A crow and a crone


Locally many need to know – we Indigenous First Nations are still here. My Abenaki friend Rich Holschuh posted: “How did we all end up in this situation?”  – as I often repeat, it’s all connected.  LISTEN: Brattleboro Historical Society Podcast e72: First Peoples Part 2

I wanted to share a moment of the big wind this past weekend and the view from our living room! The crow was talking all day!

and the little white pine I love (top photo and left) looks very healthy!!

my little white pine isn’t so little anymore

I lost one of my Harlow relatives in Pana, Illinois this past week. Her service is today. Betty Harlow Yarber was 90. We visited last year at the Harlow powwow.

I found a poem in an old journal that I wrote for my old boss Jerry Dennon way back in 1992.

It’s fitting for me now that my sister and brother have passed too.

I am an elder now or crone.  [The Crone is an archetypal figure, a Wise Woman.]

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  1. This is a most interesting post. I hope the effort of the indigenous people that lived on their land before settlers invaded their lives can get the recognition they rightly deserve. We or at least I think that to live in a world where all people can move in harmony is the way it was meant to be. Unfortunately I also think that greed is what causes what is going on in this world not only here in America but all over the world. The question is how do we stop it???? Can we stop it? Will the generations that follow be able to come up with a better plan. I hope so, there is always hope.

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    • Vermont is unusual. Because of their history of sterilizing Abenaki and other Native people, they are mandated by state law to teach this history in all their schools. This new generation will know the truth of what happened (like the Rogers Rangers who invaded and killed Abenaki and destroyed their territories). With truth, we can eventually live in peace.

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  2. I am sorry for your loss, LT. A close friend’s uncle died just recently as well, he was 94.

    I loved the poem, LT! The evidence of the creator, in every thing there is, is the only thing standing between me and cynical atheist view. If this all by chance and mutation, then as far as I am concerned, this life is not worth it!

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  3. Thank you, Lara! A lovely post in a difficult week for Indigenous people. I like to think that Vermont is different, and I guess it is. But school administrators in the southeast part of the state still refuse to believe there are Native kids in their schools……

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  4. I’m sorry for your loss Lara. The veil is thin indeed. Only our perception clouds the connection. I am so connected to birds. I seem to be in the constant company of hawk and crow. I have heard many thinag about crows and what they might mean in your life but I have not yet decided why they come to me so often. I love your video. I love the sound if the wind in the trees….

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  5. They certainly catch my attention. When I lived in Costa Rica there was one that came to our glass windows and doors every morning at sunrise and would tap with its beak and squawk until I got up and spoke to it. It may sound odd but I feel like I was a bird, they are like family to me.

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