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BIG NEWS: Nebraska Liquor Stores Near Pine Ridge Reservation Lose Licenses

Read more about Oglala Lakota here (top photo)

Here’s a story I wrote about Ellowyn’s life in 2007 and the road blocks to the rez… here


8 thoughts on “BIG NEWS: Nebraska Liquor Stores Near Pine Ridge Reservation Lose Licenses

  1. For someone living in rural England, it seems amazing that they had to close down liquor stores in a bid to stop people destroying their lives with alcohol. But won’t they just buy it somewhere else?
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Having spent time there, walking a mile and a half was too close to buy alcohol on a dry reservation. Yes, they will have to drive now to purchase but it will be a deterrent. It’s a small step on a long road.

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    2. In addition to Lara/Trace’s comment, and having had my first real relationship with an alcoholic, I can say that the biggest battle when connected emotionally to any addict is with those dashing about waving the temptation under the noses of those who might otherwise decide to try to stop what they are doing… Having liquor stores outside the reservation is downright predatory under cover of convenience. While it is true alocholics will not stop until they darn well feel like stopping, at least there are mothers, spouses, siblings, and friends out there who are being given a little precious breathing space with which to support any positive steps.

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