Breaking News: Canadian Inquiry Calls Killings of Indigenous Women GENOCIDE (NYT)

Some 1,181 Indigenous women were killed or disappeared across the country from 1980 to 2012, according to a 2014 report by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Indigenous advocates, and the report, say the number is likely far higher since so many deaths have gone unreported.


The Final Report on the Canadian Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

by Monica Williamson

Report here.

“Reclaiming Power and Place

The National Inquiry’s Final Report reveals that persistent and deliberate human and Indigenous rights violations and abuses are the root cause behind Canada’s staggering rates of violence against Indigenous women, girls and 2SLGBTQQIA people. . The two volume report calls for transformative legal and social changes to resolve the crisis that has devastated Indigenous communities across the country.”


My writing on MMIWG at Dean’s blog LEFT HOOK here

The federal government’s policy of termination against tribes lasted from 1887 to 1943. Native people were stripped of their cultures, languages, and ancestral instructions and expected to adopt the ways of the colonizer. Our ceremonies became illegal. Children and adults alike suffered and died to save them. These things survive today only because they continued in secret.

Throughout this time, mainstream society participated in our degradation and erasure. Pop culture hypersexualized native women with its “Pocahottie” imagery, and dehumanized us by saying we’re little more than a Halloween costume.

Today, we are still being hunted and killed.

There is an epidemic of missing and murdered native women throughout North America, but even though it’s been going on for decades and many native families on the continent can recount stories of loved ones who’ve gone missing or been murdered, there remains insufficient data on the problem because there’s been no centralized database for keeping that information.

In 2013, the Canadian government began a national inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women and girls, but the United States has yet to take such action.

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  1. I heard the NPR report that this was coming out today and a brief story about the report’s contents yesterday morning. The Canadians have more guts than we Americans in attempting to take a truthful look at their own behavior. I think they labeled it properly. We, by contrast, don’t seem to notice the harm we systematically do to people among us whom we still marginalize. I seem to recall that we are “all equal.” We need to firmly address that fiction and stop the madness of killing those so many think are not equal. I think we need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission and we all need to participate. ALL!
    For what it is worth, my apologies for all the harm others have done in my name and for not speaking up and taking a firm position decades ago. Ed

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    • I hoped and hoped and hoped this news and horror would break for 20+ years, Ed. Thank you for your candid honesty. (And it never fails, Canada always beats us to the punch, with the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions and all their investigations.) I just downloaded the report. I am sure I will be sick.


  2. Good to see Canada taking a lead here. Hopefully, it will provoke some response in the USA. But to be honest, I am not holding my breath. Old habits die hard. Sadly.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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      • In “fairness” however, we do have more of a slippery slope in the U.S regarding reparations…We have managed to damage and exploit so many peoples in the foundation of our country, once we start “paying”… Could be an endless cycle… including the complications that in order to be made “equal” we have Latinos and African Americans for example, who served “with honor” against Native Americans…and we all had a hand in incarcerating the Japanese in WWII, and now to some degree or other immigrants and their children…Who pays who, who owes who could be very complicated…Doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen, but a lot needs to be taken into consideration…The fact that Canada actually went there first should be the indicator that it CAN be done…and needs to be done.

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        • A year or so ago, Canada finalized a class action settlement for adoptees that could be $60,000 dollars each – and there were 20K of adoptees who are called the stolen generations. To me, getting these adoptees back to their first nations and healed is top priority, not money.
          As for the US, we don’t have any idea how many adoptees that were taken. I tried to calculate in my book series, and found many survivors who chose not to write their stories. It could be much more than 20,000 adoptees here. Plus there was ARENA exchange of Canadian First Nations kids and American Indian kids who were sent to the other country (and other countries) so we have that to deal with – the trafficking of children. There has to be paperwork – I have not found it.
          Why did they do this?

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          • I think the truth resides in what we are currently doing to migrant children — clearly the “just following orders” mentality absolves personal sin and encourages rationalizing away actions we are as a nation truly responsible for. The fact that we continue to evade responsibility speaks volumes. We have not, alas, learned much since our assault of Native peoples…

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    • As I read the report, Dr. Bramhall I was trying to imagine any other country who was conquered and colonized, then the conquered women were made specific targets for murder. Am I unaware of this anywhere other than North America?
      I am outraged.


  3. Lara, thank you so much for this important issue. Once again, the Canadians are leading the way in important issues. We must, as Americans, follow their lead. We must put pressure on our government to respond. Such horrors should never be allowed to exist or to be ignored. I agree that this is a form of Genocide.

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  4. Speaking as a man who has lived in England all his life, I find this disgusting, abhorrent and unbelievable. The Canadian government should hang their heads in shame. There is nothing more precious than life. Especially when indigenous people are murdered or go missing because their way of life, beliefs and customs are seen as unacceptable! Bloody ridiculous. I hope that the people who are missing are eventually found safe and well! And I hope the perpetrators, including government members, are brought to justice!

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