‘Woman Walks Ahead’ Review | ‘Hostiles’ Review | Variety

Jessica Chastain commands respect in this true story of a modern woman who fought white prejudice to paint a portrait of Sitting Bull.

Woman Walks Ahead” offers dimension to its leading lady, but holds its Native characters to the same old surface stereotypes.


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A ruthless killer of Native Americans learns that some ‘savages’ are worth saving in a Western that isn’t nearly as progressive as it thinks…

But just how progressive is a movie that draws a false equivalency between individual Indian attacks and large-scale, government-sanctioned genocide?

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  1. Sometimes I think we are afraid to let Native People just be who they are… We have this “vision” that we don’t want spoiled because it cannot serve our ends. The hardest thing for me as a non-Native who supports Native Rights was letting go of the Anglo tendency to think that a people’s expression of themselves is a request for ANY kind of commentary, solution or advice: it is NOT. Such is only and purely a statement of self, a love-me-or- leave -me proposition, a declaration of independence and not a request for the “fixing” of problems — not even and especially the ones non-Natives have caused. If you truly want to support Native Peoples, you have to let them BE who they are, to REDISCOVER who they are, and to make any and all mistakes such self-determination requires. Stop thinking Native People can be Native People only so long as they don’t ruin your imagined image of them…Stop thinking that they are making mistakes if they decide to harvest oil or to protest a pipeline. They are just like the rest of us: imperfect and human and seeking to grow. Birth and rebirth is often messy, untidy, and even offensive. But it is necessary for Life to happen. And for a nation who put two wildly different presidents in office recently, we really shouldn’t be casting aspersions. Or making certain kinds of movies, apparently.

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    • KC, you have hit on something important and essential. I started working at a national Native newspaper way back in 1986. And I realize you and other readers may not have this news any other way, than by reading this blog. There is lots of news out there. I hope to share all kinds of things, as best I can curate. And yes, there are many perspectives. Native people are as varied as the stars. And I appreciate you more than words can say.

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