Maniac Monday: Sharing a Post I Absolutely Loved Today

WE really need to laugh and this will do it.

Willow Croft

From author Chuck Wendig’s blog: a post titled “Kindly Go Fuck Yourself with your Shitty Fucking Gas-Powered Leafblower You Tremendous Asshole.” I love this post. (Note: Chuck Wendig is not subject of my maniac reference above. Just FYI. It’s the leafblowing “maniacs” with their terrible, toxic, ecosystem-destroying green lawns.)

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  1. That’s a great article. We have two oak trees that dump tens of thousands of leaves around our house and garden every year. I have never used a leaf-blower, because I have a garden rake. I only clear the leaves from paths and doorways, leaving the rest to die on the grass. And I only cut the lawn grass twice a year, using an electric mower. I don’t need a ‘perfect lawn’, I prefer to see the birds enjoying a natural one.
    Best wishes, Pete. x


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