Finding Dory As An Adoption Story

The adoption theme in movies creates much needed discussion.

Red Thread Broken

In this mid-July heat, one of the most classic summer activities is going to the dark, highly air-conditioned movie theater to sit down and relax for a while. I went to see the much anticipated “Finding Dory” a few weeks ago, and, as usual, Pixar delivered a complex and highly emotional movie. I was surprised, however, by the deep connection I felt to Dory in our adoption stories and longing to find our first families.

Most remember Dory as the talkative, optimistic, memory-impaired companion from Finding Nemo, but in this film viewers get much more backstory on Dory and how she became separated from her family. Like many adoptees, Dory’s beginning is marked by a series of seemingly unanswerable questions.

A poignant line that stuck with me was when Dory experienced one of her first flashbacks and expressed her love and the loss of her parents. She says, “All I know…

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