Indians are lousy television? Your Gift on Thanksgiving

By Lara/Trace

Don’t feel bad about knowing little to nothing about American Indians or First Nations in North America. I have a special treat for you on this day of Thanksgiving and our ways of giving thanks.  It’s a half-hour talk by a Native scholar K. Tsianina Lomawaima.  Give yourself this gift. Just remember how Indians are lousy television.  WHAT?  Ha!

So watch this

The Second Thanksgiving (by We Are Thomasse)!

Here’s an earlier post on Thanksgiving. (photo at left) Do American Indians celebrate Thanksgiving?

I wanted you all to know I am doing research on the abolitionists who became reformers in Indian Country.  These people were the thinkers of the day, in the time periods of the 1800s until early 1900. I’m reading more than I am writing. I understand it would be a good thing if I wrote more essays for this blog. And I plan to… eventually.

There is a post I wrote coming tommorrow.

I make lists. I thank all the people in my life and the ancestors who prayed for me before I was born.  I know they are your ancestors too.

Be grateful for everything, even the chaos. We are here. We are the witness. We are more powerful than we can imagine.

Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you all for reading this blog.

(Top Photo: I shot this down the road last year. It was the right light. And that horse is a buddy of mine. He’s very photogenic.)


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15 thoughts on “Indians are lousy television? Your Gift on Thanksgiving”

  1. Coming from a country with a very long history of invasion and occupation, it is worth noting that we no longer have any original native peoples left to use an example of who was here before the countless conquests of the British Isles. Our culture is a result of Celtic, Roman, and Anglo-Saxon heritage, and our language a mixture of Latin and European words, corrupted over the centuries.
    If we still had a visible and unchanged indigenous population, I like to think that we would treasure their heritage,,celebrate their culture and its connection to nature, and listen to their oral histories. But in reality I suspect that they would be as equally marginalised, ignored, and overlooked as they are in the North American nations, and in countries like Australia and New Zealand too.
    I enjoyed both video clips, and look forward to the article mentioned.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I, too, look forward to the article. I’m engaged in a “Great Courses” course on American History. I knew the story of the “first” pilgrims was BS, but what I didn’t know was the devastating effect of European disease on the Native Americans.

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  3. Reblogged this on Buffalo Tom Peabody's blog 2 and commented:
    Check out Lara’s excellent blog! I have always been conflicted about Thanksgiving and I’ve always had an endless stream of questions about my Native American heritage. Lara’s blog, for me, is a totem/fountain of information and resources. it’s a good feeling knowing where the experts are! Thanks, Lara!

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  4. Lara/Trace,
    Happy Thanksgiving … Let us extend an offer to you and/or your readers to participate in an interview by answering the (4) questions posed to Alfred recently in post: “An Interview Of Alfred Gluecksmann” at Oneness of Humanity. Future posts will carry the same title: “An Interview Of (Your name here)”.

    Question 1…) What was your primary motivation for entering the world of blogging on the worldwide web – on the internet?

    Question 2…) How would you describe yourself with regard to spirituality; what were some of the most memorable transforming points across the years (books, personal contacts, mystical experiences, etc.) in the developing of your current spiritual perspective?

    Question 3…) What is your greatest wish for readers as a consequence after reading/considering your writings?

    Question 4…and final) Can you offer any advice to people having a difficult time dealing with government and media lies, especially as it pertains to so many average citizens who hold erroneous perceptions on important events and situations around the Earth?

    If you (or anyone who passes this way – this proposal is open to all) would like to share your (their) thoughts take as many words and as much time as necessary to accurately convey your responses, then – when completely satisfied – email them (please refrain from email formatting as it makes it more difficult to copy/paste/edit into a WordPress post) to jerryalatalo (at), whereupon I will publish each individual’s response as a stand-alone post – with the ultimate goal of inclusion/compiling in a book.

    The potential book title has yet to become decided upon. There are no rules besides the obvious (no profanity, etc.), no word-count limits (1,000/10,000 words might suffice as a suggested lower/upper limit) or time deadlines (hoping for pre-Christmas 2017 self-publish date – Kindle, Smashwords (eBook), Amazon (softcover) … ), but only honest observations.
    Thank you.
    Jerry Alatalo


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