Virtual Reality … and My Big Toe

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I listened to a fascinating interview with Thomas Campbell.  Quantum Physics can really help us make sense of these times…  Campbell is one of the great voices on the relationship between the physics of reality and the journey toward a richly conscious soul.  I have never heard of him before. (YouTube has lots of his talks.)

I feel so much better – WHEW!  We are here to be KIND and LOVE… (truly we are all related as souls) AND we CAN do this… LT


What Do You Know?

1. ____________ account for 52 percent of all internet traffic.

2. Schools with high levels of poverty are ____________ times less likely to perform highly than low-poverty ones.

3. In a 2014 study that covered 15 years of elections, researchers found 31 instances of voter impersonation out of ____________ total votes.


Answers: Bots, 22, 1 billion

and check this out:

How do contemporary artists deal with concepts of the future? Here, a national survey of 10 fascinating practices in Canada.

READ: 10 Canadian Artists with Forward-Thinking Practices


  1. Of course, there is also the standy-by Medicine Man view that everything here is an illusion. Sometimes that makes it all easier to swallow…and I kind of like the idea of making enemies disappear like cockroaches when the Other World lights are switched on…

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