Benjamin Gleason and Those Bothersome Canadian Indians | Humpty Trumpty | #FutureofAI | Obama in Indian Country

The headstone of Mr. Benjamin Gleason, early settler of Dummerston (then Fulham). In the Bennett Cemetery on Schoolhouse Rd, East Dummerston, VT. Benjamin Gleason was an early settler of Fulham/Ful…

Source: Benjamin Gleason and Those Bothersome Canadian Indians

A MUST READ from my friend Rich…


Humpty Trumpty by the Narragansett Author John Christian Hopkins (his books are here)

Humpty Trumpty built a big

And made Mexico pay for it

He had Hillary tossed in

Without a trial or even

He decided to build new

Jumps for joy when Putin

Humpty Trumpty banned

Preached division across the

Innocent people were frisked and

He made money as incomes

He used his power to stifle

And said, “Now America is

Humpty Trumpty had generals

And civil rights all soon

Women were groped without

There was no freedom of the

Since elections caused too much

He made himself president for

Humpty Trumpty awoke with a

Started to topple from his

He couldn’t get hold of the

His hands were just too

All Americans and all their

Didn’t ever want Trumpty back again


****** SCARY? Spooky Shit? Just in time for Halloween apparently… (but seriously, are there human clones already out there? What are THEY THINKING? More slaves?)

from President Obama:

…to ready the United States for a future in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a growing role, the White House is releasing a report on future directions and considerations for AI called Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence.  This report surveys the current state of AI, its existing and potential applications, and the questions that progress in AI raise for society and public policy.  The report also makes recommendations for specific further actions.  A companion National Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Strategic Plan is also being released, laying out a strategic plan for Federally-funded research and development in AI.   To read the Future of AI report, click here.  For more on the #FutureofAI, including discussions with leading experts on harnessing the potential of AI, including data science, machine learning, automation, and robotics to engage and benefit all Americans, watch the conference and learn more at:


[PDF] Middle Class Economics: Standing with Indian Country

Middle Class Economics: Standing with Indian Country: The President’s 2016 Budget is designed to bring middle class economics into the 21st Century.

Native American – The White House

read: Obama Administration Exceeds Ambitious Goal to Restore 500,000 Acres of Tribal Homelands

By Lara Trace (Leaf Peeper)

All things considered, Obama HAS done more for Indian Country. He really has. But it’s a trickle, not a total complete fix. And as I said in the past post, TRILLIONs of dollars for military/ defense (who lost track of $$$) seems such a waste when we need to fix what we have right here.

I was able to meet up with the incredible writing team Jay and Sean and Matt who blog at Assholes Watching Movies this past weekend. They were in the US for the New Hampshire Film Festival. They are THE best movie critics… go look HERE.  I plan to interview Jay and Matt about their important work on behalf of Residential School Survivors and 60s Scoop Adoptees and the Missing-and-Murdered Indigenous Women Movement in Ottawa very soon.

November is Adoption (Beware)Awareness Month. Stay tuned to this blog…



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