What do we do now? #Election2016


By LT 

(White Lash video: what DO we tell our kids and grandkids? The truth, all of it…)

I’m sure there are plenty of people gloating, in shock, or some even panicking, over the electoral vote for The Donald, as if this one particular presidency is going to make our life better, worse and/or different.  I’m sure there are still optimists out there who think that this guy will change everything and rapidly. Or that Trump is the first common man’s president, since he’s a non-politician and considered an outspoken revolutionary.

When I was editor of Ojibwe Akiing, I recall when Jesse Ventura (left photo) was that guy too.  He was elected governor of Minnesota (1999-2003) and he said (coming from a background of no political experience) that he would not meet with special interests. That was when the tribes in Minnesota requested to meet with him. This knucklehead was unaware of the federal treaties and the government-to-government relationship with tribes.  In Minnesota, there are seven Anishinaabe (Chippewa, Ojibwe) reservations and four Dakota (Sioux) communities.  Lackluster in his governance and low on experience, Ventura didn’t last long in the political arena.  [He told tribes he had used hand grenades to catch fish. Just toss the grenade into a lake and BOOM! Yup, true story.]

We’d assume the learning curve for any non-politician to take office is pretty steep.  What could possibly happen? or go wrong? or nothing happens – like with Obama who was blocked by Congress at every turn?

Other journalists and I are making a list of what is going to affect tribes in the near future with The Donald Presidency.  (Like the Supreme Court Justice appointment.) Personally I don’t think the Standing Rock protectors are safe, the Dakota Access PipeLine (hashtag #NoDAPL) will proceed quickly and some protectors could actually be murdered, a bloody sacrifice for Big Oil interests. Trump invested in pipelines.

I watched the protests last night on TV.  I applaud them but will it work?

My husband is a mix of African American and Native American.  He has lived through many presidents and has lived a very different experience than me, one that is hard for me to fathom.  Frisked for being black? The Danger of DWB: Driving while Black? Hands Up: Don’t Shoot Me (or us)??

Can you for one minute imagine that?

This is real life in America.  Not wanting to take a leisurely drive to hill-towns near us because he could be a target and shot in cold blood by some random rifle-carrying racist?  Don’t take unnecessary risks?  This is his thinking, yet I can only imagine what it’s been like for him; I cannot live his experience in his skin but I am living it my own way.

My husband could be killed. That has been and will continue to be my fear and my reality and more so, due to The Donald presidency.

What I fear most with the Donald President is an increase in racial violence and police killings of non-white Americans.  It’s a real fear, one that was witnessed in the campaign rallies when non-whites were targets, and Trump eagerly encouraged it. It’s hard to tell what “the real Donald is”, as in real life. Was his campaign all “show”? It felt poisonous. Is he dangerous and a psychopath?

I am afraid of Trump and many many other people are, too.

Wishing this would end won’t help us now.  I cannot stop feeling that it’s our reality now.

I ask for your prayers that we rise up united and reject racism at its foundation and core and not be the racist misogynist sexist country that Trump is/was/or will be encouraging.

Thank you for reading this blog! Peace and Love UNITED…





***Wikipedia:  Trump’s populist[9][10] positions in opposition to illegal immigration and various free trade agreements, such as his opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership,[11][12][13][14] have earned him support especially among white[15] blue-collar voters and voters without college degrees.[16][17] Many of his remarks have been controversial and have helped his campaign garner extensive coverage by the mainstream media, trending topics, and social media.[18][19]


  • “From the start, Trump targeted the (mostly) white working class, which happens to be 40 percent of the country. And he’s done it not just with issues, but with how he talks — the ball-busting, the “bragging,” the over-the-top promises…  But it speaks volumes — whole encyclopedias — about the ignorance of our political and media elites that they’re only now realizing that much of what Trump’s been doing is just busting balls.  It’s a blue-collar ritual, with clear rules — overtly insulting, sure, but with infinite subtleties. It can be a test of manliness, a sign of respect, a way of bonding and much more.  Why Trump Wins


Ventura in 2016

✓ Ventura endorsed Gary Johnson for the 2016 presidential general election.[6]

Read about the Ventura legacy:

Before Trump, there was Jesse Ventura — and an improbable victory …

MPR: The political legacy of Jesse Ventura

***Ventura’s campaign was unexpectedly successful, with him narrowly defeating both the Democratic and Republican candidates. The highest elected official to ever win an election on a Reform Party ticket, Ventura left the Reform Party a year after taking office amid internal fights for control over the party. [WIKI*]


  1. Hugs Lara. I could hardly breathe yesterday for the heaviness. Not just because another puppet, animal, or idiot was elected. It was because this election flushed out the true insanity that exists in this country. People I thought I knew with so much anger, so much prejudice, so much ignorance that now I can only love them as the Creator would have me do, yet I cannot bring myself to speak to them. So often I feel my words are as evaporating droplets tossed into an abysmal well of apathy. I am so sorry for whatever negative experiences you and your family, husband have suffered. I feel so much pain from everyone. Sometimes I want to evaporate, myself….

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  2. There is no hope in this system, LT! Not for Blacks, Native Americans, or those white people, like me, who have no power, no say or control, over this criminal system of government.

    I was livid yesterday, but not because this moron capitalist pig won. Oh, Trump is an ass all right, but so were the other choices. And as you point out, it makes no difference who won, since everything will continue to get worse for the people. I was, and still am, angry about the massive turn out. This proves to me that Americans, the majority of them, are incapable of learning and changing!

    So from here forward, my emphasis is going to be on the people in this world who are being destroyed by this government, the government we Americans are not only doing nothing about but still taking part in and supporting.

    Sorry, LT! I hate what is happening to you, your husband and so many others here. But I have a friend in Turkey, and he wonders why Americans remain so loyal to this government. I have no real answer for him. I have no answers, period!

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  3. The night he was elected I watched the Guardian’s county result page, and was sickened when I saw so much red building, not because of Trump per se, but because of my complete belief that the people who voted for him voted against people of color and women. I am sharing this article from Glen Greenwald because truth is comforting in the midst of crazy. Knowing why this happened — and Glen’s article rings true for the most part — allows me to look upon some of the “friends’ I have who voted for the moron to ask them if this was the reason — or if they are simply racist abusive Nazi-followers. And am also following you now.

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  4. I can understand the US people’s shock. Before the election this nightmare hadn’t actualised yet. People knew what is waiting for them, but it hadn’t happened yet. To experience is different thing. With the election experienced, the reality has showed itself. They were worse candidates, and one of them is president anymore. And this is a reality anymore.

    To pass through of this shock will take for a while.

    And, my opinion is about “what we do now?”,

    As the first thing the people have to decide that what they want in real. After then, as the second, they need to answer to this question “what are the obstacles against my wants.” And the last one, they should ask and find the answer of this: “how many people think similar with me and struggle next to me?”

    First question will make a clear “what kind of life that you really desire and what can you make to reach to this life”; even if you can fight, you can take many risks, if your answer would be honest.

    Second question will give the answer what or who are against us, and who are they or what are these. And describe them. If you don’t describe and don’t know what or who they are in every angle, this struggle would be lost from the begining.

    And the last one, probably the most important of these question: “how many people think similar with me and struggle next to me?”

    This is the organizing. If the people who have the same thought and same resistance aim would be together, this creates an unbreakable bond. And this bond is the biggest nightmare of the capitalist-imperialist elites.

    System is corrupt almost in everywhere on this planet. When the sytem is corrupt, the impositions of the system are more corrupt. And these cost the ordinary people’ lives. And my Earthling friend, these days will pass eventually. What is important is who will direct this transition process: are the capitalist elites, or the people’s working class?

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  5. Interesting the parallels between Ventura and Trump. I foresee the Trump presidency as being a technocratic one where his advisors will run the government. I honestly don’t see any other alternative with someone who has no prior experience in government. According to the BBC, a standing general will step down to assume the role of Secretary of Defense. It appears the much of Trump’s backing has been from active and retired generals who are opposed to the CIA/State Department running military policy – as they have been doing in Syria and everywhere else the US is at war.

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  6. I watched in horror as this happened – not just on Tuesday night, but for the past SEVERAL months. It’s gross. I”m sending all my positivity down to your country because you are going to need it now.

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  7. I think what is important to remember here is that almost three million people in this country did NOT vote for Trump. It took that figure for me to stop looking with suspicion and disgust at my fellow voters, and it means that almost three million people most certainly do NOT agree with the hate-laced agenda of the Trump campaign. It also means that almost three million people might darn well stand up and be counted if a move is made on our fellow Americans and new immigrants, although for once I wish we’d stand behind our NATIVE Americans with as much passion as we sometimes see elsewhere. I disagree with many when it is said Obama did not accomplish much in his presidency: he accomplished making the rest of us THINK about why some of our population continue to feel disenfranchised, and for eight years many of us have thought twice about how we say the things we say and why we might feel inclined to say them. Obama was a unifying force for common folk… and now that so many of us are thinking, and remembering how OUR votes counted at least twice, we know that action on a very personal level might well become necessary. Watching this new presidency unfold will be trying, sometimes scary and often sickening. And that is exactly why we must not be afraid to stand up for what is right when it is right to do so. Tyranny triumphs when too many assume someone else will do the dirty work of battle. Obama taught us that this is our country to shape. As the wife of a Mexican immigrant, I am ready to do so. I hope almost three million others will not hesitate either — for immigrants, for African Americans, for the Standing Rock Sioux. Get involved. This is our country. THESE are our people.


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