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#infanticide blog posts
#infanticide blog posts


By Lara Trace, adoptee and author of ONE SMALL SACRIFICE (top photo)

This is the month to bring awareness to the harm of closed and illegal adoptions and the history from a different vantage point: the adoptee who experiences it.

#NovemberAdoptionAwarenessMonth is shortened to NAAM.

#FliptheScript began on the Lost Daughters Blog. It grew and grew and grew.

When did forced adoption begin? A very long time ago.

I have said many times the only way to change history is to write it ourselves (as in adoptees and first moms and dads.)

I’ll be posting more news and updates each week.

01_13151137_99ba23_2992398aA BOOK based on TV3’s Adoption Stories has been launched (Ireland)

The book is based on the TV3 series and highlights the reality of adoption today in Ireland and is the only series to feature first hand experiences.

On Oct. 12, TV producer and director Sharon Lawless launched her first book at Hodges Figgis on Dawson Street, Dublin.

 She said: “The TV series adoption stories allows me to bring the reality of all aspects of adoption both past and present to the viewers, this book brings it one step further.”

Included in the book are real life situations, among stories about reunited siblings, a rejected natural mother, child trafficking, an abusive adoptive mother.

There is also an incorrect identification, intercountry adoption, a married couple who gave their child up, a real time search and DNA testing.

And if that’s not enough, you can read about a little suitcase that survived a trip from Ireland to the US with its toddler owner over 50 years ago.

Adoption was legalised in Ireland in 1952, since when, almost 45,000 legal adoptions have taken place.

It’s estimated the same number again could have been illegal.

Adoption Stories looks at all aspects of adoption in Ireland from the point of view of those who have experienced it firsthand. READ MORE

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