Gaslighting: Protect Yourself | Quebec Suicides End Suffering | Trump: America’s gaslighter in chief

Gaslighter in Chief? I wanted to share an earlier post about gaslighting that was very enlightening. And it’s driving journalists crazy!  HERE

Gaslighting is a manipulation tactic used to gain power. And it works too well.

READ: Gaslighting: Know It and Identify It to Protect Yourself | Psychology Today


Five suicides in Quebec indigenous communities were avoidable

The coroner added that most of the victims had not wanted to die, but wanted to end their suffering.

Source: Five suicides in Quebec indigenous communities were avoidable: coroner’s report | National Observer

Donald Trump Is Conning America With His Lies

Dear America,

This is an intervention.

You have a problem.

Donald Trump.

He’s gaslighting you.

***It’s a technique abusers use: Through manipulation and outright lies, they so disorient their target that the person (or in this case, the country) is left defenseless.

Trump is a toxic blend of Barnum and bully. If you’re a good mark, he’s your best friend. But if you catch on to the con, then he starts to gaslight.  Ask him a question and he’ll lie without batting an eye.  Call him a liar and he’ll declare himself “truthful to a fault.” Confront him with contradictory evidence and he’ll shrug and repeat the fib.  Maybe he’ll change the subject.  But he’ll never change the lie.

Evidence?  He says he never settles lawsuits.  He says he’s polling better than Clinton in New York.  He says he never encourages violence at his rallies.  He says he’s winning Latinos.  He says he’s the first candidate to mention immigration.  He says, he says, he says.

But forget all that, because evidence is for losers.  READ MORE

Donald Trump is ‘gaslighting’ all of us


Now Trump has brought it to the United States. The techniques include saying and doing things and then denying it, blaming others for misunderstanding, disparaging their concerns as oversensitivity, claiming outrageous statements were jokes or misunderstandings, and other forms of twilighting the truth.


LAST ONE:  “The violence was all around us… The fear was mapped in the way people walked wide around us at the Paul Bunyan Mall.”

The myth of distance or separation (not us, over there, that other place) is one of the myths that support the whole American enterprise, an enterprise committed wholly to the notion of its own innocence and goodness.  The perversity of this commitment to the fiction of goodness (equaled only by the perversity of the violence—against blacks, against Indians, against immigrants—which is nothing less than the unwritten covenant meshed with, embraced by, our nobler-seeming founding documents because a Bill of Rights or a Constitution mean nothing without implied exclusions in the way untested faith is no faith at all) is not an act of ignorance.

Rather, the fiction of goodness is itself an act of violence.  – David Treuer is an Ojibwe writer, translator, and professor at the University of Southern California.





  1. I had never heard the term ‘gaslighting’ before. (But I have seen the film) My step-daughter spent six years in an abusive relationship, and all of those warning signals are exactly what he did to her.
    Sad to read about the life of the people on the Quebec north shore, and hard to imagine that they are still treated in this fashion.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Another awareness-raising post, Lara. And yes, indeed; ‘gaslighting’ is one of several tactics that Narcipaths employ to confuse, provoke, and throw others off-kilter. (I’ve shared several others on S.C.). Recognizing the ploys and patterns can definitely help. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. I am so saddened by high suicides on reservations. And I honestly do not know what to think with regard to solutions that do not include a massive rethinking of how we view Native People. It makes me angry that so many are manipulated, brutalized and victimized by arrogant and strategically placed words….there must be a special place in Hell for these bullies…the Christian kind fraught with devils and pitchforks… And as for our Executive Order Signer in Chief, respect is earned — and sometimes forfeited. I think it will be real interesting to watch what happens with Sino-US relations. Having lived in Taiwan for two years I learned one important thing: the Chinese have an honor-based culture, and honesty is critical. China is not Russia, and I deduce an interesting diplomatic future…

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  4. So so so……so…..arrrrggghhhhh!!! PS gaslighting happens in the workplace too. You can be an incompetent boob as long as you go along quietly. A wise person is dangerous. Someday we will be scribbling signs in the sand so we can recognize one another. I don’t know…perhaps a lightbulb?

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    • Yes, Cheryl, yes. I think we can all go back in memory and find someone who gaslighted us. I can think of a boyfriend or two, as well. When I first heard the term a few years ago, it was like a big lightbulb went off. P.S. The lightbulb has not gone off concerning Gasligher in Chief Trump – too many people are still in the dark.

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  5. The truly frightening thing for me has been watching so many lap up the milk of diseased thought hungrily, like he is a kindred spirit, saying it is okay to be anything wrong that they want to be-with no apology. Some of these people were friends. I think far too many people view it as just another meme or gif, a great joke that is off the wall, like an episode of Family Guy or Drunk History. All I see is Stephen King’s The Stand. Can you spell Moon?

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