Invisible No More: Spotlight on the Once Silent MMIW Crisis

STORY: Invisible No More: Spotlight on the Once Silent MMIW Crisis – Native News Online

TODAY:  National Day Of Awareness For Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women



  1. Nobody, man or woman should be subject to abuse. And that means every human on this planet. Yet this disgusting behaviour is endemic. Okay I am ranting a bit but surely with our current level of civilisation this should not happen

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  2. That there are so many we need a day is hideous. Not to put the onus on native peoples, but I think many non-natives just don’t know what we could or should do to help and not hinder native efforts… I hope such groups as this will neither relent in pressure, nor cease in suggesting (strongly) what is needed from the rest of us…”hope and prayers” won’t cut here. Keep telling us where to push…

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    • I am still wrapping my mind around this issue KC. Who is killing? The majority of women and girls are full blood, in the terminology, who are missing and murdered. They would be the future mothers of future generations. It appears to be a pattern.

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  3. So it would seem… I only hope there is some profiler somewhere seeking to connect the dots…and with so many jurisdictions, there are political complications ready made to obstruct any well-intended investigation. Maybe it is time to revise how law enforcement is executed on land that is under the federal oversight umbrella…a new cooperation agreement native groups can help craft if only for the exceptional purpose of tribal emergencies.

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    • Exactly, KC. And it looks very positive this might happen. The sad thing is – no one really knows how many people (women and girls) are missing and murdered at this moment. They didn’t keep data on it.

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      • Ah, but as long as relatives remember… Someone needs to speak to the tribes and reacquire the information. Even if it is in any way not prosecutable, it needs to be noted as part of the puzzle. And it needs to be done by someone everyone trusts to caretake the information until a chief investigator is in charge…

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    • Laura, it’s in the toolbox of tricks. Bad history can make things very ugly. (And these women are truly hunted and then murdered). Most of the bodies are not recovered. Which means investigations don’t happen.


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