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Edie, Trace and Sev

Just so you know:  I used to be a rock singer-store owner-trophy wife-editor-radio news producer-book collector-journalist. I also founded a publishing company Blue Hand Books in 2011.

That’s all changed. I’ve changed.

I appreciate your visit to this blog — here is my cyber-hug to you (((HUG)))





  1. I love you… the girl I grew up with and watched grow into an awesome, talented, loving, giving woman. I am proud and privileged to call you my friend. I am a better person for knowing you and the world is a better place for having you in it.

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  2. Lara, thanks for stopping by my blog and choosing to follow my healing path using writing with me. Thanks for being an advocate for those assailed by human trafficking and for all the other goodness I see you sharing with others in our world.

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  3. Thank you for visiting my blog! I am reading the topics of your posts and humbled that you find my lighthearted site one to follow -up with. I look forward to being educated and inspired by your future posts.

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