First Nations Leaders Mourn Passing of Tragically Hip Frontman Gord Downie | RED POWER MEDIA

“I honour the life and work of Gord Downie, a dedicated and accomplished artist who used his profile to advance reconciliation and build support for First Nations peoples,” Bellegarde said Wednesday in a statement.

READ: First Nations Leaders Mourn Passing of Tragically Hip Frontman Gord Downie | RED POWER MEDIA


If there is a heaven, Gord is already there.

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  1. When this was reported on the news, I wondered why I do not know his music. The U.S. is not GETTING isolationist, we have BEEN isolationist…There are so many wondrous artists and musicians and writers in the world — so many just to our north and to our south. You know who is the poorer for this? WE are. And we deserve to be so in our angry, arrogant, lonely little space…

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    • I know a journalist in Canada (Toronto) Brian Wright McLeod who writes about music and Indigenous musicians in Canada – there are so many – truly great artists. It seems America suffers with a small menu of music. It is our loss. Gord is a world treasure. Google him KC.

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      • Will do…While living in Florida I started listening to Cuban music, and then South American music, and then newer Native music…I haven’t been back to English in a long while, except for some 80’s flashbacks… Ever since Clear Channel took over all major American radio stations, we get to listen to the same artists, the same songs over and over and over again. No live DJ’s is the number one reason I stopped listening to American music radio. Apparently no one minds being spoon-fed their politics OR their books and music in this country. Time to wake up, fellow Americans!

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  2. Canada’s CBC (Radio! Not TV) has some truly excellent programs. My two favourites are Writers and Company and Ideas.

    W&C has the best literary interviewer on the planet: Eleanor Wachtel. Wachtel interviews all the best world authors in real depth on Sundays at 3 PM for an hour. Truly enriching!

    Ideas airs at 9 PM every weeknight and also does an annual five lecture series featuring one world leading thinker each year. There is no censorship on either of these programs. Controversy is not shunned.

    Both are intellectual oxygen for me. No ideas are taboo.

    Check out CBC Podcasts for past programmes.

    As for music, there are several quality, commercial free programs on two frequencies.

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