Precious Little Justice for Hyun-su

Hyun-su’s death was completely preventable because he should never have been placed with these people.

elle cuardaigh


The one, single decent thing Brian O’Callaghan has done in the past two years was to admit to killing “Madoc”, the child he and his wife bought from Korea.

“Former NSA official sentenced to 12 years in death of adopted son”

Did I say bought? I meant adopted. I get those words mixed up because there is little difference between the two, but also because 3-year-old Hyun-su was treated like a defective puppy by his owners. And international adoptees are very much like puppies to the adoption industry.

If Hyun-su was physically harmed over the course of three months or if it really was a one-time, unplanned assault, O’Callaghan’s actions both before and after cannot be described as anything other than premeditatively abusive.

Deliberately hiding his PTSD  – going so far as playing with his prescribed meds in order to pass drug screening – was just the first offense. That he would even consider…

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