book cover photo (NYC 2003)
book cover photo (NYC 2003)

available on Kindle and Amazon.com My chapbook is available on Kindle and Amazon.com

  • ISBN: 978-1477494608…


This may sound funny but I do not consider myself a poet. I string together GOOD WORDS, like alchemy.

This book is for my granddaughter Cami and close family and friends.  It was time to collect words called poems and do a chapbook. Only an Indian can decide what is right or wrong for herself… It is my decision to be declared poet.

I have many names: given names, created names, married names, nicknames, catholic names, the name I pray with, the official driver’s license name and the passport name. This name Laramie (or Lara) I chose for me. I gave myself a gift, a power I will use whenever I need it.

In a way the pen is my weapon, a form of exorcism or retribution for what really happened.

I call my poet self “Sleeps with Knives” because I have met sharks and monsters.



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