tech glitch | f*ck yahoo

In trying to get rid of my yahoo account (those rat bastards) and change all my passwords, etc, this blog got deleted then un-deleted… OOoOPS, you might say. I am hoping you learn from me to always export your blog (BACK UP) on regular intervals or this might happen TO YOU…

A week ago Yahoo tells me I was hacked a few years ago – and then this – they were working with the gov’t to read every incoming email. I got nothin’ to hide but f***ck that.

AHHH – I added laratracehentz to the blog title – that explains the issues and where the deletion of this blog began and ended…

Now you may see two identical posts. Can you tell it’s not a good day?

screamyou will see my normal post on Fridays…


  1. Unfortunately no matter what email service you are on, they want everything including your blood. Yahoo is no different. Gmail makes it that you can’t operate it on your mobile, or even liking or commenting unless you agree that they have ABSOLUTE and total access to your entire information and give them permission to display it throughout their network. Yes, they give you options to opt out, but then they limit your access and what you can do. We are living in an erra of no privacy unless you’re off the grid, and even then to do anything you’re still accessible.

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  2. Yeah, yahoo is tacky and invasive, they won’t even allow a person to open an account without a cellphone number, no way, I don’t even have a cellphone, but that’s not the point: no company has the right to demand the number of a person’s phone number.
    Plus, yahoo doesn’t allow a person to keep their account unless they actively use it, which is ridiculous becuse some people can’t afford internet all the time, but if they don’t use yahoo once a month, their account is terminated/deleted.


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