Many were led to believe that their people didn’t want them and placed with white families.

READ: The “Dawnland” Documentary Shows How the U.S. Government Took Indigenous Children From Their Homes and Placed Them With White Families | Teen Vogue

Anna Townsend, age 9, of Fallon, Nevada, testifying on April 8, 1974 at the Subcommittee on Indian Affairs of the U.S. Senate. Courtesy: NBCUniversal.

Listen: ‘Dawnland’ Documents Maine’s Efforts To Reconcile Indian Child Removal

Note from LT: We had a mention of this in the anthology Stolen Generations.


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  1. I am a product of adoption ‘hard to place’ from 1966/1969. I understand much of the feelings associated, and the complexity of ‘who not to hate,’ when I was subjected to a lot of abuse no one talked about in school as well from those preceptors who it is my belief implicitly instilled I would never be allowed to view as peers; ludicrously euphemized from a violent racist-au-cum-progressive white family at home. I mention this as after viewing a Canadian website yesterday, which supports metis/indigenous I wondered if there is any similar active organization supporting the involvement of US government in the reunification against the recalcitrant global adoption machine to effort to help bring a voice and offer hope for living normal lives as adoptees of mixed ancestry/Native American? The website is at

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