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How the spread of barbed wire helped redraw the map of the USA.

96827134_hi019703274-2There was a reason they were so hungry for it.  A few years earlier, President Abraham Lincoln had signed the Homestead Act of 1862.

Uncharted territory

The act specified that any honest citizen – including women, and freed slaves – could lay claim to up to 160 acres (0.6 sq km) of land in America’s western territories. All they had to do was build a home there and work the land for five years.  The homesteading farmers were trying to stake out their property – property that had once been the territory of various Native American tribes. No wonder those tribes called barbed wire “the devil’s rope”.  READ UP: ‘The devil’s rope’: How barbed wire changed America – BBC News


Scream it into the cake?

With a few notable exceptions, we should assume that any celebrity talking about “resistance” is actually pointing to limited change, and proceed with caution accordingly.  READ: A Resistance Led By Celebrities Will Always Be Bullshit | L.A. Weekly




“What makes Currid-Halkett’s argument powerful is that she mines the data to prove that the members of this group are passing on their privilege to their children in just as pernicious a way as the old aristocrats passed on their estates and titles.”–Harry Wallop, The Times

“There is a lot to learn here about the contemporary face of income inequality.”–Publishers Weekly

“Social class is not produced through consumption but rather it is attained through the adoption of values and aesthetics and the ability to decipher symbols and signs beyond materialism,” writes Elizabeth Currid-Halkett in The Sum of Small Things: A Theory of the Aspirational Class, published in May of this year by Princeton University Press. That’s true, and not news; mannerisms count. In the United States, new money has long been shunned by old, in part because new money sometimes found its way into the hands of non-whites and non-Protestants, and in part because people heady with fresh fortune tend to flaunt tacky taste. (They insist every room be gold, choose Orlando as the site for the country’s largest home, and flip tables when they’re angry.) But there’s class and then there’s class.

“The aspirational class is a big and powerful cultural formation,” she writes, and it’s a group that may be “even more pernicious than the superrich who are vilified in the media.” In alleged contrast to the superrich, the aspirational class is a threat because they “shore up their and their children’s distinct sociocultural (and often economic) position of privilege, leaving everyone else out.”

Rich people are notorious for being out of touch, but they’re not always completely stupid; flaunting wealth during a time of expanding economic inequality doesn’t just make you reviled, it may make you a target

READ: So You Think You’ve Got Class? – The New Inquiry

***** Universal Basic Income

Around the world, there is a lot of buzz around the idea of universal basic income (also known as “unconditional basic income” or UBI). It can take different forms or vary in the details, but in essence: UBI is the idea a government would pay all citizens, employed or not, a flat monthly sum to cover basic needs. This funding would come with no strings attached or special conditions, which would remove any potential stigma associated with receiving it. In short: it would be free money.



Baby Daddies and Dandy Scandals


The case of dynastic gazillion-heirs Kate Rothschild and Ben Goldsmith’s recent public implosion made for startlingly expensive dirty linen. Repudiating their illustrious predecessors’ unwavering dedication to keeping up appearances, yet unwilling to settle for the unspeakably bourgeois condition of unhappy monogamy, 29-year-old Kate and 31-year-old Ben duked it out on Twitter this summer over Kate’s trysts with a hip-hop star. Her naughtiness was preceded, it emerged, by Ben cheating “several times” (including with Pippa Middleton, if tittle-tattle is to be believed). The fascination with which the English-speaking world greeted Kate and Ben’s deranged tweeting was all the greater, given their ilk’s usual ethos of “not in front of the servants.” Indeed, Rothschild family members have otherwise invariably shunned the limelight: in a rare 2010 newspaper interview, Kate’s uncle Jacob beseeched the journalist: “If you decide to write anything, I’d rather it wasn’t about me.” And Ben’s late father, litigious billionaire financier James Goldsmith, was once so outraged by a reporter’s personal question that he performed a citizen’s arrest.

Zac, Ben’s older brother, has inherited both his father’s privacy concerns, and his predilection for behavior that might call for privacy. Last year, Conservative MP Zac, 37, called for parliament to “design proper privacy laws” so that the media can’t “invade people’s privacy unless there’s good reason.” Whether snapping photos of Zac visiting Kate’s younger sister, Alice Rothschild, for an “afternoon of passion” constitutes good reason is a conundrum for sharper minds to ponder; suffice it to say that without the media glare directed on Zac’s extramarital activities, he may well not have divorced his wife, Sheherazade, but rather continued to exercise his genetic entitlement to sexual carte blanche.   MORE HERE

The Rothschild Family Are (still) the Wealthiest Family in Human History (really) – read this (top photo, family crest)

Despite the dilution of the Rothschild Family’s wealth, there are still a number of extraordinarily wealthy individuals bearing the Rothschild surname. The largest of these fortunes belongs to the British financier Jacob Rothschild, who is worth around $5 billion USD, whilst another British financier, Sir Evelyn De Rothschild, has a fortune of $20 billion USD.


READ: Secretary Zinke Advises Trump to Leave a Legacy of Broken Promises with Tribes – Native News Online

Federal Protection For Utah National Monument Threatened

New Hampshire Public Radio

There are five Native American tribes whose homelands border the Bears Ears National Monument in Southeast Utah.

NOYES: Bears Ears National Monument is protected now, and it’s actually been 80 years in the making to realize its protection. And its ancestral lands of not only these five tribes but many other tribes who have built cliff dwellings here, who have recorded their histories, who visit the area to gather medicinal herbs, to hunt, to conduct ceremonies.

SIEGEL: Now, that was the case before it was declared a monument. What are the specific protections that came with monument status and that are at risk if they’re withdrawn?

NOYES: It’s had a lot of looting and grave robbing that’s been happening at the site – there’s approximately a hundred thousand archaeological sites in the region. And so people have been taking these sacred objects out of the area. And it’s also at increasing risk to uranium development, potash, oil and gas. And so there are a lot of threats to the area.


  1. So you know.,In regards to Lincoln…..,A story of a small hunting party that left the reservation in search of food ,because the Govt rations were spoiled ” No Good” .,were opened fire upon by some of those settlers you refer to…Beginning the last “Dakota” war…

    Which afterwards soldiers rounded up 38 warriors.,2 who weren’t even there and some who tried to protect the settlers families after the battle began…To which Lincoln himself ordered their hanging and their remains placed on display in a museum in Minnesota…

    1996 We finally repatriated the bones of our ancestors and buried them on Sacred ground outside Sisseton….

    Been struggling lady….

    Last May my house burnt down and I lost a close friend { Ashley Dumarce} and her 4 yr old daughter { Aja} as well as everything I owned.,

    She was 26..,She came to me a year before crying for help to quit using and get her life together for her kids…She cleaned up in that house.,made it her own…

    She became as a daughter to me..,Her kids accepted me as Grandpa…

    We became a close loving family.

    I saved her 5 yr old son…,But the smoke was too thick to get upstairs to save them.,They died of smoke inhalation….Your prayers for her family and yes ..Myself.,would be greatly appreciated….pidamaya do..! thankyou..!

    * “Love Has The Innate Ability To Look Past The Human And See The Godly..”,

    “May all those who have gentle spirits find peace and those who don’t ,find rest.” “If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain; If I can ease one life the aching, or cool one pain, or help one fainting Robin unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain.”

    “Kindness is the language the blind can see and the deaf can hear”

    * I will forever remain humble because I know I could have less.. I will always be thankful/grateful because I K N O W I’ve had less. * ” IN GOD I BOTH LOVE AND TRUST ” “Never fear tomorrow.,God is already there…” ” What would I Give , That My People Might Live…..?” ” Ikce Wicasta”



  2. I have long wondered why film and TV celebrities think that they are somehow qualified to make political statements. Some may find this worthy and attractive, but I have always considered it to be cynical, and part of the publicity machine. Why a multi-millionaire personality, with no money worries, a lavish lifestyle, and little or no understanding of ‘ordinary’ life thinks I want to know what they want me to believe, or how to vote, is beyond my tolerance at times.

    Barbed wire is one of those almost forgotten modern inventions, one that indeed changed the world, in some regions. It endues too. I visited battlefields in France and Belgium, and saw barbed wire almost 100 years old, still as vicious and effective as the day it was erected.

    My blogging friend, and American retired professor, Ed Westen has written a very accessible short book on the distribution of ‘Free Money’. Here’s a link.

    Thanks for the usual interesting selection, Lara.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. The “aspirational class” is also slippery… it tends to define itself as belonging to whatever group of people is being currently undermined, slipping the noose of knowable definition so they can mold every self-serving issue into one of “national concern.” This group is the real terror of the political system as well as our country…and it has its hooks in the political power grid which by its complicity is feeding the carefully polished self-image of those who need help and sympathy the least. Apparently stupid IS forever…because I don’t anyone willing to wake up.

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    • I really had to think about this KC. For example, it’s said that the 20-somethings in Silicon Valley are the new (filthy rich) celebs – who invent things like Uber and have no class whatsoever yet they are fueling all the new inventions we are seeing. They don’t leave the sofa and have everything delivered.

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      • Wealth offers so much in the way of blinders…Something the young tend to have because they are only just beginning to See anyway. But with wealth comes the power of insulated self-perception and self-importance; so of course any criticism must be jealousy or simple ignorance. Because the young will be young forever, they don’t worry about the damage they are causing the rest of the world… it will never be THEM on the losing end. Except it will be, because even wealth cannot stop mortality. The problem (I think) hides behind something my Mexican born husband said: Americans don’t seem able to commit to self-identity… we are too busy competing with each other about who is the most oppressed. And THAT is another set of blinders…

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