World’s Super Rich Buying Pandemic Escape Mansions in New Zealand #Bunkers #Covid-19

Mark Blyth, an economist at Brown University, has long told the world’s super rich that they simply cannot continue holding this level of wealth indefinitely. Referencing the ultra-wealthy area of Long Island, he said, “The Hamptons is not a defensible position. It’s a low-lying beach. Eventually people will come for you.”

GOOD READ : World’s Super Rich Buying Pandemic Escape Mansions in New Zealand – Journal of People

Although the government of New Zealand has passed laws meant to disincentivize the foreign buying of domestic properties, the practice continues. The new range of luxury private bunkers are dug deep underground in the countryside and are covered with earth, the point being that even neighbors will have no idea that they are there, let alone the general public. Prices tend to start around $2 million and can reach up to $11 million for units that include luxury bathrooms, gun ranges, and swimming pools.  – Dr. Stuart Bramhall post

My earlier posts on bunkers in 2017 HERE

One more

It appears that the billionaire class, rather than giving away some of its wealth, is attempting to find a technological fix to this problem. “Obviously the coronavirus is making people realize how vulnerable we all are, but what people are really concerned about is the aftermath,” said Vivos’ founder, “They don’t want to have to defend their homes when the gangs of looters or marauders show up.”

You might say we all knew this. We knew a few years ago that the super elite would imagine they would be safe in a bunker somewhere. Someone joked to me, “We will hit those bunkers first” – obviously this will not end well.

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  1. Hello yes I describe how the elite shelter in underground cities in my book The Burning Years. Unfortunately single family units won’t survive – need ongoing food growing and water! I believe eventually when the effects of climate change hit the elite rich who control world governments with their money and political donations will build whole independent cities and a few super rich will build towns. Probably circa 2100.

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  2. The rush for New Zealand is pretty hilarious once you get up to speed on the fact that corona viruses (very much including the so-called emergent and highly speculative clade of SARS-CoV-2) comprise roughly 20% of the human virome at any given moment in time, meaning that they have always, and will always, be an inherent part of our biology, and that therefore there is simply no “getting away from them.”

    Nice to see ‘them’ squirm. Just don’t tell them that these viruses have always been part and parcel of the seasonal flu.

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  3. Interesting, but as the others pointed out, there really is no getting away from this and the super rich are in some way more vulnerable than us.
    I think in the long run the only chance we have is to make sure that we get extremely healthy ourselves and therefore are likely to survive things like that easily

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  4. I have always wondered why they continue to accumulate wealth when their accumulation of wealth at some point becomes like an anchor that holds them down like a fixed target. I think they would be more well off if they had less to defend. Warmest regards, Ed

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  5. And once again history is ignored. The past has taught us one thing: if you have it, somebody with a bigger gun or a luckier one will take it. There may still be castles in Europe, but if you’ll notice, pretty much no one lives in them…Hmmm. Wonder where those era-billionaires went….

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