activists must explain that the climate movement isn’t just about “hippie power” but that it is a vision of liberty and justice for all. Van Jones had harsh words for the national  political establishment. “You have to be wise enough to hold both parties to high standards,” he said: While they’re stuck on stupid in DC, your generation is rising.  Van Jones also discussed President Barack Obama, who hired him as a green jobs adviser but then let him go after Jones’ politics and person came under a relentless barrage from Fox News’ Glenn Beck. Jones argued that President Obama is like the friend who has the potential to be an A-plus student, but is only getting C’s and D’s. Jones told the assembled youth from campuses around the nation they can be a “hero for making sure your  friend gets an A-plus on his presidency.” Van Jones described how we have a  civilization “fueled by death” — fossil fuels from plants and animals that died millions of years ago: We pull out of the ground death. We burn death in our power plants. Why do we get shocked when we get death in our sky as
global warming, death in our oceans as oil spills, death in our children’s lungs as asthma and cancer? The strongest moments of his speech came when he discussed America’s basic principles, in the context of arguing with “your uncle Joe” who watches Fox News at the Thanksgiving table. “Don’t you believe in liberty?” Van asked. “Shouldn’t we have the right as Americans to be  energy producers?” he asked. “Shouldn’t we have the right and liberty to be free from energy companies who dictate how much we pay, what air we breathe?” Coal and oil companies try to divide us with cultural stereotypes and political ideology, when a green economy is actually the truly American economy: The stereotype is that solar power is just hippie power. But it’s also cowboy power, farmer power, rancher power, and Appalachian mountain power!

 Van Jones addressed the Tea Party movement that sees him as a “terrorist” and “communist.” “I’m glad our sisters and brothers in the Tea Party are talking about liberty,” he said. However, he said,
they’re missing something important. The Pledge of Allegiance doesn’t just talk  about liberty being integral to our nation: The Pledge of Allegiance says  liberty and justice for all!

With his voiced raised to the diverse crowd, Van Jones said “justice for all” includes justice for minorities, justice for women, justice for gays, and justice for the poor. “Shift the power!” Van Jones concluded to thunderous applause.

By Brad Johnson | Sourced from ThinkProgress Posted at April 16, 2011, 10:05 am

Standing Silent Nation (HEMP documentary)



Enough bases to sink the world

The Pentagon’s Planet of Bases … (America’s Pentagon? Yes!)

India, a rising power, almost had one (but the Tajiks said no). China, which last year became the world’s second largest economy as well as the planet’s leading energy consumer, and is expanding abroad like mad (largely via trade and the power of the purse), still has none. The Russians have a few (in Central Asia where “the great game” is ongoing), as do those former colonial powers Great Britain and France, as do certain NATO countries in Afghanistan. Sooner or later, Japan may even have one.

All of them together — and maybe you’ve already guessed that I’m talking about military bases not on one’s own territory — add up to a relatively modest (if unknown) total. The U.S., on the other hand, has enough bases abroad to sink the world. You almost have the feeling that a single American mega-base like Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan could swallow them all up. It’s so large that a special Air Force “team” has to be assigned to it just to deal with the mail arriving every day, 360,000 pounds of it in November 2010 alone. At the same base, the U.S. has just spent $130 million building “a better gas station for aircraft… [a] new refueling system, which features a pair of 1.1-million gallon tanks and two miles of pipes.” Imagine that: two miles of pipes, thousands of miles from home — and that’s just to scratch the surface of Bagram’s enormity.

Spencer Ackerman of Wired’s Danger Room blog visited the base last August, found that construction was underway everywhere (think hundreds of millions of dollars more from the pockets of U.S. taxpayers), and wrote: “More notable than the overstuffed runways is the over-driven road. [The Western part of] Disney Drive, the main thoroughfare that rings the eight-square-mile base,[…] is a two-lane parking lot of Humvees, flamboyant cargo big-rigs from Pakistan known as jingle trucks, yellow DHL shipping vans, contractor vehicles, and mud-caked flatbeds. If the Navy could figure out a way to bring a littoral-combat ship to a landlocked country, it would idle on Disney.”

Serving 20,000 or more U.S. troops, and with the usual assortment of Burger Kings and Popeyes, the place is nothing short of a U.S. town, bustling in a way increasingly rare for actual American towns these days, part of a planetary military deployment of a sort never before seen in history. Yet, as various authors at this site have long noted, the staggering size, scope, and strangeness of all this is seldom considered, analyzed, or debated in the American mainstream. It’s a given, like the sun rising in the east. And yet, what exactly is that given? As Nick Turse, who has been following American basing plans for this site over the years, points out, it’s not as easy to answer that question as you might imagine.

Source: Tom Englehardt