Cascade of Lies Leading Back to 9/11 | Crimes of Seal Team 6 | U.S. Decline to Banana Republic

There have been many governments through history with people like Trump/Kushner in power; they just haven’t been democracies.

READ: Beneath Trump’s Mockery of a Reporter, a Cascade of Lies Leading Back to 9/11

READ: The Crimes of SEAL Team 6

U.S. Decline to Banana Republic Accelerates as Trump Places Son-in-Law Jared Kushner in White House

All this matters because Kushner may be the single most important influence on Trump.

Hey everyone:

I wanted to share a resource that is very good if you are keeping up with news as a citizen journalist/blogger/vlogger.

Journalist’s Resource

Fake news and the spread of misinformation

This collection of research offers insights into the impacts of fake news, including fake Twitter images, and how people use the internet to spread rumors and misinformation.

College grade inflation: Looking for a cause

What is behind college grade inflation? A new study finds students are enrolling in easier subjects, while some soft professors may be handing out undeserved high marks.


  1. Hi Lara, I just mentioned you yesterday in conversation with Howard Clark, a founder of Nolumbeka group. Asked him if he knew you or knew of you. No and no. Surprised me. You may want to connect with those folks. Many similar interests and causes, plus many interesting public events aimed at teaching local people the Happy Valley’s rich deep history. BTW, are you familiar with “The Bear’s Journey” of Eastern Algonquian lore? It fascinates me, have read about it and an archaeological altar/ceremonial site off Lake Michigan. Few indigenous people I’ve spoken to seem to know a lot about it, or are hesitant to share what they know. Off I go … Best, Gary


    • Hi Gary, I know of Howard definitely. Was the The Bear’s Journey a children’s storybook – do you know? I remember something when i was editor of Ojibwe Akiing. Will check in to this. Much thanks, megwetch!


  2. LT, all this just shows that the refreshing aspect of Trump’s corruption is it is just out there in your face unlike Hillary and Barack corruption which is hidden in foundations behind closed doors. The sad part is that he’ll get away with it!

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