Here I am! Healing!

me, 6th grade nerd

What a whirlwind. Who knew that one doctor appointment could turn into several and then a major surgery and cancer diagnosis?

I will be getting a second opinion on that diagnosis (Stage 1A grade 3 uterine cancer) on June 26th in Boston. One can never be too careful. (Radiation was suggested as one follow-up option.)

It’s weird I have not been sick, or felt sick. I do have sharp pangs in healing this humongous scar from the bellybutton and south. (30 staples in my gut was no joke) I’m healing the insides now. It takes time.

As for how I feel, I feel it’s over. I am done with oncologists, surgeons, and doctors for now, even if I have to visit them over the next few months.

I was up and walking the night of surgery at 1:30am on May 14, and the nurses were kinda shocked at how fast I was recuperating. They let me out on the 16th and all my vitals were/are good.ย  Even my blood pressure is spectacular. Which is a very good thing.

From here on out… I will be taking big doses of Vitamin D and Zinc now that I am a cancer survivor. And of course my holistic doctor Dr. Lynch has been with me every step of the way. (I highly recommend you see a holistic MD, if you can find one. They have a whole body, patient-centric approach and use more than western medicine to help your body heal and recuperate and be the best you can be…)

Sadly, my darling husband looks like he needs sleep. He was with me at every appointment and of course, was worried and I love him for that, knowing his love, care and concern helped me heal this so well, so fast.

All your thoughts and prayers really worked, too, my blog family. I am living proof. Love moves mountains and heals what it touches…

I may not be blogging as much since I am supposed to be walking, not sitting. Dang, that’s no good. I have blogs to read and research to do and books to read….

BUT… I’ll be back as soon as I can ๐Ÿ™‚


(I have so many new posts to share with you… but they’ll have to wait…)






  1. Wonderful news, Lara. Forget about blogging, and go for a full recovery. We will all be here on the other side, when you are able to blog again.
    I send my best thoughts, and good ‘vibes’ from across The Atlantic.
    My sincere best wishes too. Pete. x

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  2. So sorry to hear this unfortunate news. Keep your head and spirits high. No wonder all went still and silent after we spoke as neighbors what seems like so long ago. Positive thinking works best for healing and going forward.

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  3. Heal from the inside out, and then the outside in. Wishing you a complete recovery quickly! Tell hubby he can take a nap, but after he gets you some ice cream.

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  4. I am sorry to hear of your illness. But I am glad you are trusting in a holistic doctor!

    Take care and don’t rush trying to get things done! I wish you health and happiness, Lara!

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  5. Lara dear, I had no idea! How did I miss this? I have felt heavy spirited for weeks now so perhaps I knew on some level. My very dear childhood friend has been dealing with similar health issues. I am so happy you are on the other side of the hurdle and I am sending healing thoughts your way. Big hugs.

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  6. I had no idea, Lara! It could not have been an easy time for you, nor for your husband and everyone else close to you. But I’m glad to hear that you are coming out of this in relatively good health and in high spirits.

    Take good care. Rest and indulge yourself. At least a bit, eh?

    You are in my thoughts.

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  7. Outstanding, Lara! I am glad you are trying the holistic route also…My Mom rallied briefly (and magnificently) when she tried it, and I always wondered what might have been if she could have started that track sooner…hard to tell, but in war, one should use all available weapons — even those some see as rocks. Welcome back to your blog!

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  8. Bless you on your healing journey Lara. May you be able to linger over every single thing that makes you feel more whole in body, mind, and spirit. So many of us have illnesses in our generative organs and the circulatory systems that pump life though our bodies. Maybe our bodies speak to a larger illness on the planet. I try to hold and remember that as I too, lean into healing. Sending prayer and love your way, my friend.

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  9. Good luck towards healing and full recovery Lara.. thanks for dropping over to through the luminary lens. 5 of my nieces are First Nations, 1 adopted recently… my wife and I have reserved feelings about this. When I read of your interviews I’ve always really been enjoyed and been struck with the raw truth of John Trudells voice, poetry and songs… RIP. Glad to run across you here in world wide web of life…. Bruce

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  10. So sorry I missed this at the time, Lara. Well, that’s four months now, the blog posts are back on line – and I hope your life is getting back on track. Best wishes for a full recovery!


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