Guest Post: FAIR WEATHER CITIZENS (and more)



Yes, this is political, but all true patriots must speak out and not be afraid to share their views when our country could be headed toward a Fascist dictatorship controlled by a President in name, but really a dictator who does the bidding of big business and big money. All politicians say they are for the people, especially the working people and down home people. Once in office, they want to be sure they stay in, so they do the bidding of big money.

I believe Bernie Sanders says what he means and means what he says. He does not stick a wet finger up in the air to see which way the wind is blowing. This country is controlled by two parties and they have made it all but impossible for a third party candidate to develop a following of sufficient votes to get in. Because of this Bernie has little choice but to run as a Democrat and try to guide that party back to looking out for the people’s interest again as it once did before Clinton set the Democratic Party on its path to licking the boots of big money.

To scare us away Socialism has been given a bad name in this country unless it serves the needs of big business and big money interests. Why do you think we bailed out the big banks and not the homeowners in foreclosure? Why do you think we have so many billionaires and so many homeless people sleeping on the streets?

Ownership determines the distribution of income.  Why shouldn’t the citizens be able to own productive assets rather than leave it all in the hands of monopolies that hide their income on foreign shores to avoid taxes? True Socialism is democratic where the leaders are elected by the people, not by big money. The main objectives of Socialists are to see that all people get a fair shake on food, shelter, health care and education for those willing to apply themselves. They are color blind when it comes to race.

Remember, they called our Social Security Program Socialist, yet it has proven to be one of the best government legislative acts to come out of Washington DC and it is a true legacy of FDR.

I believe our country will be better served by Bernie Sanders as president and Elizabeth Warren as vice president, who can help Bernie accomplish improvements for the people. She can then move up to president the next term as she is young enough to carry on the torch for the people.

When I was a child the words, Republican and Wall Street, were spit out like curse words. We could be headed back that way again. We must not let these people who gave us Trump as President and kept him there, tie Bernie’s hands. We need a Democratic majority in the Senate. So people, let’s get out, vote and push our friends to do the same. Our future and the future of our children and grandchildren depends on it. Let’s not be fair weather citizens who go along with the misruling group in these trying times that try people’s souls.

J. Glenn Evans

Copyleft 2020 J. Glenn Evans

(Feel free to copy and distribute as broadly as possible)

Part Cherokee, Evans spent his early youth on a small farm during the dust bowl days of the Great Depression in Wewoka, Oklahoma. Lived in Seattle 54 years and now resides in Olympia, Washington. Worked in a lumber mill and operated a mining company and co-produced a movie, Christmas Mountain—The Story of a Cowboy Angel with Mark Miller and co-starring Slim Pickens. Early on he wanted to become a great rich writer, but was sidetracked for twenty years by the advice of a wealthy uncle to “go where the money is.” He pursued the career of stockbroker and investment banker and became owner and president of a securities firm with three offices and forty brokers. He is the founder of PoetsWest, Activists for a Better World and Glenn Kay Evans Farms, Inc. Currently he hosts PoetsWest at KSER 90.7FM, a nationally syndicated weekly radio show. He has written six books of poetry, six community histories, three novels, Broker Jim, Zeke’s Revenge and Wayfarers-Where No One Is an Outcast. Works in process include a novel, The Last Lumber Baron, a book of short stories, a book of essays and a book of humorous poetry. In addition Evans has written numerous political essays.



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  1. Bernie can’t do it without a Senate that is Democrat so I’d advise everyone who supports him to look at changing the Senate. All of his big ideas will be dust. Bernie hasn’t passed a lick of legislation in all his years of serving in the Senate. It’s easy to have big ideas and dam hard to get them passed into legislation.

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  2. At this point Bernie, Joe, or whomever. Support who you think will be the best president. Then when the nomination if won this summer, fight like hell to get every Democrat elected, for without the down-ballot. keeping the House, winning the Senate and turning more state legislatures blue (you know those red states that suppress your votes with funny voting laws or removing voters from the rolls) a President can no little (legitimately unlike Trump who violates the law and the Constitution daily), So, after this primary season and convention are over, everyone, EVERYONE, who is for our country needs to vote for Democrats for Trump and Trumpism are well on the way to destroying this country. We were always far from perfect, but under Trump we seem to have turned to the dark side.

    Warmest regards, Ed

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  3. Without a Bernie win we’ll just have business as usual either Dump with his brand of crooks or Biden/Goldblum with that brand of crooks.

    The system has to be changed or either existing party will just play the American public as they do and NOTHING changes for the regular person.

    Even if Bernie won and the Democraps won both the House and the Senate Bernie still wouldn’t get much of his changes voted in because Tubularsock doesn’t know if you have noticed but BOTH parties are owned!

    And not by “the citizens” but by the oligarchy of this country!

    It may be time to BURN IT DOWN and start anew ……. now where did Tubularsock put those matches?

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  4. I think the important message here is that we have allowed ourselves to be convinced that everyone else knows better than our own moral compass…that voting from the heart guarantees a loss and a wasted vote, that WE must be the ones who compromise most. I think things will not change until the population of this country makes its will known, even if it costs an election…We must make it clear that we will not “settle” and we will not support party for the sake of party, but only that we support the Constitution of the United States and we will actively oppose anyone from any party seeking to make him or herself a dictator. There is no other way to get the attention of any party other than to refuse to blindly support the political puppets of those who can buy favors, but rather to make it clear we are part of the Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows population, even if the march toward decency for all is a slow one. We may indeed have to compromise to see this particular President out of office, but we should make it clear that a clock is ticking.

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  5. It’s a good article, but I sadly think Sanders is doomed to be brought down by social media scaremongering. So many Americans think he is a Socialist, and anyone in Europe can tell you he is nothing of the sort.
    Good luck, Lara. x
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  6. Many thanks, Trace.  I have some sad news to report. Our mutual friend, Jerry Dennon, is one of my partners  on the finance of our Christmas  Mountain movie. I had sent him his yearly royalty check and it came back marked “Deceased”.  I knew he was in bad health, not going out much.  I had it in my plans to call him and see if he felt good enough for a visit. Guess I waited too long. He was a great guy and a good friend.

    My best,

    J. Glenn Evans

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