China’s abandoned daughters search for their parents | | Al Jazeera

The stories of three women who were abandoned by their parents during China’s one-child policy.

Source: China’s abandoned daughters search for their parents | | Al Jazeera



  1. Many years ago, there was a documentary on TV here about baby girls being abandoned in China. Scenes of unwanted children tied to small chairs in children’s homes, fed but ignored, caused outrage here at the time. My cousin tried to adopt one of the baby girls, but was not allowed to do so by the authorities in London. They did not feel that England was the right place to bring up an ethnic Chinese baby in a different environment.
    I can well imagine how those children are now grown up, and trying to find their roots.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. And yet…. when we look at those adoptions, one is saddened by the fact of so many of our own children who once out of diapers, cannot find homes right here. We seem to have our own child policy: babies only.


    • KC, I was adopted as a baby, maybe seven months, after an orphanage and foster care. I wrote the ACLU in MN and asked them to help me sue Catholic Charities for erasing my identity. I didn’t ask to be adopted. Or have my identity erased. Yet, it was. These girls in China are asking for their identity, like I did. Sometimes our parents cannot raise us, yes. But that does not mean we should not know our name, our family name, and where they are. Right here in America, adoptees of all ethnicity are doing the same searches I did. The world is catching on… slowly.


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