Adoptees and Biological Children don’t go together

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Lifting Taboos


“If I were to ever have children….,” my foster sister said via Skype last night “I would never mix a birth child with an adopted child.”

“Your daughter will never have to feel the pain we went through because she knows that she has all of your love.” This hit me like a ton of bricks.

It was about a year since I last spoke with the sister I was raised with. She was not adopted by our APs but she was fostered for several years. Adoption in the Dominican Republic is a long and difficult process (yes, even more complicated than Haiti). The reason for this has greatly to do with culture, religion and family preservation.

In order to adopt in the Dominican Republic, it is advised that you be religious, that you be married for a number of years, that you only have heterosexual tendencies and that…

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