Breaking News: #StandingRock #NoDAPL

READ: US Army Corps to Issue Easement for Completion of DAPL – Native News Online




11 thoughts on “Breaking News: #StandingRock #NoDAPL

  1. I read an article a few weeks back, before the inauguration, that Obama had allowed this pipeline to be delayed, so he wouldn’t take the heat for it.

    I wish I could say that I was hopeful that Trump would put an end to this, with all the pipeline failures that are, and have been, occurring in these areas, but I knew Trump would do this. He is as owned and operated as any other president before him.

    Like Obama carrying on the Bush crimes against humanity and nature, Trump will simply follow suit and carry on Obama’s sick, disgusting legacy.

    It is not the individual in office that is the problem, it is the system itself that must be brought down.

    But no one wants to hear this! We have become weak, lazy, lacking in compassion, and the elite-swine know it!

    I hope your friends will be safe, too!

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  2. It is worrisome that the new POTUS is itching for a fight and may use Standing Rock as an example. When the state has so many shiny new tools of suppression to play with, its hard to believe they don’t plan to use them somewhere and on someone.

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  3. Small comfort, I know, but I have grown in the belief that the consistently historic over-the-top suppression of the Sioux Nation for any public commentary just proves how very important they are to the rest of Native America as leaders. The Sioux are on the forefront of the Civil Rights battle for Native America. This — if for no other reason — is why ALL Americans need to rally around them now.

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