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Like other religious groups, Mormons have a complicated history around race. Until a few decades ago, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints taught that they “shall be a white and a delightsome people,” a phrase taken from the Book of Mormon. Until the 1970s, the LDS Church also restricted black members’ participation in important rituals, and prohibited black men from becoming priests.

BIG READ: The History of Racism and White Supremacy in the Mormon Church – The Atlantic


To prevent their collective cultural knowledge about medicinal plants from disappearing, some Vermont tribal nations are sharing their expertise with those outside the native communities.

LISTEN: To Keep Native Medicinal Knowledge Alive, Leaders Organize Plant Walks | Vermont Public Radio


Corporations and banks will not move on from the fossil fuel era because of our compelling moral and ecological arguments about why they should. So we are learning to speak their language. Money talks…

Source: Kill the Funding, Kill the Pipeline, Divest the Globe by Matt Remle | LRInspire


Performance artist James Luna, a member of California’s Luiseño tribe, likes to blur the boundaries of his Native American culture. On Columbus Day in 2011, he stood in front of Washington, D.C.’s Union Station and invited passersby to take his picture. He spoke with the magazine’s Jess Righthand.

So how did it work?
Standing at a podium wearing an outfit, I announce: “Take a picture with a real Indian. Take a picture here, in Washington, D.C. on this beautiful Monday morning, on this holiday called Columbus Day. America loves to say ‘her Indians.’ America loves to see us dance for them. America likes our arts and crafts. America likes to name cars and trucks after our tribes. Take a picture with a real Indian. Take a picture here today, on this sunny day here in Washington, D.C.” And then I just stand there. Eventually, one person will pose with me. After that they just start lining up. I’ll do that for a while until I get mad enough or humiliated enough.

It’s dual humiliation.

READ: Q and A: James Luna | Arts & Culture | Smithsonian


  1. An interesting and informative mix as always, Lara.
    I find the Mormons very sinister. They control the growing ‘Ancestry’ market, and I often wonder of they manipulate it to their own ends. I view them more as a cult, than a religion, but in a way, all religions are cults, I suppose.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Good mix, Lara. I despise all organized religions, but regarding this Mormon history, I’d have to say that yes, they are racists. However, perhaps less hypocritical about it than the rest of the nation? (That’s being said tongue in cheek!)

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  3. This reminded my younger days of working at a Native owned resort … One late night a caller from the east coast asked me if the local Indians were dangerous. So I confess, I was a bad, bad white girl… I said, “yes. Yes they are. That’s why the room rates are so high on the weekends. Because the tribe goes raiding in Mexico during the week, and if they are successful, it is quiet. But if they are not successful, then we have to hire more cavalry to protect the guests.” The caller said, “Wow. Do I need to worry about driving across the reservation to get to you?” And feeling the horns rise up from my head while the Native security guards looked quizzically at me, I smiled and said, “Most definitely. While driving across the reservation, you need to keep the doors locked and the windows rolled up at all times. And no matter what, absolutely DO NOT STOP for anything.” Later that summer…when it was 90-something degrees, this guest strolled in with his family — all looking disheveled and sweaty. I greeted them, and asked, “How was your drive?” Imagine my surprise when he replied, “Oh it was great. But it sure was hot with the doors locked and the windows rolled up!”

    I never laughed so hard (after he left, of course). Vengeance is good, but I’m probably going to white people hell.

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