BIG BROTHER: Silicon Valley and Police Create COINTELPRO for the Tech Age

I feel violated


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“…“The fact that third parties are making big money off of the sale and trading of our data with law enforcement is a huge problem and one that any social media user in this country or beyond should be disgusted and surprised by,” said Malkia Cyril, executive director of the Center for Media Justice”:

(Silicon Valley and Police Create COINTELPRO for the Tech Age –

While Silicon Valley declared its ostensible support for Black Lives Matter, tech execs provided law enforcement with data used to track activists.

The most widely-used social media platforms have collaborated with law enforcement to track Black Lives Matter activists, providing police agencies with data that is unavailable to the broader public, the American Civil Liberties Union revealed Tuesday.

Surveillance State: Charlotte Cops Monitor Protest with Cameras

Indeed, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all gave “special access” to Geofeedia, a Chicago-based social media…

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12 thoughts on “BIG BROTHER: Silicon Valley and Police Create COINTELPRO for the Tech Age

  1. This is why I only have email and my blog, and I use my email sparingly.

    Of course, Big Bro can still track and know everything I am doing and thinking as well, without me being on Facebook or Twitter. “Big Brother is watching” is correct. Orwell the prophet!

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      1. The other strategy is to flood them with machine generated nonsense 24/7. This has 3 effects, one is to make it expensive to store all this data, two, it makes sorting through all the junk nearly impossible, especially with millions of people doing this and the 3rd, it looks like you are at your computer while you are walking the Dog. You can have multiple machines!! Any coders paying attention? There is software to be created and sold. Sign me up, I’m buying!
        Finally you have a good use for that old XP machine in the attic. Facial recognition can be defeated, so they are much more likely to track you through your cell phone that is always scanning for free wifi. RFID chips, like the one used in passports, were hacked/cracked back in 2013, and can be read from 15ft away. This last bit was published, not in English, but Dutch print. Greetings.

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  2. It’s…soulless, isn’t it? I’ve been watching very fishy things going on with the pipeline protests as well and can’t help but buck at the thought of so much policing of involved and concerned citizens when crazy lobby groups go unchecked. The system is out of whack.

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  3. I’m so disturbed by the state of surveillance that I don’t use the regular net much anymore. I use the TOR browser for most everything except watching Press TV from Iran. Only because TOR doesn’t have the plugins required to stream Press TV live.

    It’s why I don’t follow blogs nor do likes very often. I miss everyone, though. Such a horrid thing this mass surveillance is, I’ve been watching a lot of Snowden videos in the last week, there is a few new ones, and it truly is spooky how not only is there facial recognition, there is also walking recognition, I forget the name for the walkng recognition, I think it’s called “Gait Recogintion”, but I’m not exactly sure of the name right now.

    I long for an ethical internet, the police need a warrant to come into one’s home, yet they are in our homes and everywhere one goes who has a cellular gadget or computer. Along with “law enforcement”, governments are in our homes, via the net, it’s so appalling that I just can’t stomach it. Like I said, I mostly use the TOR browser, and don’t even come onto WordPress very often due to the mass survileane and every like is sold as is every comment. They outta pay us for all the information gathering that is sold to big business and big brother.

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      1. Laura, you are a freind and a sister. I treasure our relationship. ❤️

        Here is the link for TOR:

        If you have a Mac, it will try and prevent you from installing the Broswer, I think I used the command and control key to bypass that, but I don’t remember right now,
        TOR is the only browser that Snowden uses, although Ronnie told me that Snowden also uses Tails (also a TOR project, but I don’t know how to figure out how to use it on the newer Mac Retina display computer, so since it’s just a way to reroute everything through TOR, I figure I might as well just use TOR because I could mess up my computer trying to figure out Tails, it needs a CD (and the new macs don’t have a CD/DVD burner, they are external now and must be purchased, I do have an external one but I don’t know if Tails works on an external CD, it does work off of a USB gadget that Tails goes on to, but I really don’t know how to do that).

        I miss writing poetry …such a high cost the mass surveillance is… that I’ve given up the the one thing that I love to do the most in order to not willingly participate in the allowing off spying. I may even shut down the net, haven’t decided that yet, though. For now, I like TOR, it’s a lot slower than the regular net, but that’s a small inconvience compared to being spied upon…

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  4. Genie, I thank you so much for the link. I am a PC user so it should work. I hand write poetry and leave it in notebooks – at least that’s private right? I do miss your writing. But it’s not worth the trail – not even for me. So we will decide this. Take good care of you… Your friend, Lara/Trace

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    1. Yes, I do that too, I have a paper notebook that I write my poetry into.

      I have the computer camera covered with black electrical tape, and the speaker too (the one that listens in on people, not the one that is used to listen to content on the net), so many things that one must do in order to try and minimize the invasion of privacy.

      I’m very grateful that you understand, dearest Laura.
      I would not be as tracked were it not for Palestine, like Snowden says, it’s not the average person that is targeted, they generally just go into the “meta data”, it’s the ones who have a voice that is not of the crowd who the NSA, etc., focuses on tracking.

      Take really good care of yourself, I am proud of you for the work that you do, it raises awareness and is extremely important.

      I’ll keep coming to your blog via TOR; you won’t know it’s me, because TOR goes through 5 countries every time one opens the Browser, and every time they are different countries.

      In solidarity,


  5. One more thing, I don’t know if a PC does the same thing as a mac, but it’s also extremely invasive, the computer changes words, I write, Lara (and I hope it stays that way without changing your name again), but the computer changes it to “Laura”, it’s only after I press “post comment” that I notice the change of my own spelling. The Mac even finishes words that I begin writing, outragious. Spooky too, that the software is set up to automatically monitor what one writes and change words that the engineers (spy masters) have decided are the words to use instead.

    I think this is my last comment on WordPress. Not going to sign in again, Genie has left the building! 😉


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