800 Babies in a Mass Grave – a Re-Post/Update

From my friend Toritto:

On June 2, 2014 I posted the below article concerning an Irish historian’s claim that hundreds of dead babies were to be found on the grounds of a “home” for unwed mothers run by …

PLEASE READ: 800 Babies in a Mass Grave – a Re-Post/Update

It’s Friday and a good day to cry my eyes out… Lara/Trace

Ireland coverage


  1. Was hard to hit like. Sigh. I am not perfect, but I can’t imagine. Sadly as a former Catholic, I remember graphics shown to us as children of Satan feeding the fires of hell with unbaptized babies.

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  2. This is murder, actually. No excuses for anyone involved in this. But will the crime ever be prosecuted? I heard on Friday TV news that the Catholic Church wishes to sell $100milllion in property in New York City to pay the victims of pedophile priests. This is not headline news but worthy of our thoughts. This church happens to be the richest in the world right now. They should be prosecuted for the crimes they committed.


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